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Chapter Directory 46 Wendou Pre-selection (4)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Old Cao, are you still watching?" The principal of Sunshine Middle School looked at Cao Xinglong and said softly. He was completely overwhelmed by Guo Huai's performance on the stage. If it is said that the first round of the game may be faked, but this is the second round. In the first half of the game, it was no longer possible to fake it.

     "Look, I have to keep watching. I'm going to see how many backhands and hole cards are still hidden in the attached middle school. Old Pifu Li even put a dude like this. It's amazing, ashamed of being inferior, but it's not the case." Cao Xinglong said loudly.

     After a three-minute rest, the second round of the Wendou qualifier continued. Guo Huai closed his eyes, as if he had fallen asleep.

     The 100 questions in the second half were much more intense than the previous 100 questions. 19 people all grabbed the opportunity to answer the questions. The atmosphere of the whole scene was also very good. However, several people from other schools were ashamed because of the second round of questions. The difficulty has surprised them.

     "We have worked hard for a year. Is it so in vain? No, there must be a way to deal with the affiliated middle school." Cao Xinglong looked at his proud disciples and lowered their heads one by one, yelling in his heart."Congratulations to Murong Weiwei for answering question 199 correctly. Although the top ten has been decided now, I still hope that all of us can do our best to fight for this last question." The host said with a smile. Yes, there is a difference of six points between the tenth place and the eleventh place. No matter who grabs the last question, the top ten has already come out.

     "For the last question, please state the name of the twenty-eight stars and the attributes of the five elements." After the host finished speaking, the people on the stage fell silent, twenty-eight stars, no one can guarantee that one will not say it. .

     "Really, the topic of the qualifiers in the attached middle school is too difficult, right? The attached middle school is sick. It's not an exaggeration to put such a topic on the finale of the race." The people below the auditorium began to discuss.

     "No one answered this question? It doesn't matter if you get back to the wrong question, you can try ah." The host smiled and said, his eyes fell on the top few. Originally, this question said whether there are twenty-eight stars. One name for each of the five elements is enough. As a result, Li Xunyu said, you can’t make these dolls proud and make it difficult. Now it’s good, it’s cold.

     "If no one answers, this question even if everyone abstained." The host said with a hint of embarrassment.

     "Such a topic can't let us abstain." Just when the host was about to announce the end of the second round, Guo Huai, who seemed to be sleeping, stood up slowly and said."Can this kid answer this question correctly? Still want to try to say a few to save some face from the attached middle school?" Li Ao muttered to himself in the audience.

     "Eastern Qinglong | Azure Dragon: Kàng Jin Long (Golden Dragon) Kàng Jin Long (Golden Dragon) Kàng Jin Long (Golden Dragon) Fire Snake Earthworm, Western White Tiger: Kuimu Wolf Loujin Dog Stomach Pheasant Pleiades Chicken Biyue Wuqi Fire Monkey Gathering Water Ape, Northern Basalt: Fighting Muxie Bull Taurus Female Earth Bat Virtual Sun Moon Swallow Fire pig wall water deer." Guo Huai said loudly. Every time he said a name, Guo Huai felt a little shock, thinking that these people were friends who had been drinking with him back then. They had not seen him off half a month ago. May not remember their names.

     "Right? Did that kid get the answer right?" The answer needs to be announced by the host. Guo Huai answered so fast that the host was still looking at the answer in his hand.

     "Bah, baah, is this bad guy's special ability a perspective? Can you see the answer in the host's hands clearly?" Nangong Lingmo thought to himself as he looked at the passionate Guo Huai.

     "Elder Brother Huai got the answer right." Murong Weiwei said softly after listening to Guo Huai's words. If he asked himself to answer, he might get the answer right, but he wouldn't expect Guo Huai to answer so smoothly."What method did Li Xunyu use to make such a dude like this? Am I really inferior to Li Xunyu?" Cao Xunyu looked at Guo Huai and said softly. A few months ago, this dude was still himself School students are absent from class, wrong, they are not attending class, molesting female classmates, beating teachers, beating students, arson, and rallying criminals outside school. . . . . . , A boy from Five Evildoers, got better when he got to the attached middle school.

     "Host, is the answer correct? Is my fourth brother correct?" Jia Yuan heard Guo Huai's answer. Twenty-eight stars can tell two or three. If his brother really puts such a high school genius If you can’t answer the question correctly, it will be interesting.

     "Congratulations Guo Huai, the answer is correct." The host said loudly, "Ten minutes off, and we will have the third round later."

     "Haha, Wucheng Vile Tetrad, have you seen it? This is what you said about Wucheng Vile Tetrad's Wucheng Guo Huai of Five Evildoers' food, drink and prostitution, have you seen it? How many of you are inferior to this villain, what qualifications do you have "Jia Yuan stood up and said loudly.Wucheng Vile Tetrad, soldier king Li Yào, ghost merchant Jia Yuan, chivalrous officer Wang Sheng, five poisons Guo Huai, because the four people have a common problem, color, and spreading, the more and more they are described, the darker and darker they are because of a grandfather. Guo Huai, who is a grandson bastard, made four people called cancer tumors. Although Li Yào Jia Yuan and Wang Sheng didn't say anything, they were somewhat helpless towards this younger brother. Now it is all right, Wu Du Guo Huai, who has overpowered the crowd.

     "What? Is that Guo Huai really the five poison Guo Huai in Wucheng Vile Tetrad?" The student who had only heard of the Four Harmful names before turned their eyes on Guo Huai.

     "Elder Brother Huai, how many grievances have you been carrying until now." Murong Weiwei thought about Guo Huai's present and past, and unconsciously shed tears.

     "Guo Huai, good, very good, the guy who molested me and Yōuyōu back then, hidden deep enough." Lin Xiao looked at Guo Huai on the stage and said to himself.

     "Contact the Anthony family in United States and let them send the best killer. This kid can't stay, I want him to die." The woman at the top of Wucheng Paradise shouted into the phone.

     A man with a peaked cap in the corner of the auditorium gently turned off the phone that was recording, looked up at Guo Huai on the stage again, and turned and walked out of the auditorium."No, you can't let this kid pass the third round, and you can't let him participate in the main match on behalf of the affiliated high school. If the affiliated high school wins the first place under his leadership, our four families will have all the assets, and it will not be enough to compensate him. Gamble." Qin Yulong looked at Guo Huai and muttered.

     "Qin Yulong, you opened the gambling contract and it has nothing to do with the three of us. If you pay, you will pay it yourself. We break the contract. Since we have not yet reached the finals, we will pay you 100 million, so our contract can be ignored. "Jia Benben said loudly, and the two young people who had been silent nodded gently.

     "Are we brothers, are we brothers, he hasn't passed the second round yet, did you tell me this, did I say anything when making money? I count my Qin Yulong blind." Qin Yulong looked at the three of his own worship Brother, my heart is completely cold. If Guo Huai passes the third round and takes the first place in the main match on behalf of the affiliated middle school, he will choose to sever himself, he will die and he will have a bad debt. He has prepared for the worst.
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