《Charm of Soul Pets》brief introduction

Charm of Soul Pets

author: 鱼的天空

Chu Mu's first master pet: the evil soul pet, grows by devouring the master's soul power. Once the master's soul power cannot be supported, the master's soul will be eaten, just like a parasitic devil, who has been chasing ... Chu Mu's The second main pet: continuous change of the soul pet, from the lowest level of the Moonlight Fox towards the more powerful Jiuwei, Yanjun, and Purple Emperor. Chu Mu's third favorite pet: a soul pet that can be easily knocked down but never defeated, the more frustrated and bravery, it always shakes the audience after mocking and satire! Chu Mu's human form soul pet: a young girl's soul pet known as "Goddess" by the world (Chinese Name: 宠魅)

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