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Chapter Directory 139 No Medical Hall Opened (4)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

In the next hour, the Clinic of No Treatment really started to lively. After the three elders of Li Family, Jia Family, and Wang Family came, Wucheng officialdom, Wucheng business community, and Wucheng military circles seemed to hear some wind, and Guo People who are not related to the Family gathered in Clinic of No Treatment, which surprised those of the Chinese Medicine Association who were preparing to make trouble. I didn't expect the background of this Clinic of No Treatment to be so deep.

     "No matter who comes, if this Clinic of No Treatment doesn't have any real skills, they can't stretch their hands so long in medical affairs," Dong Kun said softly.

     "Hall Lord, a few students came outside, saying that they are your classmates." Chen Jiadi ran into the room and said with a smile. Today, the opening of Clinic of No Treatment has caused 18 students of Clinic of No Treatment to be treated here. The ability of Hall Lord who was younger than him was suppressed.

     "Haha, I didn't expect them to come too, Dazhu, go and say hello." Guo Huai said with a smile, and Dazhu flew out.

     "Is this Guo Huai really the Hall Lord of this medical center? I don't know who the chief physician of this medical center is. It is definitely not a mortal who can make Traditional Chinese Medicine College and all walks of life pay such attention." Bai Musheng said softly."Xiao Bai, the chief physician of this medical clinic is also Guo Huai. You will know in a while. Guo Huai is not easy. You are all on Xinglin Street. I hope you can communicate and communicate more and let Chinese medicine revitalize Xiongfeng." Lin Changtian said softly, this time the white screen student was completely shocked. The chief of this medical clinic is also this kid. It seems that you really have to take a good look. I hope that some patients will come to the opening today, otherwise the joke of the opening will be big.

     "Guo Huai, everyone is almost over. You said that today we will treat ten people, but we are on the list." It was Xiao Yuntian, the head of Baji Beng, who he brought this time. The old man is his senior. He was assassinated when he exchanged martial arts in R country 30 years ago. He has been haunted by Yin Poison | sinister for 30 years. I hope Guo Huai can heal him this time.

     "I don't know who needs treatment for Bajibeng. Our Western Medical Association hopes to see the patient before the Clinic of No Treatment." Dong Kun said with a smile. He knew that the highlight is coming, and you come here with great fanfare. Treatment, mostly for Clinic of No Treatment, is nothing more than finding someone who doesn't have any major problems for them to treat and give them momentum."Your name is Dong Kun, and you are the vice president of the Western Medicine Association. I saw you when I went to the Western Medicine Association. I don’t think you need your Western Medicine Association to see my illness. At that time, Liu Xiongfeng had nothing to do. Is it famous?" The old man sitting next to Xiao Yuntian slowly stood up, a powerful pressure appeared in the whole room, making Dong Kun a little breathless. At this time, he also discovered that the old man himself was in front of him. I have indeed seen it.

     "Baji collapses Xiao Feiyang. No wonder I am familiar with it. It turned out to be the martial arts master Xiao Brother ah." Li Doutian said with a smile, "Back then, Xiao Brother beat the seven masters of ninjutsu in R country, Yang Huaxia Xiongfeng, I still remember ah. . "

     "Brother Li joked. I recognized Brother Li just now, but today is the day when the medical center opens. Let's have a good chat later." Xiao Feiyang said with a smile.

     "It turns out to be the predecessors of Bajibeng. It’s okay to let these people from the Western Medicine Association show you what they mean. We all understand what they mean. Our Chinese medicine is innocent, and you are innocent, predecessors. I want them to convince them. "Guo Huai said loudly, standing in front of the crowd.

     "Okay, it's all about paying attention to the old man having a dude grandson. I think many people in Wucheng are blind, haha." Xiao Feiyang said with a smile, "Dong Kun, since you want to help the old man take a look again, let's take a look. Look."Dong Kun gritted his teeth and went up. I was going to see what the disease was. Our Western Medical Association couldn't fix it.

     The Western Medicine Association came with preparations this time, and the equipment was complete. In about fifteen minutes, the faces of Dong Kun and the members of the Yigan Western Medicine Association changed.

     "Old Xiao, your body, your body..." Dong Kun didn't know what to say, he couldn't imagine that he was so seriously injured that he could stand in front of him instead of being filled with pipes. Wait to die.

     "About half of the meridians of my body are completely split. Yin Poison | sinister has already entered the heart. If I hadn't used my inner strength to protect the heart, I would have died." Xiao Feiyang said with a smile, "Use you In the words of Western medicine, it is a myocardial atrophy and a clogged aorta, something that cannot be cured."

     "Old Xiao, we can't treat your illness." Dong Kun said softly. If it can't be cured, it can't be cured. There is no medicine in Western medicine that can deal with such a large area of necrosis, and he does not believe that Chinese medicine can deal with it."Then let little friend Guo Huai take a look for me now." Xiao Feiyang said with a smile. He has given no hope. For so many years, he has been attacked by Yin Poison | sinister. When it rains on a cloudy day, he always I was so painful, but a few days ago, when my younger brother Xiao Yuntian came back from the outside, his dark illness recovered unexpectedly, let him have a surprise, and let him once again see the hope of his recovery, and even said that he did not need to be completely cured to make him. Alleviate a bit of illness, and after a few years, he will be satisfied.

     Guo Huai stepped forward and put three fingers of his right hand on Xiao Feiyang’s wrist, his face began to become serious. He did not expect that the meridians of the old man in front of him would be infringed by Yin Poison | sinister to such a degree that he could endure the torture for many years. , The mind is strong enough ah.

     "My little friend, how? Don't force me, I know my body, I didn't hold much hope." Xiao Feiyang looked at Guo Huai's increasingly solemn expression and said in a low voice.

     "The poison has entered the bone marrow, and all the organs of your body have been eroded by Yin Poison | sinister. It is like soaking a piece of wood in wine. The wood itself is all wine. Ordinary application of medicine can't remove Yin Poison | Sinister forced out." Guo Huai said softly, "Senior Xiao has been able to endure so many years, I admire him.""Does it make sense to say so much? Just say there is no way, the little Hall Lord Guo is playing high, and he actually made Baji Bengxiao come forward. Haha, Chinese medicine is really good enough." Dong Kun said loudly. Said.

     "Dong Kun, right? Chinese medicine is really powerful. I can solve the poison of old Xiao Xiao. What are you doing so excited." Guo Huai squinted at Dong Kun and the other seven Western Medicine Association members and said with a smile.

     "If you can solve the poison on Xiao Xiao's body, old man, I will worship you as a teacher and learn Chinese medicine from you." Dong Kun shouted, he didn't believe it, how could he not believe that a 16 or 7-year-old kid, unexpectedly Dare to say that the poison that can cure Xiao Feiyang, that poison has entered the bone marrow, can you still cut the scriptures and cleanse the marrow.

     "Apprenticeship is exempted. I have a principle in accepting apprentices. You can see, this girl is my apprentice, so she is more pleasing to your eyes." Guo Huai pointed at He Mo and said with a smile.
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