《Urban Banished Immortal》brief introduction

Urban Banished Immortal

author: 九指大叔

Heavenly Court Reading Heart Xingjun was demoted to the lower realm. How can the days of Heavenly Court compare to the lively earth! Money, power, beauties, whatever you want. Brother is a hedonistic son, yes, a hedonistic you can't afford to offend. What tyranny CEO, what military brass, what business wizards, your Bro know whatever you're thinking. You can't beat the Brother so how do you fight me? A hundred years on earth, only a hundred days in heaven. A lower realm of celestial beings, enjoys the life on earth, and causes great chaos in heaven. (Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙)

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new chapter: Chapter Directory 701 Tian Tian Ting Ban Xian (the Finale)

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