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Chapter Directory 101 Sturdy Jade
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Bah!" The big Jeep that broke the Porsche 911 stopped outside the Guo Family compound. Li Yào came, to be precise, came back alive.

     "The second child, this place is good. When will the fourth child buy a house here?" Li Yào asked while standing at the door with a smile.

     "He left it to him, and he just moved in recently." Jia Yuan said with a smile, "Let's go, this month when you weren't there, the fourth oldest in our Wucheng is considered to be the most popular. Now Wucheng Vile Tetrad has changed. He has become Wucheng and has three evils, and the fourth oldest family is now the best in Wucheng."

     "Damn, it's true or false, but our brothers were called Wucheng Vile Tetrad in the past few years, and they all did some jerk things with this bastard." Li Yào said loudly, "Is it true that the fourth I met an expert, and it has changed so much."

     "Brother, let's go, it's all at the door of the house, you won't know if you go, by the way, tell us what is going on with you in United States, I hear you mean nine deaths and still alive ah." Jia Yuan Smiling at the door is a kick. "Fourth old, open the door, what door will be closed at noon, open the door soon, brother and I will come to see you."

     "Damn, I said how my right eye is always jumping today, it seems that my wine is less." Guo Huai smiled and waved his big hand. The door of the villa opened directly. Li Yào, who is nearly two meters tall, and Jia Yuan, the big fat man Standing at the door makes people disharmony no matter from which angle."Damn, fourth child, where did you find this girl, let your brother be cool for a few days, you can open it." The moment Li Yào opened the door, his eyes fell on Yu'er (Jade). Can't help but say loudly.

     "Brother Yao, right? I'm Guo Huai's daughter-in-law. You molested your siblings like this. According to the rules of the road, you have to suffer three knives and six holes. My dagger is not bad. Do you come by yourself or I will help you. "Yu'er (Jade) looked at Li Yào and said with a smile. With a wave of the dagger in his hand, she cut off a piece of sandalwood directly close to one meter, causing Li Yào's forehead to burst into cold sweat.

     "Cough cough cough, younger brother and sister, misunderstanding, absolute misunderstanding." Li Yào said with a smiley face. Although I don't know what the dagger is, I can't do the hand that Yu'er (Jade) showed just now. The king of soldiers, if you have beaten others, they call you the king of soldiers Li Yào. If you can't beat them, they don't care if you are the king of soldiers or the king of bandits.

     "Brother Yuan, didn't you mention me to Brother Yao? Did you want to lose weight recently? My dagger is sharp enough to skim you without any problem." As he said, the dagger in Yu'er (Jade)'s hand flew out , The whole root was submerged on the wall in front of the door, Jia Yuan's legs trembled with fright, and almost urinated his pants."Yu'er (Jade) younger brother and sister, calm, this is my fault, calm, I'm busy with the decoration of the fourth house recently, Yu'er (Jade) younger brother and sister, no sword, calm, calm." Jia Yuan stammered.

     "Okay Yu'er (Jade), don't scare them, let's go in and rest together." With that said, Guo Huai pulled Yu'er (Jade) into the living room.

     "The second child, the fourth child's daughter-in-law is so powerful? Where did you find it?" Li Yào wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and asked in a low voice.

     "I don’t know, it seems that I am also a student in the attached high school, heir to a big family from United States, the fourth younger sister, who knows whether it’s true or false, but you better not offend her. You saw her hand just now, I I'm scared. She and the fourth child are probably both disciples of the world's best." Jia Yuan whispered.

     Yu'er (Jade) in the room heard clearly and laughed.

     "Brother Yao, look at this thing, the finest purple golden nanmu, this thing is not that big in Wucheng, right? There are so many in the fourth place." Jia Yuan's eyes fell on the Yu'er ( Jade) whispered above the cut purple nanmu.

     "It's Huanghuali over there. It seems that they are all old materials with a long time. This thing can't be handled by money at all. Is it true that the fourth child has been accepted as an apprentice by an outsider?" Li Yào said softly."Big brother and second brother, don't you come in for a drink?" Guo Huai said loudly in the room, Li Yào Jia Yuan and Li Yào Jia Yuan ran into the room.

     "Fourth, although we brothers don't need to say thank you, but I still have to thank you, thank you for the medicine, otherwise I must be back dead." Li Yào said solemnly.

     "My own brother, it's a good idea to say that. But Brother Yao went to United States this time and happened such a big thing, did you find the man behind the scenes?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

     "Gu Family, I didn't expect that a hidden family would have such a great interest in me." Li Yào said with a smile. "Gu Family has a kid in the Wucheng Military Region. I cleaned up the martial arts competition last time. I didn't expect that Gu Family revealed my whereabouts to the United States this time to someone who shouldn't know, and almost made me stumble."

     "Gu Family? Haha, Brother Yao, is it the Gu Family from Imperial Capital?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

     "It's not that Gu Family, who else has such a great ability to manage the Wucheng Military Region and let the Wucheng Military Region tell them my whereabouts." Li Yào said with a hint of discomfort. "The military commander told me not to pursue this matter. Damn, I can't pursue it if I want to. A hidden family, I can't afford it.""How can I not provoke it? I actually offend a few of our brothers. Whether he is from Wucheng or Imperial Capital, he is the king of heaven and I, and we have to get it back." Guo Huai did not say anything, Jia Yuan beside him shouted loudly. Said, "Gu Family, right? I will terminate all business dealings between Gu Family's outer disciples and our company soon. I have to see how the hidden family is, if there is no money, what do they eat and drink."

     "Haha, Brother Yao, Brother Yuan hasn't done a neat thing in recent days, but I think Brother Yuan said these words beautifully today." Guo Huai smiled and said, "Wait for my Clinic of No Treatment thing That's it, let's go to Gu Family together and see who wants to kill my brother."

     "Fourth old, to be honest, are you also a member of the hermit family, or a disciple of those unborn sects, your current performance and the Five Evildoers Guo Dawei we used to know are completely two people." Li Yào smiled Asked.

     "Yeah, there are no outsiders here. Just the three of us brothers and younger siblings. To be honest, I've been holding back these words for a long time. I really want to know what an expert can make you, my brother, like you are now. It's amazing." Jia Yuan Said with a big belly."Elder Brother Huai, this is your fault. You didn't tell Brother Yuan about our sect. We are not a shameless sect. It's okay to tell them." Yu'er (Jade) looked at the two with a smile Said. "We can be regarded as a secluded sect, but our sect does not associate with others, but if anyone bullies us, our principle is one. People don’t offend me, I don’t offend others. If anyone offends me, let him be full of people, Mortal For a hundred years of World, I love what I am, I don’t accept the fight, go fuck."

     "Cough cough, my younger brothers and sisters are really temperamental." Li Yào heard Yu'er (Jade)'s words, her face was full of black lines, and the beautiful and speechless girl in front of her was really tough.
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