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Chapter Directory 109 Drug Delivery Brand Friends
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai was lying on a grandmaster's chair with his eyes squinted. The first step of the medical clinic is done. When it gets dark, he will hang up the sign. Then he will have to get an Array Formation. , This wall can't hold up ah.

     "Li Yào, Innate early master, soldier, Guo Huai's eldest brother; Jia Yuan, a foodie, super high EQ, third in China's richest under 30 list, Guo Huai's second brother; Wang Sheng, deputy director of Wucheng Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection , Guo Huai's three." Xiahou Shanhe looked at the information in his hand, and a trace of doubt appeared in his heart.

     "Four people, apart from the soldier king Li Yào, have some strength, but such strength is impossible to hurt Xiaotian, not to mention that Xiaotian fainted in the auditorium that day. It must be an attack in the auditorium. Who would it be? "Xiahou Shanhe said inwardly.

     "Nangong Lingmo, a member of China's special ability group, a mind master, is comparable to Innate's mid-term strength." Xiahou Shanhe once again set his gaze on Nangong Lingmo, "This little girl was there that day. Could it be that she hurt Xiaotian at the time? In terms of strength, fight alone, she can't beat Xiaotian ah. "

     "Nangong Lingmo, if you catch it and ask, you'll know, Mind Master, let me see what the members of the Huaxia special ability group have." Xiahou Shanhe slowly closed his eyes and said to himself."Sister Weiwei, I'll look at your jade pendant." Sun Lingling delivered the jade plaque to a few girls as soon as possible. Although they had received a gift, the girls were somewhat jealous because Sun Lingling sent the jade. Yes, not Guo Huai himself.

     "It's all the same." Murong Weiwei handed his jade pendant to Nangong Lingmo.

     "Sister, I have to tell you about some things." Nangong Lingmo leaned against Murong Weiwei and whispered, "The Xiahou Tian who fights with nine Chinese characters is dead. Today my grandfather asked me to be careful, saying that there may be trouble recently, and Grandpa said, I will solve this by myself."

     "How can this be, you a little girl who just turned ten years old, what do you solve ah." Murong Weiwei said loudly.

     "Sister, don't get excited, this jade pendant is very difficult. If any of us has something, Elder Brother Huai will know the first time. Maybe Elder Brother Huai also knows that something happened to Xiahou Tian." Nangong Lingmo whispered. "I can even be sure that the affairs of Xiahou Tian are related to Elder Brother Huai."

     "Then Elder Brother Huai will be in trouble too?" Murong Weiwei asked with a trace of worry. She knew the details of Nangong Lingmo, a member of the Huaxia special ability group. Such strength would be troublesome, and she couldn't help being Guo Huai. Worried."If Elder Brother Huai is really sister Yu'er (Jade)'s senior brother, then you don't have to worry about Weiwei sister. It is estimated that the entire special ability group can beat Elder Brother Huai by no more than one hand." Nangong Lingmo Said, "I have a bad feeling, they will come to me first."

     "Don't you need to call Elder Brother Huai or Yu'er (Jade), you have some kind of help when you are together." Murong Weiwei whispered, "Or I call my dad and ask him to send someone to protect you. "

     "Xiahou Tian's death has nothing to do with my dime. It comes here. If you can say it clearly, you can say it clearly. If you don't know it, you can beat it. If you can't win, I will run away. I still don't believe it. The problem at hand." Nangong Lingmo said with his head held high.

     "Let me call Elder Brother Huai and see what he says." After speaking, Murong Weiwei dialed the phone and told Guo Huai what Nangong Lingmo had said.

     "Let Little Lingmo answer the phone." Guo Huai said with a smile. "Girl, no matter who troubles you, you just push everything to me. Let them come to me if you have anything to do. If they dare to do it, they will be beaten if they can beat it. If they can't beat it, they will run away. The old house looks for Yu'er (Jade), and Yu'er (Jade) will do it for you.""I know Elder Brother Huai, but you should also be careful. My grandfather said, this time the person sent by Xiahou's family is an Innate mid-stage master, which is very unusual." Nangong Lingmo whispered.

     "Don't worry, don't tell the other sisters about this, lest they worry, Master Innate won't act on them. The medical clinic will open next Saturday. When you come, I will tell you in detail." Guo Huai asked Said, and then chatted with Murong Weiwei for a while, and the two hung up.

     "There are fewer people, I will hang up the sign first." Guo Huai stood in front of the Clinic of No Treatment and said with a smile.

     The driver of the big car has been escorted away by Guo Huai. He walked into the car, reached out and touched the signboard, then took out seven jade plaques, placed them on top of the signboard, set up a floating formation against the signboard, and then slowly The sign was moved out of the car, slowly raised and hung above the gate.

     "Clinic of No Treatment! Haha, Lao Tzu’s medical clinic, healing and saving people, is of great merit. If Xiaoye has a chance to ascend to the Heaven Realm in the future, Nine Tribulations Thunder will not be able to deal with me, haha." Guo Huai said with a smile, "but Yu'er (Jade) and I cannot do the opening of the medical center. I have to recruit some people. I don’t want to go home first, go home."

     "Forty thousand." Before entering the gate, Guo Huai heard Yu'er (Jade)'s voice.

     "Hu, Xiaoyu, you are so lucky today." A woman from the family said with a smile."Sister, I have been busy with the renovation of the hospital recently. Maybe we haven't had a good rest. Or let's go here today and play again another day." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile.

     "Just leave business matters to your family Guo Huai. The woman just stays at home." The woman opposite said with a smile while counting the money. "Your medical clinic is open. I have already told our family. Go over and take a look at that time, and I will go too.

     "Several sisters, all are ah." Guo Huai smiled and walked in from the outside, "have been busy for a day, but I'm not greeted ah."

     "Little Huai, you have to accompany your daughter-in-law if you are busy. When you come back, we will leave first. When your medical clinic opens, we will all go and listen to Yu'er (Jade) saying that your clinic will sell some Chinese medicine with good beauty effect will be cheaper for us at that time.” The woman next door said with a smile.

     "What is cheap and not cheap? I happened to have three of them today, sisters, one for each, you try the effect, just take it here, if there is anything, I can deal with it in time." Guo Huai said with a smile. Four emerald green pills were taken out of the body and placed in front of the four.

     "Little Huai, eat this directly?" the woman asked hesitantly."Sisters, don't worry, there will be nothing wrong. I can assure you. Look, this is my medical certificate." Then Guo Huai took out his medical certificate.

     "You don't eat me, I believe in Yu'er (Jade) and Little Huai." The woman named Chu Hong took the medicine and put it into her mouth.
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