《When The NEET Receives A System》brief introduction

When The NEET Receives A System

author: 咸鱼上岸

Thirty-year-old virgin was reborn as the biggest NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), with a big belly, a fat face, disheveled hair, sour clothes, and an odor-laden house. The predecessor was despised by the classmates, abused by the school bully, vituperated by the school beauty queen, kicked by the childhood sweetheart, slapped by the younger sister, kicked out of the house by the older sister, laughed-at by the adoptive mother ... Well, living another life again, he does not care so much, but did not expect to be embedded with a gal-game system following his own rebirth! Dialogue with beauties will come up with an option at a critical moment, and one of the three options must improve your favorability! He would be able to see his own favorability in the eyes of beauties and other attributes! But these are not all. The most most unbelievable is this god damn system actually could save and read! After discovering all this, he knew that he WILL have a brilliant future...But first, let's lose weight first...

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