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Chapter Directory 52 Peach
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Please wait." Juanzi finished speaking, put on white gloves and took a box from the shelf and placed it in front of Guo Huai. "Look first, this is the latest batch of ginseng that has just arrived."

     "Yang ginseng, raise ginseng, move mountain ginseng, raise ginseng... Wrap these ginseng for me, and you can take the others." Guo Huai picked out eighteen ginseng roots and placed it in Juan. Before the child. "For other Chinese medicines, give me some packages, let's count them together."

     "Little friend, wait a minute." Just when Juanzi was taking medicine for Guo Huai, a half-year-old man in his fifties walked out of it.

     "Hello, manager." All the waiters respectfully shouted to the old man.

     "Just busy with yours," the old man said with a smile. "You don't know if you have time, let's sit down inside, there are a few wild ginseng in it, I want to show you."

     "I hope you don't let me down." With that, Guo Huai walked into the back room.

     "Juanzi, get a good tea pot in a while." The old man said with a smile.

     "Shi Yaomian!" As he said, the old man handed Guo Huai a business card of his own, "This pharmacy is the property of my Shijia family. There are 137 such pharmacies in China."

     "Guo Huai, Wucheng Subsidiary High School student, do you always take out the wild ginseng just now to open my eyes." Guo Huai said with squinting eyes."Okay, little friend, wait a minute." As he said, Shi Yaomian took out a big wooden box from the shelf, and placed seven wooden boxes in a row.

     "Owner Shi, if this is the wild ginseng you are talking about, please put it away. The medicinal effect of these ginseng is not as good as the few ginseng I chose." Guo Huai said with squinting eyes.

     "Haha, I don't know where the little friend is from, the eyes are poisonous enough, I like it, wait a moment." Then Shi Yaomian took out the same wooden box as before and placed it in front of Guo Huai.

     "Make a price, your store can almost be worthy of such a big store." Guo Huai just took a deep breath and could feel that there is a 120-year-old plant in the box. Wild ginseng.

     "I don't know what is the purpose of buying these medicinal materials. Can you tell me. This ginseng is used to save lives. If the child needs it, it can be given to the child." Shi Yaomian said with a smile.

     "The owner of Shi, this is a gadget that my teacher made some time ago. It is not very useful. The effect of women's spot removal is not bad." Then, Guo Huai took out a wooden box and handed it directly to Shi Yaomian. "I took this ginseng, and the medicinal materials out there are no more money. I will do it again on the first of next month. If you have something that can satisfy me, I will also give you something that is satisfactory."Shi Yaomian gently opened the wooden box, and a pungent aroma hit him. He just felt like he was being poured down by cold water. After a cold war, the blood blisters that had fired on the corners of his mouth disappeared.

     "This young man belongs to the ancient martial arts family. It must be, otherwise it is impossible to bring out such a thing. No, I have to contact the owner as soon as possible." Shi Yaomian saw what Juanzi was about to say when he walked in, and directly stopped.

     "Let him take whatever he wants in the store and give it to him. Then you go out and find a car to help him deliver to the place he wants to deliver. Remember, take care of this little master." Shi Yaomian shouted. Said.

     "Beauty, thank you for your help. You have lung fever. That beauty should have a migraine. And that sister. If she still loses her temper often, she should take a good look at her spleen. I didn’t bring any medicine today. Come to me next time. I will treat you guys, haha." Guo Huai walked towards the door.

     "Then, what about me?" the female clerk who started to joke with Guo Huai asked softly.

     "You have nothing to do, pay attention to sex, you are not old, and you can't toss it every day." After saying that, Guo Huai got into the car, leaving behind the laughing clerk and the red-faced girl in the shop.

     "Don't worry, Patriarch, I will drive you the things right away." Shi Yaomian said respectfully to the phone.Guo Huai asked the car to pull the things he bought to an old house, and directly asked the driver to unload the things. As soon as the driver left, all the things on the ground disappeared. Although the old gentleman's gourd could not be opened, he now has it in his hand. This gourd works well.

     "Guo Huai, this is the house your deceased father bought during his lifetime. Your father only told yourself, he didn't even say, it's really cheap for me." Guo Huai said to himself, using The fingerprint opened the door. "This place will be the Lord's from now on."

     "Sun Lingling's illness is easy, and Weiwei's brother's illness has to take time to show him." In the basement of the old house, Guo Huai took out a small medicine pot and threw in the medicines he bought again and again. In almost a day, he made a dozen pills and put them into jade boxes.

     "The life in Mortal World is not what I thought, it's not as good as in the Tang Dynasty, before my brother practiced the Taoism, he could also have a drink of flower wine." Guo Huai said to himself.

     "Boom boom boom." A muffled thunder sounded in my ears.

     "Buddha of immeasurable life, mother, I'm not a god anymore. Why do you always frighten me with thunder." Guo Huai whispered. "Mortal World has not allowed me to have passionate love for a hundred years, and the Jade Emperor can't control so much."Without sleep all night, Guo Huai's method to deal with the 120-year-old ginseng is very simple. Swallow it directly. Although the taste is not good, the effect of eating it is good. In one night, his power is restored. After seven or eight, the medicinal effects of ginseng that have not been absorbed are stored in the Dantian by itself.

     "I'm ready to go back, Sun Lingling, wait for my brother, my brother cures your illness, is he going to be ah." Guo Huai said to himself, and walked out of the house.

     "Master, Guo Huai has already walked out of the ancient city street, what shall we do if we continue to follow?" a young man dressed in black whispered to the phone.

     "I will meet him first. I'm dying, I have to see what kind of person this kid is." Qin Yulong said fiercely.

     "Guo Huai!" For almost ten minutes, Guo Huai walked all the way to Wucheng and suddenly heard someone calling him.

     "My name is Liu Chuang. You may not know me, but I know you. I am also a student in the attached high school. You won a lot of money in the qualifiers and made a friend." A teenager dressed in Adi walked up to him and stretched out. Right hand out.

     "Why did you come out of school before the holiday?" Guo Huai asked with a smile looking at the boy in front of him.

     "Aren't you also outside the school." Liu Chuang said with a smile without answering. Then the two laughed together."I heard that you were out of school, so I came out to look for you. I have to remind you that Qin Yulong is likely to be against you. You suppressed one million on that forum. If the affiliated middle school wins the championship, Qin Yulong will pay 1,000 Billion, even if he sells the Qin family, he can't get so much money, you must be careful." Liu Chuang said softly.

     "No wonder my eyelids keep twitching recently, thank you." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Guo Huai, Liu Chuang, how are you ah." Just as the two were talking, a voice rang in their ears, and Qin Yulong came over not far away.
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