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Chapter Directory 150 Do Men Like Big Ones?
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Sister Liu Yan? It's been another month. I should have come to ask me for a pill." Guo Huai said with a smile, thinking about the phone number Liu Yan left for him that day, and called.

     "Little Brother Huai, although my sister is a few years older than you, she is not as young and beautiful as the love sisters around you, but you don't have to answer my call." Liu Yan saw Guo Huai's call with a trace Said shyly.

     "Cough cough, my sister laughed. Actually, I like older people, but I don't think my sister would like a kid like me." Guo Huai said jokingly, "If my sister has time tonight, it's better to meet Let's talk."

     "Okay, let's meet and talk. I will go to see you at night and have dinner at Clinic of No Treatment. I heard that your meals at Clinic of No Treatment are very good." Liu Yan said loudly.

     "I was thinking of meeting my sister for dinner alone, since you want to come to Clinic of No Treatment, then come." Guo Huai said, Liu Yan on the other end of the phone was blushing, yeah, he asked me for dinner, why am I doing this Silly, no, I have to dress more beautifully tonight, thinking that Liu Yan went home straight from the auction, eating and flying."Yaoshi, let’s not say that my brother didn’t tell you. Tonight, Liu Yan will come to our hospital for dinner. He should be dressed very beautifully. You, Leng Shuang and He Mo will dress up well and compare her to save her. Always hit Hall Lord’s idea.” Chen Jiadi heard the conversation between the two when Guo Huai called, and then told Liu Yaoshi who was studying Chinese medicine.

     "Come here, she's a guest. We are the owners of Clinic of No Treatment. We are not the same. We don't have to compare with her." Although Liu Yaoshi said so, he thought to himself that he had to change after get off work. beautiful clothes.

     Yu'er (Jade) was originally carried in Guo Family’s old house, but recently I can’t stay free. It took Little Lingmo three days to figure out what happened to the Ground-Shrinking Ruler. He was pestering Guo Huai. Tell her more about the usage of Ground-Shrinking Ruler, Guo Huai dare not teach Nangong Lingmo too many things. This little lady can do everything. She asked others to do a lot of things about wiping her ass. I don't want to wipe people's ass, so I just ask Nangong Lingmo to find Yu'er (Jade).

     "Lingmo, you have been here for a week. Generally, you don't need this Ground-Shrinking Ruler. You should go back to school." Yu'er (Jade) was able to teach Nangong Lingmo some ground at the beginning. -Shrinking Ruler usage, but later this little girl's behavior made her unbearable."Sister, it turns out that you are taking a shower, so I'm leaving now. By the way, sister, do men like big breasts." Little Lingmo looked at Yu'er (Jade) and said, embarrassing Yu'er (Jade) His face flushed.

     "Sister, why can I always come here easily every time I want to come to you? It’s always hard to go to other places." At ten o’clock in the evening, Yu'er (Jade) who likes to sleep naked just took off his clothes and Little Lingmo appeared again In her room. "What are you doing while holding your hands? They are all women. I have everything you have, but sister, you are really white, but whose tooth mark is on your shoulder, can you bite your shoulder?" After finishing speaking, I left in the house. With Yu'er (Jade) flushed, Little Lingmo giggled outside the house.

     "Ah! Lingmo, go out ah." Jia Xiaoxiao screamed in the women's toilet of Clinic of No Treatment, think about it, a girl is going to the toilet, suddenly there is an extra person in the toilet, so everyone is not afraid ah.

     "Sister, what are you calling, I'm not that good, haha." After speaking, Yu'er (Jade) disappeared in the house.

     The students of Clinic of No Treatment know that Nangong Lingmo is a person with special ability. Although they are not surprised by this girl's actions, they are still frightened by Lingmo's sudden appearance."Receive!" Guo Huai saw that Nangong Lingmo was able to play the Ground-Shrinking Ruler in all kinds of tricks, and yelled helplessly. The really hilarious Nangong Lingmo that was originally playing suddenly felt the Ground-Shrinking Ruler and his The silk connection disappeared. Then the whole body was on guard, but looking around, no one was found, but the Ground-Shrinking Ruler was gone.

     "Elder Brother Huai, it's okay, something big happened, come out quickly." Nangong Lingmo shouted at the Clinic of No Treatment, Guo Huai walked out with the Ground-Shrinking Ruler in his hand, Nangong Lingmo's eyes glowed the same Looking at the Ground-Shrinking Ruler, he said in an extremely crooked voice: "Elder Brother Huai, I won't use it indiscriminately in the future, please return the things to me."

     "Go back to school and stay there. The few books I gave you look good, and in a few months the special ability martial arts will begin, I don't want you to die there." Guo Huai is serious Said.

     "I know, I'll go back right away." With that, Nangong Lingmo snatched the Ground-Shrinking Ruler and ran away.

     "It's been a month. I have to go to Imperial Capital Gu Family next month. Lin Shuang's affairs are about to be settled." Guo Huai thought for a while. He has been in Clinic of No Treatment for a month. Several students have made great progress. Hurry up, especially He Mo, she can't be troubled by general problems, and the ghost doctor 13 needles will have to wait for Imperial Capital to come back.Clinic of No Treatment has a lot of patients every day. Many people in Wucheng City know that Clinic of No Treatment can not only cure some difficult and complicated diseases, but also get some headaches and fevers with a pair of traditional Chinese medicine. Compared with western medicine, there are no side effects. , The charges are also very cheap, which is very popular.

     At 5:30 in the afternoon, the lantern in front of Clinic of No Treatment was lighted up. At first, people came to the clinic after the lantern was on. But now, except for some emergency departments, everyone will not disturb Clinic of No Treatment because they know that Clinic of No Treatment The lantern of No Treatment is lit, and it is Hall Lord who is going to give a lecture to the employees. It is impolite to disturb them now.

     "Su Tu, I looked at the prescription you prescribed today. There are a lot of ginseng in it. It's not that we Clinic of No Treatment cares about those ginseng, but if the amount is large, it may not be able to achieve the desired effect." Guo Huai laughed Said.

     "Jiadi, I was able to figure out the heart pulse today. It's not bad. I sent you a pack of eggs. Such a gift should be accepted. It is a happy event, haha." Guo Huai said with a smile, Chen Jiadi flushed. A few days ago, I said that I was fluent and smooth like a rolling ball. I didn’t expect Chen Jiadi to meet today. Guo Huai went back to the clinic. I didn’t expect Chen Jiadi to get it right. It made a young couple excited and sent it Chen Jiadi didn't accept a packet of eggs. Guo Huai finally let him accept it. This is merit. What can't be accepted."He Mo, the needle is much more stable than last week. Remember that the 13 needles can continue to be used, but you must pay attention to this degree. If the doctor cannot guarantee his own safety, how can he help more people? "Guo Huai said with a smile looking at He Mo. Then they commented on the work of other students on this day one by one. Li Yu felt that this time of the day was the happiest time, because every day would be something.

     "After get off work, the Bubai Medical Hall has been completely renovated. From now on, it will be the staff dormitory of Clinic of No Treatment. You don't have to go to the hotel to stay." Guo Huai said with a smile, "You can handle the room matters yourself, boys and girls Living separately, Uncle Zhou and I are going to cook dinner and have dinner together later."

     "Hall Lord, you forgot to say one thing, the beauty Liu Yan from that auction will come to eat soon, he he." Chen Jiadi said loudly, Guo Huai nodded gently, he was overheard by someone, could it? Doesn't Chen Jiadi know this? This is a big sin, a big sin.
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