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Chapter Directory 24 Wine Gourd Is Not For Sale
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Old Jia, your grandson knows the little guy who bought the wine, did you drink this kind of wine a long time ago? You are really particular about not calling our old friends together. This is you Jia Guyun Is it something done?" An old man next to Jia Guyun licked the wine in his palm and said loudly to Jia Guyun.

     "Who do you think of me Jia Guyun? Let me tell you, this is the first time I tasted this wine today, and it's just this drop." Jia Guyun shouted with a blushing face. "Yuan, Jia Yuan, get me here."

     "Call Yao'er over, I just saw him, he is behind." Li Doutian said calmly.

     "Orphan products, several orphan products, and the orphan products have appeared in the charity sale again, my good grandson ah." Although Wang Sheng's grandfather Wang Yongjin didn't taste the wine this time, he immediately knew about the expressions of these people. Wine is the wine that your grandson honors himself. Wang Yongjin, who should have been happy, couldn't.

     "Lin's girl, let's start, how much is this wine, you make a price." Someone in the crowd shouted.

     "Liu Ye said, this wine is almost two catties and eight taels. The base price is 1,000 yuan. Each time the increase is not less than 100 yuan, let's start." Lin Shuang said loudly."50 million, no more nonsense, I will pay 50 million for this wine." A gray-haired old man said loudly. Wu Qian, the founder of Wucheng Real Estate, Wucheng's richest man.

     "Liu Gang, have you seen it? Is your brother still acting? Tell you, this wine brother has drunk and drank several cups, do you know how much it is? You can make me a little today by changing it all into gold, you stupid "Qian Duoduo shouted at the boy who said he was acting in the classroom that day.

     "50 million. Wu Qian, you don't give us the opportunity to participate at all." Several old men in the front row said loudly.

     "Fifty-five million. Uncle Qian, I'm sorry, I don't know if my old brother still has it, I have to photograph this wine to honor the old man." Jia Yuan said with a smile, Jia Guyun glanced at Jia Yuan and smiled satisfied Laughed.

     "Sixty million, Xiaoyuan, you have separated from Lao Jia. I helped you with the loan last time. Are you embarrassed to snatch me this time?" Wu Qian said with a smile.

     "No matter what the old man does, it is always my grandfather. Without my grandfather, there would be no father. Without my father, there would be no me. Without me, there would be no more. Seventy million." Jia Yuan said with a smile."The two of you echo one another, the wine you made seems to be yours, 80 million, and the good wine needs to be shared." Another old man stood up and said loudly. There were almost a dozen people behind him, looking excited.

     "Grandpa, you see, I don't dare to bid anymore. A dozen grandpas, I will clean up just like playing. I won't take pictures of this wine. If you want to drink, you can come by yourself." Jia Yuan faced Jia Guyun Said loudly.

     "So many people unite and scare the juniors. It has no effect on us. Let's talk first. No one can count the things at the bazaar." Jia Guyun slowly stood up, "One hundred million, I will pay one. Billion, drink some good wine and you can close your eyes if you die."

     "Big brother, you said that three catties of wine was sold for a sky-high price of 100 million yuan. How much did the fourth child and our wine cost? Where did the fourth child get this wine?" Wang Sheng doesn't know when it has already arrived. Li Yào whispered beside him.

     "I said last time, the fourth child is not easy now." Li Yào said with a smile. "I am in a good mood now, haha, no one will drink this wine, haha."

     "Money is a bastard, and you can earn it after spending it. One hundred and ten million, Mr. Jia, let the younger generation come back. I also bought this wine to honor my dad. It depends on the fateful friendship between you and my dad. For the sake of this, let the younger one go back." Wu Qian said loudly."Haha, Xiao Qian, if Dezhi brother comes, I will give this face, but this time is really not good, now Jiu Jin is coming, I can't control myself. 115 million." Jia Gu Yun play the fool shouted loudly.

     "Brother Jia, are you serious about what you just said?" Just as Jia Guyun's voice fell, the door of the auditorium was opened, and an old man was pushed in in a wheelchair.

     "Dezhi, you, why are you here ah." Jia Guyun shook his head and asked softly. This is a big game.

     "Xiao Qian said that there is a good wine today, so I must come and have a look. It seems to be true. Is it old brother, you are going to take it for me, or do I do it myself?" Wu Dezhi asked with a smile.

     "You, when did you wake up, join in the fun ah." Jia Guyun said loudly, "I won't grab it from you, but it's up to you if you can grab it then."

     "One hundred and twenty million, no one would rob and drink with me a lame man." Wu Dezhi said with a smile, his voice was not loud, but no one in the entire auditorium increased the price.

     "Who is Wu Dezhi?" Guo Huai asked in a low voice as he looked at the three women around him and looked at Wu Dezhi's expressions with a trace of respect.

     "His legs were broken to save the entire Wucheng. We have a museum in Wucheng, where his story is recorded in detail. He is a real hero." Murong Weiwei whispered."Oh, if there is such a person, I would like to talk to him." Guo Huai said, mind reading fell on Wu Dezhi.

     "Wine, don't let me down, my days are running out, live in the moment." The thought in Wu Dezhi's heart appeared in Guo Huai's mind. The next sentence made Guo Huai couldn't help standing up. "It must be a good drink. The sixth man can't tell lies. In addition, this gourd is also an extraordinary product, one hundred and twenty million. I didn't expect it to take a small advantage when he died.

     "Master, you just came in, there are some things you may not know, I have to say." Seeing the middle-aged man next to the old man has come to the stage to get the wine, Guo Huai shouted.

     "Oh, little guy, what else is there? Are you still going to increase the price?" Wu Dezhi was taken aback, without any discomfort, looked at Guo Huai and asked with a smile.

     "Master, don't want this wine boy, because this wine is a charity sale contributed by the boy." Guo Huai said with a smile. "But as I said at the beginning, the kid only sells wine, not gourds. You must always return this gourd to me within an hour.""Bad guy, sit down, you have already photographed a gourd, let the old man give this gourd." Tang Xi pulled Guo Huai and said softly. The old man of the Wu family is a person who has seen big storms, and generally does not have the same knowledge as a junior, but it does not mean that other people in the Wu family do not, the military, politics, business, where there is no Wu family, because a wine gourd offends the Wu family, no As for.

     "Girl, the gourd belongs to us, that's ours, Mr. Wu won't blame the younger generation for a gourd." Guo Huai looked at Tang Xi and said with a smile. The voice was not loud, but Wu Dezhi happened to be able to hear it.

     "Haha, it's the old man who broke the rules. Within an hour, the gourd will be returned to you." Wu Dezhi said with a smile.
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