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Chapter Directory 20 The Charity Sale Begins
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"The second lot is a cross stitch donated by our student Tang Xi from the attached high school." Lin Shuang said with a smile, "First of all, we thank this student with applause." With that, a cross about three meters in length Embroidery, honor and disgrace are full of spirituality.

     "Girl, you wrote these four words yourself." Guo Huai asked with a smile looking at Tang Xi who was flushed. "It's not bad, continue to practice, for almost a hundred years, you can become a school of its own."

     "Elder Brother Huai, how do you know this is my own ah." Tang Xi asked blushingly.

     "What does your husband don't know, wait for me to photograph this thing, such a good thing will be wasted to others." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "The base price of this cross stitch is 1,000 yuan, and the price increase is not less than 20 yuan each time. Let's start." Lin Shuang said with a smile.

     "I will pay 10,000 yuan for the things that Tang Xi school girl showed herself." A high school senior said loudly.

     "Did you call Tang Xi also? I gave out 15,000 yuan." A sophomore boy shouted.

     "The children nowadays are more courageous than we were back then, haha." An old man said with a smile.

     "If the final bid price is higher than that of Old Li's Dongpo Lin Zhi, I am afraid that Old Li's face will not be able to hang on, haha." An old man beside him joked."One million!" Guo Huai looked at Tang Xi and stretched out his hand with a smile.

     "Look, that's Tang Xi's boyfriend, Guo Huai. I saw a photo of him on the forum and he forced a kiss on Tang Xi." A newborn | freshman said loudly.

     "He is handsome, and he is willing to spend money on his girlfriend. I want such a man too." said a girl idiot.

     "One million to buy a cross-stitch, my brain is lacking." Someone said jealously.

     "One million, is there any higher?" Lin Shuang wished for the whole world to be in chaos continued.

     "One hundred and one hundred thousand." Xi Fei stood up, looking at Tang Xi and said loudly. "Tang Xi's cross stitch is my Xifei."

     "One and a half million." Guo Huai also stood up slowly, "You can continue, this will help more people improve the school environment." In a word, it is much stronger than what Xi Fei said.

     "1.6 million, I must continue, how about it, classmate Guo Huai." Xi Fei then said loudly.

     "Four words, one word is one million, four million." Guo Huai sketch in light shades said. Because Guo Huai’s mind reading fell on Xi Fei’s body, this kid didn’t want this cross stitch at all. He just wanted to disgust Guo Huai. Guo Huai also knew that this kid had 5 million in his body, and the Xi family could make him. Use the online."4.5 million." Xi Fei squinted at Guo Huai and said, a middle-aged man with glasses next to him said something in Xi Fei's ear, and the old man beside him nodded appreciatively.

     "4.99 million, Wucheng Xi's family, not bad." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Uncle San, do you want to add it?" Xi Fei suddenly felt helpless, and asked softly.

     "If you pay five million, this kid is already anxious. If you pay the price, please stimulate him. If you pay the price again, he will give him everything no matter how much he pays." The middle-aged man wearing glasses next to him said with a smile.

     "Five million, I give five million, I have the courage to continue ah." Xi Fei said loudly.

     "Damn, I thought it was who was supporting behind the scenes. It turned out to be Xi Yun. I'm afraid this time the fourth child will suffer." Jia Yuan glanced at Guo Huai with excitement when he heard Xi Fei shouting for five million. , Said softly to Wang Sheng beside him.

     "I'm going out, ah, forget it, since classmate Xi Fei likes Little Xi's cross stitch so much, let it go to you, anyway, there is time in the future, and Little Xi can embroider another one for me." Guo Huai looked at Xi Fei with a smile Said. "Teacher Lin, I gave this thing to Xi Fei. Thank you Xi Fei for his contribution to this charity sale." After speaking, Guo Huai sat in his chair."Haha, wonderful, it's wonderful. I didn't expect the fourth child to be impulsive this time. Haha, the Xi family is stupid this time, the third child, do you think I have to go back to school for a few days? How much has changed." Jia Yuan said with a smile.

     "Bad guy, just like this, one of Little Xi's cross stitches pitted Xi Fei five million." Sū Yè said with a hint of excitement.

     "Big Wife, I won't complain that I didn't photograph your cross stitch." Guo Huai whispered in Tang Xi's ear. "In order to make up for you, I will see if there is something you like in a while, and I will take it for you."

     The next lot did not sell for more than 100,000, but the participation of all the staff made this charity sale quite successful. The 100th lot was an oil painting by Sū Yè. Guo Huai bid 500,000 and there was no one. Dare to continue asking the price. Although it is not comparable to Tang Xi's five million cross stitch, the price of 500,000 is also considered the second highest price among the top 100 lots, which makes Sū Yè's vanity satisfied by Xiaoxiao.

     "Lao Liu, you said that there will be fine wine in this auction. When will it start? If the wine is not good for us, we will ask you. The 30-year-old bottles in your store are us. That's right." An old man sat beside Ren Xuance and said with a smile."Old man Chu, I'm afraid we won't be able to drink this wine anymore. The price of this wine will not be less than 10 million yuan. Old man I am afraid that my small shop won't have that much money." Ren Xuance saw Jia Yuan and Wang The moment Sheng and the two entered the auditorium, they made a calculation for themselves, and they were afraid that they would return empty-handed today.

     "Ten thousand? Lao Liu, you don't have a fever. A wine gourd can hold three catties of wine, ten million, unless this is the wine that Jade Emperor drank." Old man Chu said without cutting.

     "Wait, it is estimated that the girl of the Lin family is ready to take this wine to finale." Ren Xuance glanced at Lin Shuang and said softly.

     A day ago, Lin Shuang appeared in Lin Xuance’s shop with a delicate wine gourd in his hand. Ren Xuance could tell at a glance that the gourd was somewhat similar to the one in Guo Huai’s hand. If that day the kid said The news of the wine bazaar is true, so this gourd is undoubtedly Guo Huai's.

     "Grandpa Ren, I'm not here to eat today, I'm here to ask you something." Lin Shuang said with a smile.

     "If this wine is given to you by a little guy named Guo Huai, then there is no need to ask, this wine will be used as the finale of the charity sale." Ren Xuance shook his head and said."Liu Ye, don’t you need to pour out some to taste it? In case the wine in the gourd sold by Guo Huai is different from what you drank before, and the wine is being sold at a high price, then we will make a mistake." Lin Shuang said with a smile.

     "Yes, you can taste it." Ren Xuance licked his lower lip and said. "However, if the wine is real, no matter what the price of the wine is, both of us will pay for the wine we drank. Otherwise, it will not be good for the high school attached to the sale."
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