《World Controlling God》brief introduction

World Controlling God

author: 我本纯洁

Ling Xiao travels to a different world. With the Mind-Controls-World logo, he eliminates all the thorns and achieves the road to the top. The supreme strongman is a puppet, the top-level beast is a mount, and the goddess is a wife and concubine! Ling Xiao laughs at the heaven, mind-controls the world! Warrior level distribution: Warrior, Xuan Zhe, Xuan Shi, Necromancer, King Rank, Earth Emperor, Heavenly Sovereign, Xuan Emperor, Saint, Holy Emperor, Divine King, Supreme, and Eternal. Xuan Skill Level Distribution: Gray, Yellow, Green, Green, blue, red, purple, brown, black, and ancient divine skills. Ancient divine skills weapon level distribution: mortal, black soldier, spirit weapon, holy weapon, artifact, and ancient artifact.  Ancient artifact refining pharmacist level distribution: one to eight products (Eight grades are divided into small holy pharmacist and big holy pharmacist), and god pharmacist. Supreme medicine god nine god beasts: unicorn, dragon, suzaku, chaos, basalt, white tiger, black gold, Kunpeng, and gluttonous. (Chinese Name: 神控天下)

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