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The Super Golden Eyes

The students at the end of the crane had to see through the pupils, and from now on, the dragon and  [click to read]

Nine Star Tyrant Sects

author: 平凡魔术师

Is Dan Emperor reborn? Is it a fusion soul? Long Chen, who was stolen away from the spirit root, spi [click to read]

Buddha is the Way

author: 梦入神机

Recommend "The Great Sui God Demon Record", "Evil Bodhisattva", "The Way to Kill God". The author of the b [click to read]

How Bad Guys Are Made 2

author: 六道

Liudao's new book on urban life-the pinnacle of 2 underworld works made by bad guys! Xie Wendong in  [click to read]

Master Daoist Gu

author: 蛊真人

Man is the soul of everything, Gu is the essence of heaven and earth. If the three views are incorre [click to read]

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[xuan] Douluo Mainland 3 - Dragon Kin 唐家三少 2020-10-18
[gene] Idle Wife of Powerful Official 凤轻 2020-10-16
[gene] Thief of the Nation 巨火 2020-10-16
[gene] Home Town of Han 孑与2 2020-10-16
[xuan] Emperor Zun 宅猪 2020-10-16
[fun] Nine Heavens 黑山老鬼 2020-10-16
[wuxi] Evil Wind Song 血红 2020-10-16
[gene] The Most Chaos in History 张小花 2020-10-16
[roma] Cultivation Chat Group 圣骑士的传说 2020-10-16
[thri] Rebirth to Be Youth Again 鱼人二代 2020-10-16
[roma] Reincarnation Of The Strongest 天运老猫 2020-10-16
[xuan] Wisdome of Song Dynasty 孑与2 2020-10-16
[xuan] Tales of Demons and Gods 发飙的蜗牛 2020-10-16
[roma] The Super Golden Eyes 泡不起妞的残狼 2020-10-16
[roma] The Golden Eyes 打眼 2020-10-16
[xuan] History's Number One Fellow Ap 八月飞鹰 2020-10-16
[gene] Illumine Lingao 吹牛者 2020-10-16
[fun] Almighty Athlete 过关斩将 2020-10-16
[roma] Space Speed Star Trace 唐家三少 2020-10-16
[gene] Girl, I Will Teach You Cultiva 看门狗 2020-10-16
[xuan] Tales of Herding Gods 宅猪 2020-10-16
[thri] Forty Millenniums of Cultivati 卧牛真人 2020-10-15
[xuan] God of Lost Fantasy 净无痕 2020-10-15
[xuan] Gourmet Food Supplier 会做菜的猫 2020-10-15
[xuan] Human Dao Zhizun 宅猪 2020-10-15
[xuan] Killing God 逆苍天 2020-10-15
[thri] Demon Killing Contract 沧浪潇然 2020-10-15
[roma] Black Credit Card 萧瑟良 2020-10-15
[roma] Supreme Immortal Doctor 断桥残雪 2020-10-15
[xuan] Lone God of Kendo 六道沉沦 2020-10-15
[xuan] Endless Dantian 横扫天涯 2020-10-15
[xuan] To Be a Monk in Another World 萧舒 2020-10-15
[xuan] Build a Different Realm 华任仇 2020-10-15
[xuan] Secretive Master 爱潜水的乌贼 2020-10-15
[roma] Asura Martial God 善良的蜜蜂 2020-10-15
[roma] Yang Xiaoluo's Cheap House Dad 寒门 2020-10-15
[xuan] The Absolute Beginning 高楼大厦 2020-10-15
[xuan] Strongest Martial God 么么 2020-10-15
[xuan] Dragon Blood Martial Emperor 流水无痕 2020-10-15
[roma] Taobao Merchants 叶恨水 2020-10-15
[roma] Genius Fortune Teller 打眼 2020-10-15
[roma] Rebirth of a Top-rated Wwastre 辰机唐红豆 2020-10-15
[roma] White Rock Master God 沧河贝壳 2020-10-15
[xuan] Super Magic Farming System 沧河贝壳 2020-10-15
[thri] All-Heaven Armageddon Online 烟火成城 2020-10-15
[xuan] My Beautiful Teacher 黑夜de白羊 2020-10-15
[roma] Harry Potter and the Secret Tr 喵星人家的汪 2020-10-15
[xuan] Great Dao Commander 误道者 2020-10-15
[gene] Dragon Marked War God 苏月夕 2020-10-15
[fun] Highest Reward of One Piece 蚂蚁下山 2020-10-15
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