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Chapter Directory 2 Brother's Character, See You Off
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Kàng Jin Long (Golden Dragon), you are here too." When several people were talking, a barefoot man flew not far away, who was not a barefoot immortal.

     "Shang Xian." The four heavenly generals yelled in an orderly manner.

     "Don't worry a few people, just come over and see the true monarch." As he said, the barefooted fairy stepped forward and looked at Telepath True Monarch and smiled.

     "It looks like I'm not late yet, little friend, don't blame our Golden Luang Temple for not interceding with you." Great Immortal Zhenyuan, the ancestor of the comer. "When you reach the lower realm, you can go to my five villages to take a look. Although it is no longer the same scenery as before, it is still a holy place."

     "Little Brother Zhenyuan is here too, it seems we are not too late." It was Heavenly King Li who rushed over with Nezha.

     Then the four heavenly kings also rushed over, and later twenty three stars, four-valued meritorious master, several bodhisattvas and even seven fairies rushed over.

     "Taibai, open the seal of the little friend, you have to let someone talk." Great Immortal Zhenyuan smiled and said to Taibai Jinxing who came last.

     "Boy, don't blame the old man, you should understand the situation at that time." Taibai Jinxing unlocked the seal of Telepath Star Monarch and shook his head."Everyone, I can see so many people off when Telepath Star Monarch is demoted. This life is enough." Telepath True Monarch did not release mind reading. No matter whether the person who came is true or false, I will be a mortal in the future, and the one in front of me. These people will never see each other again.

     "My dear gods, the hour is here, and we are going to the Six Paths of Samsara with Telepath True Monarch." The escorted general waited for a full hour and said softly.

     "You guys don't give it away. I'll mix it up below. If any of you are also demoted to the mortal world, I will take care of everything, my little brother, who eats, drinks, and prostitutes." After speaking, he followed the four heavenly generals to the place of reincarnation. The immortal who saw him off heard the words of Telepath True Monarch and his face was full of black lines.

     "Big brother, six reincarnations, which one to take the true monarch to go with?" The Tianjiang who was at the end asked softly.

     "Fourth, are you stupid? Didn't you see it just now? So many people saw him off. If you dare to take him to the animal road, we won't have to be in this Heavenly Court in the future. Go to the humane, let the truth It’s good for Jun to go to the lower realm in the human way.” The headed Tianjiang looked at his brother and wanted to kick him down the animal realm.

     "True monarch, please take your feet high and go down by yourself. Even if our brothers’ tasks for today are completed, the true monarchs will be listed in Immortal Rank in the future. Our brothers will surely put out good wine and food to take care of the true monarchs. "The headed Tianjiang said with a smile."Everyone, thank you." After saying that, Telepath True Monarch jumped directly into the humane, "It's fine to see Fairy Maiden Chang'e taking a bath, but I didn't even see the fart. Lord’s opportunity to explain, Mortal World, Lord is back.” Telepath True Monarch thought to himself.

     Moon Palace, the most mysterious place in Heavenly Court, is not only because of the most beautiful woman in the world, anyone who has been on the 9th Heavenly Layer will be told not to mess with that woman, and not be conceited. When Zhu Bajie molested Chang'e and was demoted to the world? Shit, if Zhu Bajie went to molested Chang'e, he would have become a pig head long ago.

     "Yu'er (Jade), Telepath True Monarch was demoted to the mortal world, you deserve a lot of credit." Chang'e looked at Yutu and asked with a smile.

     "Sister, Yu'er (Jade) dare not." An extremely beautiful woman said softly. "The wine made by Telepath True Monarch is so delicious. I just drank a few glasses. I never thought he would treat me..."

     "Could it be that he likes you." Chang'e smiled at the corner of his mouth, "Dead girl, undying, go to the lower realm to find him." After speaking, Chang'e waved his jade hand, and a door appeared in the void, Yu 'er (Jade) gritted his teeth and walked in.

