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Chapter Directory 154 Hundreds Of Millions
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

The plane was not late and took off normally. The weightlessness of the takeoff made Guo Huai feel a little bit of discomfort, but it soon recovered.

     "Cousin, I'm going home in more than an hour, and my brother-in-law is so true. He went back early by himself. Hey, go back and see my aunt to clean him up." The girl said with a smile.

     "Mei'er, don't tell your mother that Tengfei may be in a hurry, otherwise he won't be anxious and go back early." The pregnant woman said with a smile, "The child is fine. "

     "Cousin, you can tolerate people like Xuanyuan Tengfei, hey, I won't say anything." Hu Mei'er sighed and said, "Cousin, look at the person who changed your position. He is so handsome. He is more handsome than brother-in-law. too much."

     "You nympho." The pregnant woman smiled, not talking."Ladies and gentlemen: You are welcome to take China Airlines flight 1661 from Wucheng to Imperial Capital. The flight distance of this flight is 2033KM, and the estimated air flight time is 1 hour 48 minutes. In order to ensure the normal operation of the aircraft navigation and communication system, Please do not use portable mobile gadgets during take-off and descent of the plane. Please do not use electronic devices such as mobile phones, electronic game consoles, and audio receivers during the entire voyage. Please sit down, fasten your seat belts, and put away your seat Chair back and small table. Please confirm whether your hand-carried items are properly placed in the overhead luggage rack or under the seat. I am the captain of this flight, Wang Xue, if you need any assistance, please inform the flight attendant Personnel. We will be happy to provide you with timely and thoughtful service." A nine-headed beauty stood at the front of the plane and smiled to everyone.

     "Yu'er (Jade) is a good plane ticket. At least the captain and stewardess are pretty good." Guo Huai said with a smile, his own voice is very small, but a strong man next to him heard it.

     "My little brother also went to Imperial Capital? I didn't see you with your luggage, are you going to travel?" The strong man said with a smile, but when Guo Huai's mind reading fell on the strong man, Guo Huai shook his head helplessly , Grandma's, I can't fly a few times in my life, and I didn't expect to encounter such a thing once."Cousin, I have seen a report before that the probability of a pregnant woman having a boy on an airplane is three times that of a girl, but the probability of a pregnant woman having a baby on an airplane is 1 in 3 million." Hu Mei'er smiled. Said.

     "Also, the probability of a person having a hijacking time on an airplane in their lifetime is about the same as winning the first prize in the lottery, he he." Hu Mei'er's words made the brawny man beside Guo Huai laugh.

     "Beauty, the probability of encountering a hijacking and a pregnant woman's childbirth on the plane at the same time is almost one in several hundred million." A young man with glasses behind the strong man said with a smile.

     Guo Huai turned his head to look at the young man, and said in his heart that the voice was not good, what did this Hu Mei'er say is not good, but what did he say about giving birth on a plane? He also encountered such a pervert.

     "Captain Wang Xue, let me use your microphone." The young man stood up and said with a smile.

     "This passenger, please sit down. I don't know what you want to do with the microphone." Wang Xue said with a smile.

     "Bang bang bang! Sorry, I don’t like to explain anything to people. Can the microphone be given to me?" The young man still kept smiling, "Don’t contact the ground anymore. I now announce that you have won the jackpot because we hijacked the plane. "The young man glanced at Hu Mei'er and said."Brother Yang, the cockpit has been controlled by us, and all the security personnel have taken care of it." A man in a black suit at the tail of the plane said with a smile.

     "I just wanted to hijack the plane for fun, but I heard a more creative idea just now. I think hijacking is really meaningless, I'm really out." The young man's eyes fell on the pregnant woman, and Guo Huai shook helplessly. After shaking his head, this young man is definitely the most abnormal person he has ever seen since his arrival in Mortal World.

     "I have won the lottery first prize many times. Now I need to gamble with everyone here. Will this pregnant woman give birth to a boy or a girl? If you get the answer right, you only need to give me 10 million each. , I promise you undying, if you guess wrong, sorry, I don’t want your money." The young man said with a smile.

     "Brother Yang, your gambling is good, I also want to participate, I bet it is a boy, one hundred million." A young man of the same age said loudly.

     "Doctor, if there is a doctor on the plane, it doesn't matter if there isn't, I think I have a way to know whether the child in this beautiful woman's belly is a boy or a girl." As he said, the young man had a silver knife in his hand.

     "Youth, we give you the money, let us go, you will be retributed if you do this." An old man sitting in the front row couldn't help but said."Bang!" The old man's eyebrows were shot, "I'm sorry, there is a fire, do you have any other good suggestions? I forgot to tell everyone, my name is Lu Xieyang, it seems that your Huaxia police have been looking for me for a long time, and my life is pretty good. The valuables have already offered a reward of 10 billion. You can also take a gamble. This 10 billion is very tempting." The young man said with a smile, "If there is no doctor, I will come by myself."

     Hu Mei'er was completely frightened, she didn't expect that a word of her would bring disaster to her cousin.

     "Friend, I know some medical skills. I think I can make the child give birth smoothly. I don't know if I can try it." Guo Huai got up and stood up and said with a smile.

     "Haha, young man, I like it, I like people who dare to challenge, go, I hope you can handle it, haha." Lu Xieyang said with a smile.

     "There are 13 robbers in total. This Lu Xieyang is in the late Innate stage, and all the others are in the Innate stage. Why didn’t I find out at first, grandma’s, I can’t handle 13 people at once. If their gun goes wrong, they will be injured. It's better to say that if I break the plane, I will really die." Guo Huai secretly analyzed in his heart.

     "Boy, I didn't see it, he was a doctor in Armani, haha." The brawny man sitting next to Guo Huai just said with a smile."Girl, are you nervous?" Guo Huai looked at Hu Mei'er with tears in his eyes and said softly, "I need you to believe me, this child has enough days in my belly, and I have a special way of giving birth to the child, hope You can cooperate with me." Guo Huai looked at the pregnant woman and Hu Mei'er said.

     "I forgot to introduce it. My name is Guo Huai. I am the Hall Lord of Clinic of No Treatment. We are very fate. You went to find me and didn't find it. We met on the plane." Guo Huai said with a smile, trying his best to calm down The mood of the pregnant woman.

     "Your name is Hu Mei'er, what is this sister's name?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

     "Xuē Duo." The pregnant woman said softly. When she heard Guo Huai say that she was the Hall Lord of Clinic of No Treatment, she looked at Guo Huai several times in disbelief. If this is the case, it doesn't matter if she is dead, I hope to keep it. Own child.
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