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Chapter Directory 73 Wendou Race Starts
    Chinese Name: 飲庈眳毞穸稃珈  Author: 嬝硌湮忴(Ji迅 zh走 d角sh迂, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"And all the audience here, you are all the judges of this Wendou competition. Anyone who finds that our judges have objections to the penalty can be raised. Let's start this Wendou competition now." He Tiezui Finally shouted, the audience thunderous applause.

     Tang Xi smiled and stood up. The first person sent by the Seventh School Alliance was also a girl, but she was very different from Tang Xi in appearance, but her strength was very good, probably because they were both girls and their knowledge. The scope is basically the same. The two have tackled more than 30 questions. Tang Xi asked again. The girl on the opposite side did not answer for 30 seconds. Tang Xi succeeded in losing one of the seventh school team for the attached middle school.

     "The person is so beautiful and so smart, which prevents others from living." After Tang Xi's victory, the audience thunderous applause.

     "Which three are the three ancient buildings in Jiangnan?"

     "Hunan Yueyang Tower, Wuchang Yellow Crane Tower, Nanchang Tengwang Pavilion."

     "What is the first long narrative poem in history?"

     "The peacock flies southeast!"

     "How many words does the peacock fly southeast?"

     "Host, I don't know this question, but if I can ask like that, can I ask Tang Xi how many times does Zhuge Liang's name appear in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?" the second student from the Seventh School Alliance asked loudly Tao."Yes, this little girl in the attached middle school is a trick ah." The audience commented.

     "The Peacock Flies Southeast" is the first full-length narrative poem in the history of Chinese literature, and it is also the peak work in the history of Yuefu poems. Later generations called it the "Shuangbi Yuefu" with the "Mulan Poetry" of the Northern Dynasties. This topic said by Tang Xi It*s a bit difficult, but within the rules, someone should be able to answer it. It*s better to take a step back. As long as someone from the Seventh School Alliance can tell how many rounds and words there are, the answer is correct." President of Huaxia Literature Society Jiang Weimin said with a smile.

     "Yes, but I hope Tang Xi students will also write down the answers. You can't solve the problems yourself, and you can't do it yourself." The second player of the Seventh School Alliance just wanted to say something, but Xiahou Tian shouted and smiled. Said.

     "That's for sure. If Tang Xi writes the wrong answer, Tang Xi will be sentenced out." Jiang Weimin said with a smile.

     "357 sentences, 1785 words."

     "357 sentences, 1785 words."

     Xiahou Tian and Tang Xi showed up the board at the same time, and applause broke out again.

     "Both answered correctly and the game continues." Han Feifei said with a smile.

     "Tang Xi, please tell me what Buddhism Sanzang means." The second player of the Seven Schools Alliance asked loudly."I don't know this question." Tang Xi said with a smile, "Tell me the answer to Wang Ming, please."

     "It is always said that the basic doctrine is the sutra, the precepts are the law, and the man who interprets the doctrine as the theory is called Sanzang Master." Wang Ming said with a smile.

     "The answer is correct." Someone from the Seventh Wendou No. 1 Think Tank of the judges stood up and said with a smile.

     "Thank you Tang Xi and Wang Ming for bringing us such a wonderful battle, Tang Xi is out, please play the second player in the attached middle school." Han Feifei said with a smile.

     "Y身uy身u, come on." Y車u Y身uy身u smiled and stood up, and there were bursts of cheering from the audience.

     "I didn't expect that there are so many beauties in the affiliated high school. I had already gone to the affiliated high school. This Y車u Y身uy身u has more temperament than Lin Xiaoxiao." Xiahou Tian thought to himself, "there is that Murong Weiwei, there is such Beautiful beauty, this looks can also be ranked in the top three in the High School Affiliated to Yan University."

     In about seven minutes, Y車u Y身uy身u took Wang Ming down, and the Seven Schools Alliance sent their third player, a fat man, Ah Q.

     "Beauty, it's a fate to be able to meet in this race. Otherwise, we have an extra bet. If I accidentally knock out the beauty and win the Y身uy身u beauty, can I have a meal together after the race?" Ah Q Looking at Y車u Y身uy身u with a squinting look, he said."If you lose and run naked from here, you promise I can also promise you." Y車u Y身uy身u looked at Ah Q and said.

     "Forget it, I don't want to be a Mingren like Qin Yulong from your high school attached." Ah Q said in a low voice, and the student Qin Yulong in the corner pulled down his hat fiercely.

     Ah Q was quite strong, and the two faced off 70 questions, and finally Y身uy身u was defeated.

     "Zhao Xuan, take down that fat man, I am mad at me." Y車u Y身uy身u sat down angrily. A thirteen sutra refers to which thirteen sutras. Y身uy身u answered twelve sutras. The most hateful one Dead fat guy Q even smiled and said when Y車u Y身uy身u was defeated, he could only get about ten correct answers, but the one who Y車u Y身uy身u didn't answer just happened to know.

     Zhao Xuan made the students in the affiliated high school go crazy again and easily won Ah Q. He used four questions to win the fourth player of the Seven Schools Alliance, the fourth player of the Sunshine Middle School.

     "This Zhao Xuan is really amazing. He didn't reveal one's talent in the attached middle school before, but he didn't expect to be so amazing." Some of the students in the attached middle school have even stood up, too intense.

     "A lot, get ready, Zhao Xuan is about to lose." Qian Duoduo, who had been unable to beat his spirits, was taken aback, because Guo Huai's voice rang in his ears, "You can just take Li Ao symbolically. Don't be too sharp."Qian Duoduo turned his head to look at Guo Huai, who had an unpredictable smile at the corner of Guo Huai's mouth.

     "I admit defeat." After answering the hundredth question, Zhao Xuan finished with a smile, and sat on the stool.

     "He obviously still has the ability to fight again, why did he give up?" Li Ao looked at Zhao Xuan who was sitting in his seat, without the pleasure of winning.

     "Li Ao, nicknamed mobile gadget, interesting." Qian Duoduo stood up and said with a smile, "Your opponent is me, come on."

     Qian Duoduo's performance allowed the scene to enter the scene again. No one could have imagined that a young man who was not good-looking, but a bit wretched, had such a wide range of knowledge.

     "I know who he is. He also participated in Wendou last year. The wretched guy last year was him." Suddenly someone in the crowd recognized Qian Duoduo. The name is really easy to remember, but the appearance of the two people has changed. It*s a lot, no wonder many people are so familiar with this student who has always been unable to fight.

     "Tell me about the three graves and five classics." Qian Duoduo said with a smile looking at Li Ao. The two have been fighting against more than 20 questions in modern history, Qian Duoduo suddenly said with a smile."Three graves only refer to: Fuxi Shennong Huangdi, I can't answer the five classics, please ask Qian Duoduo to explain the answer." Li Ao said softly, he was defeated, and the wretched boy in front of him took himself into the pit. The modern confrontation suddenly reversed such a problem, and his thinking fell into a blind spot.
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