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Chapter Directory 8 A Dollar Won't Kill A Hero
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Big brother and second brother, I'm leaving with wine." Wang Sheng didn't know where he got a straw, opened his huge wine bottle a small mouth, inserted the straw in, and just sucked it gently. Then he quickly closed the lid, and greeted the two Guo Family employees and prepared to lift the large wine bottle.

     "Damn, look at the virtue of the second child, his wine must be real, and he can't be allowed to go. If ours is not true, at least he can drink him." Li Yào stopped Wang Sheng as he said.

     "Big brother, what are you doing, let go, I will have a meeting later, my uncle doesn't know how to deal with me when it's late, let go, two brothers." Wang Sheng said loudly.

     "You, the deputy director of family planning, have a meeting. Wait a while. After we have checked our wine, we will let you go immediately and give me the straw." Li Yào said loudly.

     "Fat man, let's go first. If you have anything to do, you can go and find me at home." Li Yào just took a small sip and quickly closed the lid without looking for anyone else. He picked up the big wine jar and turned to go.

     "You can't go, none of you can go. You can't go until I finish the wine test." Jia Yuan's heart tightened. Fourth, you can't bully me like this. Thinking about it, Jia Yuan took the straw that Li Yào handed over and sucked it gently."Let's go, let's go, I haven't used anything to find me recently, so I can get drunk." Jia Yuan said, the happiness on his face beyond words.

     "Brother Sheng, what are the wine jars and bottles? They are so happy." When the three of them left Guo Family, several servants looked at the butler and asked.

     I saw the butler picked up the last straw used by Jia Yuan from the ground, regardless of whether it was clean or not, and licked it gently with his tongue.

     "Master, Master, wine, wine!" As he said, the steward Guo Family was overly excited and fainted directly.

     Of course, classmate Guo Huai didn't know all of this. He woke up from the nightmare, washed himself, and accompany the two elders to eat the morning in a proper manner, and then didn't let anyone send them off, and walked towards the school by himself.

     "Wucheng University Affiliated Middle School, there is no information in this kid's memory, so let's go by car. If we continue like this, I don't know when we will arrive." Guo Huai raised his head and looked at the stop sign in front of him. Road 888, the terminal. Right there.

     "Brother's luck has always been good. People have arrived in the car. Let's go, Wucheng University Affiliated Middle School. Brother is here, beauties, cheer, I'm here to save you." Guo Huai thought, and jumped into the car.

     "Boy, credit card or coin, hurry up, there are still people behind." The driver rolled his eyes to Guo Huai, who wanted to walk back, and shouted directly."Swipe to pay for coins? Damn, brother didn't bring money." Guo Huai glanced at the price list on the car again, and went to Wucheng University Affiliated Middle School. No matter where you get on the car, the price is one yuan, which is really cheap, but Guo Huai classmate I don’t have a dime now.

     "Boy, where are you going? Isn't it because you want to avoid the fare?" The driver looked at Guo Huai with contempt and asked.

     "Go to Wucheng University Affiliated Middle School, brother, do you think this will work? This time I was in a hurry. I didn't have any money with me, so I brought a card. Next time I will make up the ticket." Guo Huai said with a black line on his face. Shame, really shame, I have never been so embarrassed when I was a god.

     "Boy, stand aside first and let the people behind get in the car first." The driver said with a smile. "Boy, you are about the same age as the stinky boy in my family. He is also in the middle school attached to Wucheng University. I tell you that my uncle can exempt you from this ticket, but you can't lie to my uncle. Your school is closed and you can go home within a month. Once, you said that you would make up for my fare next time. There are a total of 60 buses on 888. The probability that you and I will meet again is one in eighteen percent, which means that it is difficult for us to meet.""Uncle, stop, stop. No, I'll get off, I'll take the money, don't say anything." Guo Huai looked at the driver and was ready to continue talking, even using mind reading to know that the driver has already done it for him. Hour of education work, I can't stand it immediately, can't I hide it if I can't afford it.