     "Wu Gang, get out if you don't want to die, now it's amazing, dare to eavesdrop on my words." Chang'e yelled to the void. A tall and mighty man nearly two meters tall came out carrying a huge axe."Sister, send Yu'er (Jade) to the mortal world, nothing will happen, right?" Wu Gang said softly.

     "Let her play here for hundreds of days, and then you will pick her up. Could it be that you like Yu'er (Jade) too?" Chang'e said with squinting eyes. "Yu'er (Jade) is indeed a lot better than before, and his breasts are getting bigger and bigger."

     "Well, the bigger the better." Wu Gang said meaninglessly.

     "Then she is good-looking or mine is good?" Chang'e asked Wu Gang with a smirk at the corner of his mouth.

     "Of course it's my sister's good-looking. My sister's is much bigger than hers." Wu Gang's saliva flowed out.

     "Big sister, die for me." After speaking, an extremely terrifying force rushed towards Wu Gang. Only then did Wu Gang realize how much taboo he had committed, and before he had time to react, he had been shot tens of thousands of meters. The huge axe landed on his head, but fortunately it was not the edged side.

     "Man, there is no good thing." Chang'e said fiercely as Wu Gang was flying further and further away.

     "Master, madam, I am afraid that the young master will not be saved this time. The brain is shattered, the ribs pierced the lungs, and the spine is divided into eight segments. There is no way to recover." In a luxurious villa, a doctor looks like The old man looked at a fifty-year-old couple and said softly."Dr. Liu, you are taking a look. Although Little Huai is stubborn, it is not guilty of death. You have seen so many intractable diseases in the past. You can take a look this time." Yelled tears and said softly.

     Dr. Liu nodded slightly and walked into the room again.

     A young man was lying on the bed. Although his skull was crushed, he could still vaguely see that the young man looked good.

     "The speed of the car was three hundred and six, and it hit the Beihuan Mountain directly. It is a blessing to be able to return to Liu Family with this breath. How to save him?" Liu Yidao reached out and touched the boy's slumped arm. Maybe it’s better for this kid to die, so Wucheng will at least be less harmful."

     "Maybe you save him, he will change ah." Just when Liu Yidao was stunned, a sentence suddenly appeared in his mind, and the hand on the boy's arm was directly on his pulse.

     Telepath True Monarch was demoted to the lower realm. He did not reincarnate directly like other people. He used a magic weapon on his body to make his soul of the lower realm turn around in Mortal World. Started from scratch? I don't have so much time to waste, now that I'm in Mortal World, I'll have fun. In one day, he basically understood the general outline of Mortal World now, and then met the scene of Guo Family Young Master racing in a car accident."The kid looks good, he can drive such a good car, and his family should be good. The Fleshly Body is a little worse. It's not bad. I don't know how to fly into a fairy with this skin in my life. Just you." , Telepath True Monarch directly attached the soul of the lower realm to the body of Guo Family Young Master.

     "Master, Madam, Master, Master, he still has to save him." Half an hour later, Liu Yidao walked out of Guo Huai's room shaking Yōuyōu. All he knew was that Guo Family Young Master was already broken and could not be operated on. The completed body has been completely recovered. Although it feels like life is in imminent peril now, there are only some skin injuries left.

     "Dr. Liu, are you true? Little Huai is really all right?" Guo Old Lady asked with tears on her face. Guo Huai was the only seedling of Guo Family when she lost her child in her early years. If something happens to Guo Huai, the old lady will definitely not be able to bear such a blow.

     "I was in the young master's room just now and helped him sort out his body. I thought that all the bones that could not be connected were connected. Fortunately, it is absolutely fortunate. However, it may take some time to recover." Liu Yidao said softly. . He didn't know how Guo Family Young Master's body recovered, and since he didn't know it, the credit could not be overstated on him."Dr. Liu, this is one million. You accept it first. You still need your help for the recovery of Little Huai." Guo Family Old Master turned out that the one million cheque handed over by the housekeeper was directly handed to Liu Yidao. I am very grateful. Said.

     "Master, don't worry, I will try my best to help the young master recover." Liu Yidao turned out the million check.
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