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Nine Tales Fox recommends

Eternal Sage King

author: 雪满弓刀

A youth of human clan with a broken spiritual root was taught a supreme demon scripture from a mysti [click to read]

The Golden Eyes

author: 打眼

Zhuang Rui, a small staff member working in a pawn shop, changed his eyes in an accident. Magnificen [click to read]

Nine Star Tyrant Sects

author: 平凡魔术师

Is Dan Emperor reborn? Is it a fusion soul? Long Chen, who was stolen away from the spirit root, spi [click to read]

Buddha is the Way

author: 梦入神机

Recommend "The Great Sui God Demon Record", "Evil Bodhisattva", "The Way to Kill God". The author of the b [click to read]

Master Daoist Gu

author: 蛊真人

Man is the soul of everything, Gu is the essence of heaven and earth. If the three views are incorre [click to read]

Immortal Realm

author: 辰东

Who in the world can survive? No matter you are a peerless talent, you will be crowned all over the  [click to read]

Unrivalled Under Heaven

author: 宅猪

The soul is born, as long as anyone practice martial arts Innate Realm before the age of thirty, the [click to read]

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[roma] Eternal Sage King 雪满弓刀 2021-01-08
[roma] My Mother Is a Sword Fairy 会说话的蹄髈 2020-12-26
[roma] World of High Martial 老鹰吃小鸡 2020-12-26
[wuxi] Rabbit Must Die 一梦黄粱 2020-12-26
[xuan] Earth Host 黑袍雷斯林 2020-12-26
[] Husband According to Wish 荣小荣 2020-12-26
[wuxi] No. Ninth Under Heaven 鹅是老五 2020-12-26
[roma] Super Star Starts From a Host 村中野夫 2020-12-26
[gene] Everyone Is Acting, What Shoul 过河.卒 2020-12-26
[fun] I Am the Only Man on Doomsday 秦老板 2020-12-11
[xuan] Unyielding Land 知白 2020-12-11
[roma] Wolf and Brothers 纯银耳坠 2020-12-11
[xuan] I Have a Commando System 鬼术妖姬 2020-12-11
[wuxi] Lan Ke Fate of Go 真费事 2020-12-11
[roma] I Really Did Not Want to Reinc 柳岸花又明 2020-12-11
[wuxi] Great Sage Through Darkness 封七月 2020-12-11
[roma] The Best Son-in-law 林羽江颜 2020-12-11
[wuxi] My Senior Fellow Is Very Stead 言归正传 2020-12-11
[fun] Nine Stars Poisoned Milk 2020-12-11
[roma] Strongest Qi Practice Period 李道然 2020-11-22
[gene] Picked Up an Empress 我爱恰柠檬 2020-11-22
[roma] Calamity of Thousand Clans 老鹰吃小鸡 2020-11-22
[xuan] Supreme Temple of Lu Ming 全文免费阅读 2020-11-22
[gene] I Am Not the Lucky Child 云中殿 2020-11-22
[xuan] Junior Cabinet Member 三戒大师 2020-11-22
[fun] Boundless Joy of a Small World 听日 2020-11-22
[wuxi] Path of a Sword Disciple 惰堕 2020-11-22
[fun] Hegemony of Sci-tech 秒速九光年 2020-11-22
[xuan] Douluo Mainland 4.0 Ultimate D 唐家三少 2020-11-22
[fun] Sword of Dawn 远瞳 2020-11-13
[roma] Invincible God Dragon Raising 九九三 2020-11-13
[fun] Metropolis Onmyoji 巫九 2020-11-13
[gene] Saint Has descended 凤凰烙印 2020-11-13
[xuan] Martial Emperor of Absolute He 孤舟向晚 2020-11-13
[fun] Ribirth of Soul Emperor Return 马甲千万 2020-11-13
[gene] Awesome Plugin for Honor of Ki 咬金陪你玩 2020-11-13
[gene] Born with a 98K Iced子夜 2020-11-13
[gene] I Really Don't Have Special Ha 旧生 2020-11-13
[xuan] Martial God Dominator 暗魔师 2020-11-13
[fun] Night Walker: Twenty Years of 南无袈裟理科佛 2020-11-13
[fun] Last Battle on Doomsday 如水意 2020-11-09
[fun] Supreme Secret Agent 8难 2020-11-09
[gene] Silver Fox 孑与2 2020-11-09
[gene] King Soldier of Lang Ya 蝼蚁望天 2020-11-09
[gene] Champion of Imperial Exam from 天子 2020-11-09
[xuan] Yuan Zun 天蚕土豆 2020-11-09
[xuan] Super Devouring System 月落歌不落 2020-11-09
[xuan] Lifetime Domination 月如火 2020-11-09
[wuxi] Rules of Doaist 八宝饭 2020-11-09
[roma] God's Treasures 打眼 2020-11-09
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