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Chapter Directory 44 Wendou Qualifier (2)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Everyone turned their eyes on the twenty-nine people on the stage. They were familiar with them, such as Guo Huai, Murong Weiwei, Tang Xi, Sū Yè, Yōuyōu, and of course Qin An, whom they were not familiar with. Pang Xin, Li Gu and so on.

     But the most surprising thing is not Guo Huai, but Nangong Lingmo, this mysterious figure who has never been to the classroom when he enters school.

     "That person is Nangong Lingmo, why is she so young, is she also a high school student?" The girl beside Lin Xiao whispered.

     "People of Nangong Family, ah hidden deep enough in the attached middle school." Li Ao said softly.

     "What about the people of Nangong Family? This is Wendou, and it's not better than others." Ah Q said softly.

     "Look at the topic of the Affiliated Middle School qualifier, Li Xunyu is really extraordinary." The principal of the seventh middle school said softly.

     "Qiao Mu, do you still have the confidence of these players in the middle school?" Lin Xiao asked, looking at Qiao Mu who was already sweating on his forehead after watching for almost 30 minutes.

     "The attached middle school must have set up a question bank. Otherwise, how could these students answer questions that didn't appear in the main competition last year? There must be a problem." Qiao Mu said softly. He found that nearly 20% of the questions scrolled on the big screen were not possible. Answer it quickly."They don't have a question bank. They are the 10,000 questions with the highest error rate extracted from the Supreme Light Brain." Cao Xinglong, the principal of the Ninth Middle School, said softly, "Old man Li wants to win first place in Wendou ah."

     "Lao Cao, when the qualifiers of the affiliated high school are over, let's sit down together. You don't want to watch us eat in front of Lao Huo twice in a row." The principal of Sunshine Middle School squinted and said.

     Cao Xinglong nodded slightly, and then the principals and team leaders of several other schools also reached an alliance with No. 7 Middle School and No. 9 Middle School. Where there are grievances, there are rivers and lakes, and everything is the same.

     On the big screen behind the podium, the questions appearing on the mobile gadget of the 28 people on the stage are played in a loop. In the first round of the competition, who completed the random 100 questions first, add 10 seconds to the wrong question, and take the first two. Ten were promoted.

     "Di!" The red light in front of Nangong Lingmo lit up, which proved that the humble little girl in front of her had completed a hundred questions first.

     After almost a minute, the light in front of Murong Weiwei also lit up with a beep. Then there is the light in front of Qian Duoduo.

     "Damn, Brother Huai seems to be here for a walk, why is he still typing on the keyboard? He doesn't seem to be doing the problem again, how can he type so fast." Qian Duoduo's red light was on and his eyes didn't go far. Guo Huai at the office, muttered softly by himself."What is Elder Brother Huai doing? He has already completed nine people. Why hasn't he finished ah." Murong Weiwei frowned and said softly.

     "Little Xi, the bad guy is estimated to be eliminated in the first round, and your 10,000 yuan has been lost." Sū Yè finished the ninth and whispered to Tang Xi who finished the seventh.

     "Fourth old, you are going to collect the money. That Guo Huai is still doing the questions there. He has already completed 22 of them. He estimates that he will not be able to pass the first round, haha." Jia Benben said with a smile.

     "Look at what the second brother said, it's not that I am going to collect money, but that we are going to collect money." Qin Yulong said with a smile. As of the beginning of the qualifiers, the total bet amount in this handicap has exceeded 1.3 billion. If Guo Huai couldn't enter in the first round, so the money will belong to the four brothers.

     Almost another five minutes passed. The 28 red lights on the stage were all lit up. Student Guo Huai was still typing on the keyboard quickly.

     "Cough cough cough, classmate Guo Huai, haven't you finished yet?" a female student who served in the qualifiers on the podium walked to Guo Huai and asked softly.

     "Too many questions." Guo Huai said loudly while typing on the keyboard.

     "Li, Principal Li, can you please come up here, there is a problem with Guo Huai's mobile gadget." The female student said loudly to Li Xunyu who was already in light sleep."If there is any problem, we can eliminate it if we can't do it, and move on to the next round, what else can there be." Li Xunyu said impatiently.

     "Four eyes, I see, your idol, after everyone has completed the first round of answering questions, he hasn't done it yet. The last one can only answer half of the questions correctly, and it takes less time than your idol." He smiled and said, "Your 10,000 yuan has gone."

     "What is this kid doing? No matter how difficult the question is, if you skip a hundred questions, you should have finished it." Lin Shuang couldn't help standing up and stepping onto the podium.

     "Principal Li, come up soon, there is a problem with Guo Huai's mobile gadget." The moment Lin Shuang set his sights on Guo Huai mobile gadget, he was completely stunned.

     "Lin girl, who made Guo Huai a student in your class, but this is a qualifier, no one can go to the back door." Li Xunyu said, step by step onto the podium.

     "Jia Yuntao, get me here." Li Xunyu just glanced at Guo Huai's mobile gadget, and then shouted.

     "Minister Jia, it seems that the principal is calling you again." A staff member of the logistics department said softly to Jia Yuntao who was already asleep.

     "The principal is looking for me, what's the matter ah." Jia Yuntao heard the word principal, and no one would have imagined that he jumped onto the podium, which really confirmed the sentence a cornered dog will jump over the wall."Jia Yuntao, is this your logistics work?" Li Xunyu said with staring eyes.

     "There is no automatic alarm installed on this mobile gadget." Jia Yuntao's face was about to stick to the ground, whispered.

     "You can figure it out, if this qualifier is messed up, you can roll your bed and fuck off." After speaking, Li Xunyu walked off the podium.

     "Old man Li, what are you doing, this first round of the game is over, let's announce the results." Cao Xinglong shouted unceremoniously.

     "The first round is over, I now announce the list of personnel for the next round." In almost ten minutes, all the qualifiers' time spent in the first round was counted.

     "Class 7 Li Gu, 24 minutes and 13 seconds, Class 11 Qin Feng, 23 minutes 59 seconds, Class 9 Wangyuan 23 minutes and 57 seconds... Class 6 Sū Yè, 18 minutes 11 seconds, Class 9 Yóu Yōuyōu 18 minutes and 6 seconds, class 6 Tang Xi 17 minutes and 45 seconds, class 1 Qian Duoduo 15 minutes and 37 seconds, class 1 Murong Weiwei, 15 minutes 10 seconds, class 16 Nangong Lingmo, 14 minutes 14 seconds." Jia Yuntao said in one breath. Nineteen names and times were given.

     "Since the top 20 list is out, let's start the second round." Cao Xinglong said loudly.

     "Old Cao, I only pronounced the names of 19 people. Look at the big screen, there is still one missing." The principal of Sunshine Middle School reminded with a smile."The first place in the first round this time is Guo Huai, Grade One in Grade One, 9 minutes and 48 seconds." After that, Jia Yuntao, regardless of the various disturbances in the audience, directly let the eight eliminated students leave the podium and let Guo Huai sat in a seat on the rostrum.
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