     "Uncle, I'll hand in his money for him. You should concentrate on driving." Just when the two of them were in a stalemate, a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl came over from behind and put a dollar into the coin box. , And then pulled Guo Huai and sat in the back.

     "Open, Mortal World is really too open, this girl actually took my hand directly, don’t you know if men and women give or receive marriage? Open, I like it, haha, this little girl is really good too ah." Guo Huai I took a look at the girl who was sitting behind her, and she actually had a match with Yóu Yōuyōu. Although the place was not as big as the beautiful girl, the youthful breath exploded Yóu Yōuyōu.

     "Little Xi, be more nosy. If I let my aunt know, I will definitely educate you." The girl who helped Guo Huai was named Tang Xi. Guo Huai now discovered that there was a beautiful girl next to her who looked as good as hers.

     "Ye Zi, keep it quiet, if you don't say it, my mother will definitely not know, good Ye Zi, you will definitely not say it, right." Tang Xi said with a smile."Boy, what to look at, don't try to take the opportunity to strike up a conversation, don't call WeChat to ask the name and ask the constellation, you don't need to pay back the money, what else do you have?" Sū Yè looked up and found Guo Huai was looking at them, staring directly Guo Huai said.

     "Huangmao girl, brother, I won't look for you." Who is Guo Huai, Wucheng Vile Tetrad, who will be scared by the girl in front of you? Besides, Guo Huai is Heavenly Court Telepath Star Monarch now. "My name is Guo Huai, and I went to the Wucheng University Affiliated Middle School to report today. If you want me to pay back, you can go there to find me. You can help me once. Even if we owe you a favor, you can also find me if you have anything else." After that, Guo Huai closed his eyes and stopped talking.

     "Hey, hello, who did you say is Huangmao girl, Guo Huai, this name seems to have heard of ah." Sū Yè suddenly felt that the name Guo Huai was very familiar.

     "Ye Zi, his name and Wucheng Vile Tetrad's old four names." Tang Xi whispered.

     "Cut, no wonder you are so familiar, Guo Huai, you know that you are not a good person when you hear this name." Sū Yè looked at Guo Huai again. He was dressed in Armani, and it didn't seem to be a fake. Is this person the one from Wucheng Vile Tetrad? Guys?

     "Weird guy, if it is really the fourth child of Wucheng Vile Tetrad, it is impossible to go to the attached high school, and it is impossible for President Li to let such a person into the school. It must not be the bad guy." Tang Xi thought to himself."Damn, how many offend Heaven and reason things Guo Huai did, Wucheng Vile Tetrad, I don’t feel bad at all. Brother Yao is a soldier in a military region, and Brother Yuan is a promising man who makes money with his own hands. Young man, Brother Sheng is a civil servant. I am a rich three-generation with a good family life. It seems that it’s not illegal to like to drive a car.” Telepath Star Monarch used mind reading and knew what the two girls were thinking.

     "Grandpa, just help me this time. Let Guo Huai go to school in the attached high school. Are you still afraid that the kid won't succeed?" A few months ago, a woman in her twenties was pestering him at the home of Li Xunyu, the head of the attached high school at Wucheng University. Li Xunyu said over and over again.

     "Xiao Hua, I can’t promise you about this. You should know who Guo Huai is. I know you have a good relationship with Wang Sheng, but you can’t throw Wucheng Vile Tetrad into our school. It's the same everywhere in school." Li Xunyu said with a smile.

     "Grandpa, have I never begged you all these years?" Li Xiaohua looked at Li Xunyu and said loudly. "My last name is Li, followed by my mother's last name, which is your last name. You treat your granddaughter like this, right?"

     "Hua, put such a guy into Wucheng Subsidiary High School, he can't stay." Li Xunyu said helplessly."You have been saying that the school is a place for teaching and educating people. Just like the Buddha back then, there are no people who cannot be crossed. Now I give you a person like this. If you can influence him, it will show that the school is really A place to teach and educate people." Li Xiaohua whispered. "I always say that I am very good, but the result is not as good as Wucheng No. 9 Middle School. At least people dare to let Guo Huai go to school there."
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