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Chapter Directory 147 No Medical Hall Opened (12)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Thank you, Brother Yishui, for coming to join us today. I think my brother should be very moisturized recently. I don't know what is going on here." Guo Huai said with squinting eyes.

     "My cousin, my cousin is not in good health recently. I heard that my brother opened a medical clinic. Today, I will take advantage of your medical clinic to open and let my cousin come and have a look." As he said, Han Yishui pulled up from his seat. That girl, a girl with dyed red hair.

     "Sister Hong, don't get bored with your brother-in-law, let your brother-in-law come over." Guo Huai said to Chu Hong. He knew that Chu Hong's brother-in-law was the deputy director of Wucheng Public Security Bureau and was responsible for the security work on Xinglin Street.

     When Chu Hong’s husband Qiao Dazhi heard Guo Huai calling him, he quickly walked over from his seat, not to mention the free medicine Guo Huai gave to his wife, but the relationship between Guo Huai and Wucheng Wang’s Li Family, he had to listen carefully. This little master.

     "Brother-in-law, look at this girl, I think you know better than me what is going on with her." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "I'm Dazhi Qiao. I'm in Clinic of No Treatment at No. 388 Xinglin Street. Yes, you guys come here right away and call your colleagues from the detoxification department to come over, right away." Dazhi Qiao saw what was going on with this girl at a glance. Long-term drug injection, it would be better not to be like this."This is the girl's cousin. I can take it away together." Guo Huai said with a smile, "But since this girl can enter my Clinic of No Treatment, I think her disease, I can't ignore it. "Guo Huai mind reading fell on the girl, only to find that this girl is also a poor person, since I came to my Clinic of No Treatment, please save it.

     "Brother, there is no need to provoke a commotion because of this incident. She was caused by long-term drug use, and ordinary drugs can't be controlled at all. I think it's better to wait for a while, I'll take her directly to the bureau." Qiao Dazhi said quietly.

     "Healers’ parents, since this girl is not a member of our Clinic of No Treatment, when I come to my Clinic of No Treatment, I have an obligation to help her, brother-in-law, you go back and do it first, your people come here. It will take some time. During this period of time, let me cure her and bring her to the bureau. You can ask what you ask." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     The girl heard the conversation between the two and opened her eyes slowly. She looked at the boy in front of her. She seemed to have known each other. But what she cared more about was what Guo Huai said. If she can stop herself from committing drugs, the girl can really agree. Guo Huai Anything."I know you can hear me, and I can tell you responsibly that your time is running out." Guo Huai whispered in the girl's ear, "but I can't let you die in Clinic of No Treatment Here, because you shouldn’t die like this.” With that, Guo Huai took out a pill from his body, and several Innate Martial Cultivators in the front row all stood up. The 9-Color Pill medicine turned out to be The legendary 9-Color Pill medicine, what is the origin of Guo Huai, and how could there be such a thing.

     Yes, even with Guo Huai’s current level, it is impossible to refine 9-Color Pill medicine. On the earth, no one can refine such a heavenly pill, but Guo Huai has such a medicine. Because he has a gourd, Laojun gourd.

     Guo Huai didn’t care about other people’s expressions, and gently stuffed the pill into the girl’s mouth. After a while, the girl’s complexion began to become rosy, and her body, which had immediately lost its vitality, began to be full of energy. The girl carefully looked at the rescue. Her own man, her heartfelt gratitude made her kneel and knocked three times at Guo Huai. A peculiar gratitude poured into Guo Huai's body. It turned out that a person would bring so much merit to himself."This, this is impossible. Brother Long said that she would die at Clinic of No Treatment. How could this be possible." Han Yishui was most surprised because he knew the girl's condition. Heilong gave her an injection when he brought her here. , Thinking of the injection, Han Yishui's scalp was numb, and he began to worry that this girl could not make it into the Clinic of No Treatment. The girl who didn't think about it now stood in front of him, looking with a chilling look By yourself.

     "Brother, I have to take this girl away." Qiao Dazhi whispered in Guo Huai's ear.

     "I'm just the doctor of Clinic of No Treatment. You don't need to tell me about this, but I believe that this girl is innocent. I hope that the Wucheng police can restore the truth this time, and don't let a bad person go, and don't wrong a good person." Guo Huai said softly.

     "Xiao Qiao, I want you to make this matter public throughout the whole process and let the citizens of Wucheng City supervise it. If there is any resistance, come to me directly. You must check this matter as the water recedes, the rocks appear." Wang Yongjin who has not spoken aloud He said, "If necessary, you need someone to find General Li Tiandou. I want to unite with the army this time to completely eradicate the malignant tumor in Wucheng City." After Wang Yongjin finished speaking, Li Tiandou nodded slightly, and thunderous applause rang out from the room. , Han Yishui squatted down on the ground, he knew that he was finished, the Black Dragon was also finished, and Wucheng Paradise was also finished.There was such an episode of Xiaoxiao. Guo Huai helped a doctor on Xinglin Street fix the crooked mouth that had troubled him for many years, and made the doctor shed tears of gratitude. Guo Huai just smiled because he felt that he had been monitoring his Xiahou recently. The breath of several people in the family became clearer and clearer, and he knew that the trouble was coming again.

     "Hall Lord Guo, you should still know me." Hu Bubai directly appeared in front of everyone after Guo Huai got the doctor on Xinglin Street.

     "Hu Bubai." Guo Huai said with a smile, "I know what you want to do, but I advise you to go. Look at the six non-medicines. If you are in the six non-medicines, I will not heal you."

     "I'm afraid that I won't be cured." Hu Bubai was taken aback first, then said with a sneer.

     "Exciting general method is useless to me." Guo Huai said with a smile. Hu Bubai only knew at this time. It turned out that he had carefully prepared for these few days, but others did not put himself in his eyes. Hu Bubai touched his pocket. With the poison and antidote left behind, I walked out of the Clinic of No Treatment with a flushed face.

     "Doctor, I came in only when I was passing by to see a lot of people. It was our Xinglin Avenue sweeping the street. My back hurts badly recently. I don't know if I can help me see it." An elderly man dressed as a sanitation officer asked softly, obviously Shocked by such a big battle.Guo Huai looked at the old man, nodded lightly, and reached out to touch the old man’s back. The old man’s back pain is not a big problem. It’s just some of the roots of the disease that fell when he was young. He prescribed a prescription and asked Li Yu. The old man’s medicine money is a symbolic one yuan. Then he looked at the door. The Xiahou family should have appeared. If I don’t come now, the opening of my medical hall will be finished.
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