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Chapter Directory 134 Then Go To The Chinese Medicine Market
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

On the way there, the faces of a few students turned red. They had thought about it. The Hall Lord really treated He Mo again. Someone said that He Mo had scars on his face when he was in school. I have been wearing a mask. Now that the mask is taken off, it can only explain one problem. Guo Huai cured He Mo.

     "Little Mo, is your face really cured by Guo Huai?" Jia Xiaoxiao, who is also a freshman | freshman, asked softly. She had seen He Mo's face before and was terrified at the time. Now He Mo's face is really good.

     "The master's medical skills are beyond the scope of our understanding, Xiaoxiao, you must cherish this time during Clinic of No Treatment, you will definitely have your name in the history of Chinese medicine in the future." He Mo said with a smile, growing up She has never been so happy that a girl does not love beauty. This is the first time He Mo took off his mask after he was ten years old and talked like a normal person.

     "At first we thought something happened to you." Jia Xiaoxiao said with a blushing face. The other people in the car also bowed their heads. They really misunderstood Guo Huai.

     "The demands on you today are not high. One hundred thousand per person. You should have a general idea about the price of medicinal materials. Go and buy. I hope that what I taught you yesterday is not in vain." Guo Huai said with a smile, "Of course. If I find a good thing and the money is not enough, I still have it, haha.""Boss, those students are here again." Several young people wandering in the parking lot ran into the market, and each reported to several well-connected bosses.

     "Haha, I thought they would have to wait a few days to come again. I didn't expect to come back so soon." Several bosses laughed and said, fat sheep, these students are definitely fat sheep ah.

     "Boss, the color of your Angelica sinensis is not right, is there anyway, don't I have to go to another place to see." Su Tu smiled to the boss at the pharmacy where he suffered a loss last time.

     "Little brother, it was like this last time. You smell this medicine. This color is absolutely authentic." The boss said with a smile.

     "Boss, this is your angelica soaked water. If you dare to drink it, I want all of this bag of angelica." Su Tu said loudly, attracting a merchant who bought medicine to surround the boss.

     "This classmate, let's go into the room and talk." The boss glanced at Su Tu again. That's right. It was this student last time. How come it has changed so much in one night? He didn't dare to drink the water soaked in Angelica, although he did undying people, but it's absolutely uncomfortable to drink into the stomach. In the end, the boss was afraid that Su Tu would tell the drug buyers outside of his store, and honestly filled Su Tu with a large bag of high-quality angelica, and he didn't dare to calculate the price."My fellow, do you have any wild ginseng? I want to make more points." Chen Jiadi came to his "hometown" again and asked with a smile.

     "Brother, come in, it's strangely hot outside. That ginseng is not bad, I have a lot here, you can pick it yourself." After that, the fellow pulled out several large boxes for Chen Jiadi, which were full of ginseng. .

     "Sister, these ginsengs are all nourishing ginseng, is there any better?" Chen Jiadi asked with a smile.

     "Do you want wild ginseng? Okay, wait, I'll get it for you." Then, the woman moved a big bag from the shelf. Inside was her collection over the years. There were more than one hundred ginseng plants. There are only about ten ginsengs, and the others are fraudulent. She is not afraid that the student in front of her will pick it out, because she knows this student's eyesight and just waits to count the money.

     "Sister, these ginsengs are also ten thousand sticks?" Chen Jiadi asked the female boss with a ginseng that was similar to the one he bought last time.

     "Big brother, I really don't make any money with these ten thousand sticks. We are fellow villagers, so I will give you ten thousand sticks. You can choose." The woman said openly.Chen Jiadi smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth, and began to look like plants. It took almost half an hour. When the female boss came back to see Chen Jiadi again, her face was pale. Chen Jiadi had already selected ten ginseng plants, except The first two plants were fake, and all the others were real. They were wild ginseng more than six years old, ten thousand? One hundred thousand can not buy a plant of wild ginseng.

     "My fellow, just these ten plants, the money is ready for you, I have time to come back later." Chen Jiadi said with a smile. Put the money on the table, picked up the ginseng and turned away.

     "Big brother, please wait, you can't go, I won't sell these ginseng." The woman said loudly, crying.

     "I'm not selling it? I drove the recording. I didn't rob you. The money was given to you. If you didn't sell it, you wouldn't sell it?" Chen Jiadi said loudly, "I bought one for 10,000 yuan yesterday. I didn’t say not to buy the 100-worth ginseng. If you say not to sell it, eldest sister today, it doesn’t seem to work."

     Guo Huai heard the quarrel between Chen Jiadi and the woman and walked over with a smile. He knew that Chen Jiadi had come for revenge and succeeded.

     "Big brother, I didn't do the right thing yesterday. I accept it. I will pay you a wild ginseng. You can't take it all away." The woman pulled Chen Jiadi and said loudly."Jiadi, where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them. The boss promised to give you a wild ginseng. Let's forget about this. Let's take a look at other things." Guo Huai said with a smile to Chen Jiadi Chen Jiadi nodded slightly, and the woman bowed deeply in gratitude to Guo Huai.

     "Hall Lord, why don't you let me teach him once." Chen Jiadi followed Guo Huai out of the pharmacy, Chen Jiadi asked in a low voice.

     "The ginseng in her store is not bad, at least they are all ginseng, not the ginseng that has been extracted from the essence, everyone has greed, this person is not too bad, everything is left on the sidelines, and you will meet in the future. Maybe one day you will come here to buy ginseng, and she won't lie to you again." Guo Huai said with a smile, Chen Jiadi nodded slightly, this may be the difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

     For almost an hour, each of the eighteen students bought several bags of Chinese medicine. This time it was very good. Except for a few of them bought some Chinese medicines with mediocre effects, most of the Chinese medicines they bought were of very good quality. Guo Huai was very good. Nodded with satisfaction, and then looked at the pharmacies that these students had visited. The bosses were all blue-faced, originally thinking about making a small profit, but they didn't expect to be slaughtered by these students."Hall Lord, I'm really relieved today. You didn't see it. The boss who sold me medicinal materials yesterday started to see me like a wolf seeing a sheep, as if the money in my pocket had been delivered to him with both hands. Later, his face went dark, and there were other buyers in the store. He just watched me put the good-quality Chinese medicine in his store into my bag, haha." Traditional Chinese Medicine College Lu Feng said with a smile, and the other students also nodded in unison. It seemed that this time he was really out of breath.
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