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Chapter Directory 17 Winner Qualifier
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Finally, Tang Xi spoke, Guo Huai also gave his Big Wife enough face, poured another glass for Sū Yè, Simei happily followed Guo Huai's classmates to a feast.

     "Duoduo, you are here too." Just out of the small restaurant, Guo Huai saw his roommate, his ultimate fan Qian Duoduo.

     "Brother Huai is good, sister-in-law is good." Qian Duoduo said with a smile and looked at the five people. "I have something to do with Brother Huai. I don't know if my sister-in-law can give me some time."

     "Elder Brother Huai, let's go back first, let's call if something happens." Tang Xi nodded lightly and said with a smile.

     "Little Xi, don't you really like bad guys? You can't take things seriously when you were a kid. He is Wucheng Vile Tetrad. There has been a lot of news about their four evils in recent years, especially bad guys." Replied to the bedroom, Sū Yè Speak softly to Tang Xi.

     "I will propose to him when I graduate. I have already started planning my marriage proposal. It can't be too clichéd." Tang Xi looked into the distance longingly and said with a smile. "Yes, three years later, maybe you will fall in love with Elder Brother Huai, then you will really be a bed warmer, he he."

     "I'm looking for death! How can I fall in love with him? I'm just interested in the wine in his gourd." Sū Yè said softly, "The man Sū Yè wants to fall in love with must be a hero. How could he be him? Such a little rascal.""Yeba, or let's make a bet, I'm sure you will fall in love with Elder Brother Huai before graduation. Don't worry, I won't be jealous." Tang Xi said with a smile.

     "What? Don't tell me, I'm going to read the book, and the Wendou pre-selection is still half a month away. I finally entered the Wendou pre-selection list, and it would be embarrassing to brush it down." After speaking, Ye Zi flushed Walked into his room.

     "Duoduo, what are you looking for?" Guo Huai and Qian Duoduo found an empty seat and sat down.

     "Brother Huai, he he." Qian Duoduo said, rubbing his hands at Guo Huai.

     "We are eating inside, you are eavesdropping outside? Duoduo classmates, do you still have such a hobby?" Mind reading, Guo Huai already knows what Qian Duoduo wants, wine, eavesdropping how can you know this Heavenly Court fine wine Delicious ah.

     "Brother Huai, I really didn't mean to eavesdrop." Qian Duoduo quickly explained, "The younger brother eavesdropped on the eldest brother, isn't it a death. But Brother Huai, can you let the younger brother taste the taste of the wine? Wukong also gave Zhu Bajie and Monk Sha a personal ginseng fruit."

     "Haha, I can give you a drink. Let's sit down and have a chat. Tell me about the martial contest. You should be very clear about this." With that, Guo Huai has an extra bar in his hand, and the texture is not visible."You are looking for the right person, my little brother, I was the only master in the attached middle school who participated in both martial contest and Wendou. Although the martial contest was generally ranked, the attached Chinese contest was ranked first. My contribution was anyone with eyes can see it. "Qian Duoduo said with a smile.

     "And Wendou?" Guo Huai was taken aback, and he didn't bother to use mind reading. This spell can't be used much. In case the Jade Emperor is unhappy one day, just find the fault and take back this spell of mine.

     "I will first taste what kind of wine can make the top ten beauties in the top ten beauty list of the affiliated middle school so intoxicated." As he said, Qian Duoduo drain the cup in one gulp.

     "Brother Huai, Master Huai, tell me, what do you want my little brother to do? kill and burn, break into a house for robbery, you just said, in the future, this one hundred kilograms of meat will belong to your brother." Qian Duoduo was excited. He said, his tongue came deep, and he licked the wine glass again.

     "Don't be disgusting brother, let's talk about it. Regarding the Wendou martial contest, if you are satisfied with what I heard, I will fill you up with a glass." With that, Guo Huai took a big mouthful of the gourd.

     "My sister-in-law about martial contest has already told you very clearly. Back then, Kong Xuan sang along with her sister-in-law, and it has been rumored to be a good story. Of course, Brother Huai is much better than Kong Xuan." Qian Duoduo quickly changed the subject. , Speaking of Wen Dou."The qualifiers with Chinese fighting are about to begin. Only the freshman | freshman can participate in the qualifiers. Now there is a list of participants for the qualifiers on the forum. All four sisters-in-laws are on the list. Of course, this high school a galaxy of talent Now there are 28 people on the list, and seven will be selected to participate in the Wucheng Wendou finals.” Qian Duoduo said quickly while looking at the wine gourd in Guo Huai's hand.

     "Wen Dou is divided into required answer questions and quick answer questions, with a lot of content, basically covering all disciplines. Back then, the younger brother represented the attached middle school with a solid computer knowledge." Qian Duoduo licked his lower lip.

     "Half a cup, continue." Guo Huai halfway the cup in front of Qian Duoduo and said with a smile.

     Qian Duoduo glanced at the seven-color liquid in the cup, and licked his tongue fiercely again, but didn't drink it. How could such a fine wine be drunk like this? I keep it, and I want to taste it slowly.

     "Brother Huai, beautiful Weiwei said that she would make her fall in love with you. For feelings, my younger brother is an expert. I tell you this way, if you want to fulfill the wishes of beautiful Weiwei, the simplest and most direct thing is right in front of you. "Qian Duoduo said with a smile.

     "Say." Guo Huai picked up the gourd, the glass was full."Become a contestant in the Wendou qualifier, then represent the academy in Wendou, and then win the first place on behalf of the academy." Qian Duoduo said loudly. "Of course, this matter may be a little difficult for Brother Huai."

     "How can I become a qualifier?" Guo Huai was taken aback and asked with a smile.

     "If Brother Huai really wants to be a preliminary contestant, let this matter be handled by the younger brother." Qian Duoduo said with a smile, "but I have to remind Brother Huai that the preliminaries will be broadcast live on the forum. If there is no real talent to learn, then It's shameful."

     "Drink!" Guo Huai said with a smile. "Drink this glass, brother, I will give you another full glass, but I will leave it to you for the qualifiers, haha, interesting and interesting, shameful? It seems that I lost someone once in so many years.

     "Brother Huai, don't worry, this matter is left to me." Qian Duoduo finished speaking and took the wine glass and walked towards the dormitory.

     "Give me the cup in the dormitory. If it breaks or is lost, you will be finished." Guo Huai shouted towards Qian Duoduo's back."Wendou preliminaries are turbulent, who dares to stop Brother Huai." Guo Huai and Simei's photos appeared under the title in the Wendou area of the forum. There is a sentence written below, agreeing with Brother Huai's praise for becoming a preliminary contestant. In less than ten minutes, more than 1,500 people had already liked more than half of the total number of students in the school. Guo Huai's name appeared in the list of preliminaries.

     "Brother Sheng, that kid alone has the four beauties. Why do you still like him and make him a preliminary contestant?" asked a young man in a class in high school.

     "I don't understand. The higher the climb, the more painful the fall. If he wants to climb, let him climb. When the Wendou qualifiers are waiting, he will have a good show." Wei Qiangsheng said with a smile. "I already know who this kid is, Wucheng Vile Tetrad, have you heard of it? There is news from the Ninth Middle School. In addition to English, this kid knows the words of love action movies. Heaven is pre-selected, unless he is a god, otherwise just wait to be ashamed."

     Ten days later, this Wei Qiangsheng was still inconceivable, and he said something inconceivable: "God, really a god."
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