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Chapter Directory 83 Like To Be Friends With Smart People
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Brother Huai, I’m Liu Chuang. I’m free today. Come out and talk. The Qin family has basically settled all the betting appointments in the forum. You are still left. I want to talk to you." After connecting to Liu Chuang's phone, he said with a hint of excitement.

     "It may not work today. Tomorrow, I will see you at the western restaurant at the entrance of the school at Heavens Above at ten o'clock," Guo Huai said.

     "Sure, let's meet and talk tomorrow." Liu Chuang said with a smile.

     "How much do you guys know about Liu Chuang, or Liu Family." After breakfast was over, Guo Huai called Grandmaster Yufeng and went to Grandmaster Yufeng’s house for dinner at noon. Now Guo Huai is chatting with the beauty on his balcony .

     "You saw Liu Tiangang during the Wendou race. He is the foundation supporting the entire Liu Family. The main force of the Liu Family is in the military. Liu Tiangang is the commander of the Wucheng Military Region. The first chief will give him some points. Face." Yóu Yōuyōu said with a smile.

     "Bad guy, you can actually call someone and ask him to give you some advice." Sun Lingling said with a smile.

     "My wife, who to call?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

     "Li Yào, soldier king Li Yào. Li Family and Liu Family have a very good relationship, you can ask your elder brother Li Yào." Sun Lingling said with a smile."Forget this, Brother Yao United States and his party must have suffered a bit, I just comforted him." Guo Huai smiled and dialed Li Yào's phone.

     "Brother Yao, have you come back alive?" Guo Huai asked loudly while listening to Li Yào's chaos.

     "Fourth, why do you remember that you called your brother? He hasn't gone back yet. He has left United States on the smuggling road." Li Yào said loudly. "I have to thank you very much. If you don't have your pills, your brother's life will stay in United States. What are you calling this time? Tell me, the battery of my satellite phone will not last long."

     "I'll ask you about someone, Liu Chuang, how is this person?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

     "What's the matter, he seems to be in the same school as you, did he offend you? If you offend you, you will beat him up, but don't kill him, otherwise your brother will not be able to keep you." Li Yào Said loudly.

     "I may have a cooperation with Liu Family soon, do you have any good suggestions?" Guo Huai asked directly without concealing it.

     "If you can, try to sell your personal love to Liu Family. In the future, in China, there are many places where Liu Family is needed. As for negotiation, you call your second child. I think he will be happy to help. Let's not talk about it. The call came in and I hung up." Li Yào hung up without waiting for Guo Huai to speak.Guo Huai smiled and dialed Jia Yuan's phone number. Jia Yuan guessed the matter seven or eighty-eight, and directly agreed to Guo Huai, that he would go to the school to find him tomorrow.

     "Brother Yao, tomorrow I will have a cooperation with your fourth oldest son. My brother gives me a suggestion. This is the call my father asked me to call you. Don't fool me." Li Yào hung up Guo Huai's call and picked it up. It was a call from Liu Chuang using the military line.

     "Cooperate and cooperate well. Tell Grandpa Liu that my brother is very good. If you cooperate sincerely, you will benefit greatly in the future. At least the wine that Grandpa Liu drank with my grandfather last time at my house, you can drink a few more times, you guys Do it yourself, the battery is dead and hang up." Li Yào hung up the phone directly.

     "Grandpa, what's going on tomorrow?" Liu Chuang put down the phone and asked his grandfather with his eyes closed.

     "Li Yào, this stinky boy, I will clean up when he comes back." Liu Tiangang opened his eyes and said with a smile. "You shout your fourth uncle, let your fourth uncle help the transition of the Qin family's property to Guo Huai as much as possible."

     "Grandpa, the Qin family came to our house that day, didn't you promise that he would help him keep the Qin family's foundation?" Liu Chuang asked puzzled.

     "Your grandfather, I'm greedy for wine, this reason is okay? Get out." After Liu Tiangang said, he walked into the room, leaving Liu Chuang with a blank face."Damn, what kind of attitude? At first, I discovered that Guo Huai is good or not. They are the masters of kill the donkey when the grinding is done." Liu Chuang said angrily. "I'm greedy, the older I get, the more thief."

     "Boy, I will finish talking with Guo Huai tomorrow. You go to Camp A. I don't think you have any enthusiasm in school. Go to Old A to play around." Liu Tiangang's voice sounded, Liu Chuang shouted, I don't Go, and ran away just like escaping.

     Before nine o’clock in the morning the next morning, the big fat man Jia Yuan appeared on the campus of the attached high school, because Guo Huai greeted Li Wei in advance, and Li Wei did not stop the big fat man, who doesn’t look like a good person. Li Wei has already Knowing the details of Guo Huai, and now that Guo Huai is a celebrity in the attached middle school, Li Wei is now very proud that he had a conflict with Guo Huai that year.

     "Fourth old, it's no wonder you can stay in school for such a long time. There are so many beautiful women. I can't be a student. I have to ask if there is a lack of teachers here. I want to come to the attached middle school to be a teacher." Jia Yuan exclaimed.

     "Second brother, there are only a few pieces of pure land left in Wucheng, don't spoil them, can you?" Guo Huai said with a serious face.

     "Damn, you mend one's ways of the Five Poisons can become a hero in the affiliated high school. Can a young man like me not come to the affiliated high school as a teacher? Saying my English and math are good, I can teach ah." Jia Yuan laughed Said."Cough cough, let's go, brother, let me do the business first." Guo Huai took Jia Yuan out of the school, and the two ordered some food in the western restaurant, waiting for Liu Chuang's arrival.

     "Brother Huai, Brother Yuan, you guys came so early, but we were late." Liu Chuang was in front, followed by a middle-aged man into the restaurant, and saw Guo Huai and Jia Yuan sitting in the lobby.

     "Liu Qingsong, Xiao Chuang's uncle, shall we not go to a box?" The man behind Liu Chuang said with a smile.

     "It turned out to be the fourth master Liu Family. Let's just talk about this little thing in the hall." Jia Yuan said with a smile.

     Jia Yuan took a small matter of nearly 100 billion yuan, and several people found a new table and sat down.

     "Brother Huai, the Qin family has already compensated all the other people, only yours and mine are left, your 100 billion, my 5 billion, here are all the remaining assets of the Qin family, almost there are It's a little more than 7.3 billion, you look at it first." After speaking, Liu Chuang directly placed a file bag in front of Guo Huai.

     "Brother Yuan, look at talking with Xiao Chuang's fourth uncle. I and Xiao Chuang will go there and chat alone." Guo Huai took Liu Chuang and walked aside.

     "Brother Huai, just tell me something." Liu Chuang said with a smile."Nothing. Listening to Brother Yao telling you something about you, your physical fitness is good, but you need opportunities to reach the Innate state." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Uncle Si, just give all the assets of the Qin family to Brother Yuan. Brother Huai had won 100 billion. This is not enough." Liu Chuang was taken aback, and then said loudly to Liu Qingsong.

     "Haha, smart people, I like to be friends with smart people."
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