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Chapter Directory 113 Fighting Doctor Again
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"I have finished decorating the medical hall. I know President Qin Long of the Chinese Medicine Association. The opening of the medical hall on Xinglin Street is definitely going to open. I think you can always call to ask President Qin Long." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "You know Old Qin? Then it's easy. I'll call to ask, you guys wait ah." After speaking, Liu Chengang really dialed Qin Long's phone. After a few words of greeting, I saw Liu Chengang looked like a satyr Looking at Guo Huai like a beauty, yes, looking at Guo Huai, not at Yu'er (Jade).

     "My little friend, I thought I would see you next Saturday. I didn't expect to see you today. This is fate, absolute fate ah." Liu Chengang got up from his seat and said loudly while holding Guo Huai.

     "Department Head Liu, calm down. Although I feel good about you, I don’t like men, especially old men, haha." Guo Huai said with a smile, "Since Old Qin has told you, look at this person How to solve the problem."

     "Solve it, solve it immediately. Today you are a coincidence. People with similar medical skills in Traditional Chinese Medicine College are all in the college. Let's go now and we can find them." Liu Chengang said with a smile.

     In fact, Guo Huai didn't know that in a teaching building shared by Traditional Chinese Medicine College and Western Medicine College, a competition between Chinese and Western medicine is being held."Sister Yaoshi, if we lose Western medicine to Chinese medicine today, this medical sage building will be given to you in the Traditional Chinese Medicine College in the future, and our western medicine will no longer be in the foot medicine sacred building." A sunny-looking young man smiled to a face. Said the sweet girl.

     Liu Yaoshi, junior student of Traditional Chinese Medicine College, chairman of the student union, the flower of Traditional Chinese Medicine College, granddaughter of Liu Chengang, dean of Traditional Chinese Medicine College, so many titles have been pressed together on Liu Yaoshi's body. Wucheng University has been opposed to Chinese medicine and western medicine for many years. Basically, all kinds of conflicts occur every year. The principal of Wucheng University has only one word for all kinds of conflicts. There is competition to make progress. Normal competition does not interfere.

     This conflict was provoked by Western medicine. The Medical Sacred Building has always been shared by the Traditional Chinese Medicine College and the two colleges of the Western Medical College. The Western Medical College requested that Chinese medicine should be transferred out of the Medical Sacred Building on the grounds that Western medicine recruits overwhelmingly this year. .

     "Chen Jiadi, let's take the battle doctor. You want to occupy the medical hall. You have a big appetite." Liu Yaoshi said with a smile, "You provoked the doctor battle. We should decide the method of this competition."

     "Two wins in three rounds, you can set two rounds in three rounds, and we will do the remaining round. This is the rule of fighting doctors." Chen Jiadi said with a smile.Liu Yaoshi bit his lip lightly. Since last year, Traditional Chinese Medicine College has only enrolled 73 newborn | freshman, which is far less than the 1,300 people in Western Medical College. There is no one who can really learn the essence of Chinese medicine. Several seniors in the senior year have gone out for internships. Even Liu Yaoshi heard that some seniors have switched to Western medicine, which made her feel that Chinese medicine has failed.

     "Sister Yaoshi, in fact, according to your talents, now you turn to Western medicine, and you can also become an excellent Western medicine doctor. The same is to save the dying, why not choose a better way." Chen Jiadi said with a smile.

     "The same is to save the dead and heal the wounded, but Western medicine treats the symptoms but not the root cause. It is against the nature and harmony. Beautiful sister, it is better for you to continue to stick to Chinese medicine." .

     "Where did the kid come from? Today is Traditional Chinese Medicine College and the Western Medical College fighting doctors. Unrelated personnel please leave." Chen Jiadi hadn't spoken yet, a young man beside him said loudly."Who said that he is an unrelated person? This is our newborn | freshman Guo Huai specially recruited by Traditional Chinese Medicine College this year. He will represent Traditional Chinese Medicine College to participate in this battle of doctors. If he loses, the Medical Holy Building has our Traditional Chinese The students of Medicine College will not take half a step further. If you win, you should understand what your western medical school should do." Liu Chengang said loudly. "Old Liu, I thought you wouldn't come." An old man in a suit standing in the western medical school came out of the crowd and said with a smile. This person is Huang Hanlin, the dean of the Western Medical School, the honorary dean of the Santa Maria School of Medicine of the United States, and the neurosurgery in Western medicine.

     "I have been beaten to the door of my house. If I still don't come out, today is the Medical Sacred Building. I am afraid that my office building will have to change the surname to West tomorrow." Liu Chengang said with a smile. If Guo Huai doesn’t come today, he has actually given up on this fight, because after all, it’s impossible to win the Western Medical College based on Yaoshi’s ability alone. The Medical Sacred Building will be given to them. After all, there are really too few Chinese medicine students.

     But now it’s different. Who is Guo Huai? Those old guys from the Chinese Medicine Association are convinced. Not to mention dealing with a few western medical school students, but you, Huang Hanlin, personally go into battle. Can you win the young man in front of you? Not necessarily."Since you are here, Old Liu, things will be easier to handle today. I don't care what this teenager does. You want him to represent Traditional Chinese Medicine College to participate in this medical fight. According to the medical rules, the loser quickly surrendered to the Medical Saint Building." Huang Hanlin said loudly.

     Confidence, yes, Huang Hanlin has absolute confidence in this doctor's fight. Chen Jiadi, his proud disciple, apart from his lack of experience, he is not as high as the current disciple at the age of twenty. In addition, , A newborn | freshman Cao Qiankun recruited this year, born in a medical family, involved in traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. His father Cao Shengyun and himself are alumni, and he definitely has a hand in western medicine. Since I let my son choose western medicine, he definitely wants to inherit Own mantle.

     "Department Head Liu, please come over." Liu Yaoshi glanced at his grandfather, walked over and pulled him aside. "What is this young man doing? Today is a doctor of fighting. What are you calling such a young man to do? It's already messy enough, can you stop making chaos?"Girl, how sure are you in this fight?" Liu Chengang asked with a smile. "To Chen Jiadi, you won almost five to five, and there are two games left? You always feel that Grandpa doesn't know anything. You are the only student who can get hands on at Traditional Chinese Medicine College, although there are still a few The baby has a good talent, but it is too late to get in touch with Chinese medicine after all. If you rely on a few of you, you will definitely lose in this fight."

     "Guo Huai, I know who this boy is. He is the best literary contestant in Wucheng Subsidiary High School last time. Yes, it is him. It seems he has dropped out." While Liu Chengang was talking with Liu Yaoshi, someone I recognized Guo Huai.

     "Grandpa, can't we do it, you can bring this kid?" Liu Yaoshi glanced at Guo Huai, and asked in a low voice, this young man is not yet his own age, what real skills can he have.
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