《Two Dimensional Fantasy System》brief introduction

Two Dimensional Fantasy System

author: 银闪之风

Traveled to the world of the second dimension, and opened a fantasy system customized for the creation of a versatile daily man. As long as there are enough fantasy points to complete the daily tasks, you can redeem various talents. Yuuki Asuna: Mufan, today's food department has a lot of income! Teach me your best dishes. Hequan Shawu: I don't know anyone named Eromanga. Xia Zhiqiu Shi Yu: Mu Fan, when will your "Blessings for a Beautiful World" be updated? Yinglili: Don't draw on my book! Takasaka Nonoko: Let's be college idols together. In the game, Gabriel: Mufan, the Dragon Talker, and Asuna, the Holy Spirit, you are strengthened by the power of my angel, go and send it! Altria: Can you give me another bowl of golden fried rice? Master? Mu Fan: ... Thank you all. With everyone's company, my all-round star is no longer lonely! (Chinese Name: 二次元之幻想系统)

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