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《Long Live Summons》brief introduction

Long Live Summons

author: 霞飞双颊

Dragon Land is a pure summoning world, no magic and no fighting spirit. After arrival, the cross-through man Yueyang is surprised to find that he changes to another identity, the third young master of the Yue family, a drowned ghost who committed suicide after his beautiful fiancee broke the engagement. The original Yue family third young masters was a pure tragedy, and was recognized as the most useless among the four major families. For fifteen years, they could not summon the treasures. But for this cross-through man Yue Yang, he only needs one day...Others have headache about those war beasts, but on the other hand, countless sacred beasts are busy boot-licking this cross-through man, fighting to show 'I am a qualified thug'. However this kid... (Chinese Name: 召唤万岁)

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