《World of Cultivation》brief introduction

World of Cultivation

author: 方想

In the magnificent world of cultivation, Zuo Mo, a unremarkable outsider of Wukong Sword Sect, relied on riding a paper crane to collect Guiyin and reselling spars in exchange for magic instruments, but inadvertently broke into the world of exotic cultivation. Two years ago, Zuo Mo, a zombie like young man with facial paralysis, was picked up by the head of Wukong Mountain. He lost his memory and lived a busy but fulfilling life, working hard at practice of Soul Planting. Eventually, he achieved the Soul Gardener rank, and became hot disciple of Neimen, from an outside disciple who no one cared. Zuo Mo, then showed his talent in Rune Formation and Swordsmanship little by little, and was a brand new star at the Dongfu Trial Sword Club...

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