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Chapter Directory 115 Frosty
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Shishi girl, do you see the doorway?" Liu Chengang asked softly, "Doctors must be strictly forbidden. There must be no omissions, otherwise there may be accidents."

     "I see, this first game, I lost." Liu Yaoshi stood up and looked at everyone and said softly.

     "Senior Sister admitted." Cao Qiankun said with a smile, and then returned to the camp of the Western Medical College.

     "Good boy, yes, Cao Shengyun's son didn't shame him, haha." Huang Hanlin said with a smile.

     Liu Yaoshi lost, and the entire Traditional Chinese Medicine College suddenly fell silent. The pride of Traditional Chinese Medicine College. Liu Yaoshi lost to a newborn | freshman from a western medical school. This means that Traditional Chinese Medicine College's ownership of the Medical Holy Building is basically Shang has already been handed over to the Western Medical College.

     However, Guo Huai's eyes fell on a girl, Leng Shuang.

     This girl looks very ordinary, and she can't see any advantages to ordinary people, but it is difficult to find her shortcomings. Just when Liu Yaoshi said that she had lost, no one except Guo Huai had any. I felt that at that instant, an ice-like girl had bursts of fighting spirit on her body."We have persisted since our freshman year. We believe in China's five thousand years of civilization. We believe in Chinese medicine. Why do we lose." A junior male student shook his head helplessly. "Is it really wrong to not listen to my father's advice to learn Western medicine?"

     "Sister Shishi has already lost, and our Traditional Chinese Medicine College is about to lose." Another sophomore next to the student said softly, "The Medical Sacred Building still has my things, I'm going to pack things."

     "Students, since I chose Chinese medicine and have been insisting on it for so long, why don't you wait a while? Maybe student Leng Shuang can come back." Guo Huai stretched out his hand to stop the student and said with a smile.

     "Classmates, you are new here. You may not know that Sister Shishi is the number one in Traditional Chinese Medicine College. Everyone admits this. Although Sister Leng Shuang has a strong understanding of all aspects of Chinese medicine, her opponent It's Chen Jiadi, the little doctor of the Western Medical College. Senior Sister Shishi is the most equal to a tie with him. Senior Sister Leng is not his opponent." The student whispered.

     "Yes, and even if you win the second game, can you win the third game? There are many masters in western medical school, and I really lost this time." The junior looked at Guo Huai and said."Leng Shuang will win, and I will also win. If you like Chinese medicine and believe in China's five thousand years of civilization, then please don't leave. Give Chinese medicine a chance, give us a chance, and give yourself a chance." Guo Huai Squinted his eyes and said.

     The two students looked at each other, and the student who was a few years younger than him could say such things. Isn’t that why we chose Traditional Chinese Medicine College? Staying, no matter whether we win or lose, we have to finish the fight. The two students nodded gently and began to appease the other students.

     "Thank you, I will do my best." When Leng Shuang passed by Guo Huai, he whispered to Guo Huai, with a smile on the corner of his mouth. The students of Traditional Chinese Medicine College were taken aback. It turned out that Senior Sister Leng Shuang Smiles so beautifully.

     "Sister Leng Shuang, come on, Chen Jiadi of the Western Medical College is just a paper tiger." A freshman shouted in Traditional Chinese Medicine College, and then there were bursts of laughter at Traditional Chinese Medicine College, which was suppressed just now. The atmosphere suddenly eased.

     "Laugh, I'll see if I win your Leng Shuang senior sister, and see if you can laugh." Chen Jiadi said with squinting eyes."In the second match, there will be four patients. You will diagnose the condition, then prescribe the prescription, and finally tell everyone the basis for the medication, and judge the outcome based on the rationality of the medication." Liu Yaoshi stood between two people. Said in the middle.

     Four patients walked up to Leng Shuang and Chen Jiadi, and the two began to use their own methods to diagnose the condition.

     Although the Traditional Chinese Medicine College laughed just now, but the real competition started, the people at Traditional Chinese Medicine College were not relaxed. They knew that if Leng Shuang loses again, the Medical Shenglou will not be between them and Western medicine. The resources shared by the college, the Medical Sacred Building will only belong to the Western Medicine School.

     "Contact the instructors of each class and plan to arrange for the staff to clean up the Medical Sacred Building. From now on, our classrooms will not be so nervous." Huang Hanlin said with a smile, and he has full confidence in his disciples.

     "Director Liu, I have done it here." For about an hour, Chen Jiadi handed Liu Qingzheng the treatment plan he wrote.

     "Sister Leng hasn't gotten ah." Almost half an hour later, Leng Shuang was still diagnosing the last patient, and he has not written down the medication.

     Liu Chengang walked to the patient, and returned to the place with his brows furrowed for about a minute."Director Liu, I have written three, this fourth patient, I will tell you directly in a moment." Leng Shuang handed the treatment plan written in his hand to Liu Qingzheng.

     "Two deans, let's take a look at the treatment plan written by the two students, and then let them explain to everyone why this is the treatment plan." Liu Qingzheng said with a smile.

     My first patient here suffers from moderate to severe insomnia. Long-term insomnia will bring him other complications. I prescribe the right medicine for an illness. I took some sleep-helpful drugs for treatment in the early stage, and later cooperated with our western medical school. The newly developed physical therapy equipment can recover in almost one week. "Chen Jiadi said, naming the medicines needed, the daily time and quantity one by one, Liu Qingzheng has been nodding his head and asked him to treat this kind of moderate to severe insomnia, which is almost the same way.

     "The patient has moderate to severe insomnia. I prescribed some Chinese medicine for him, combined with moxibustion, and drink a cup of hot milk at night. It will get better in about a month and will recover in about three months." Leng Shuang said softly.

     "Three months, one month on our side will be fine." The student of Western Medical College exclaimed, "Let's admit defeat.""I know all the Western medicines you talk about. Don’t persuade you to use it for one week. After three days of consumption, Western medicine will have varying degrees of impact on the patient’s internal organs. In the slightest, it will affect eating, and in severe cases, it will bring other complications. Do you admit it?" Leng Shuang said softly.

     The student of the Western Medical School could no longer say a word because what Leng Shuang said was indeed true.

     "The traditional Chinese medicine I prescribed to him is based on consolidating the original. After three months, his insomnia will be cured, and the accompanying migraine will also get better. I added it in the prescription... "Lin Shuang explained his prescription again, Liu Chengang smiled, and the little girl in front of him brought him no small surprise.

     "The second patient, I have been diagnosed by laboratory tests, is a viral cold. Oral drug treatment cannot achieve the effect and requires infusion therapy." Chen Jiadi was defeated in the first round, feeling a little unhappy, but he did not refute. Start to introduce the treatment of the second person.

     "The cold cannot be diagnosed. The first prescription is prescribed for the fever. If it does not improve within three days, it is viral. If it is viral, it will be good for a few days. I gave him a second prescription. This prescription is mainly for recovery."
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