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Chapter Directory 156 Hijacking Incident (2)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

The people on the plane held their breath, because the birth of the child was not only a bet between Guo Huai and Lu Xieyang, but also involved many people on the plane.

     "Interesting, it seems that I might lose ah this time." Lu Xieyang said with squinting eyes. Guo Huai would not care about him, because the needle method he used on Xuē Duo this time is called the reincarnation five element needle. The loss is very large, what he is looking forward to now is that this Yang brother can abide by their agreement.

     "Wow." There was a cry in the cabin, and Hu Mei'er couldn't imagine that his cousin actually produced on the plane.

     "Don't move, there is an umbilical cord." Guo Huai looked at Hu Mei'er a little excited, with a knife everywhere in his hand, quickly cutting the umbilical cord, and then tied a summary that he thought was perfect.

     "Cousin, it's a boy. There is really a mole behind the ear. Hall Lord Guo is really amazing." Hu Mei'er said loudly, to his cousin and to other people in the cabin.

     "Don't get excited, there is a little guy inside." As he said, Guo Huai touched Xuē Duo's belly. Xuē Duo felt tight, and there were waves of children's crying.

     "Girl, it's really a girl, Hall Lord Guo guessed it right." Hu Mei'er said loudly, and the hanging hearts of some daughters with children in the cabin finally fell."Haha, good, interesting, really interesting." Lu Xieyang laughed and said, "Boy, you are the first person to let me lose a bet in the past three years. What do you think I should do."

     "There are still so many people on the plane, we can continue to bet until you win." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Talk about it, how else can you gamble?" Lu Xieyang said with a gloomy face.

     "Brother Yang, why don't you forget it, let us go today, find a place to land the plane, how happy you are, you will continue to be happy, I am just a Xiaoxiao doctor, we will go our own way." Guo Huai mind reading fell on Lu Xieyang, and he couldn't help breaking out in a cold sweat. This guy is a complete pervert.

     "This kid can't stay, everyone on this plane can't stay, I lose, OK, then go to death." Lu Xieyang's thoughts appeared in Guo Huai's mind.

     "I have thirteen bullets in this gun. Why don't you play like this. I shoot and you hide. If you hide, I will let you go. If you can't hide, everyone on the plane will die. "Lu Xieyang said with a smirk, "It's fun, haha.""Youth, where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them, I advise the youth, let's forget it, this little friend has given you enough face." Just when Guo Huai wants to deal with this perversion , The voice of an old man rang.

     Dressed in a robe, with a child by his side, Guo Huai noticed the old man when he got on the plane, but he didn't observe carefully. He just thought that the child around the old man was very interesting. The three souls and seven souls are missing one soul. This is not surprising, but The lost soul seemed to be replaced by something. I thought about getting off the plane and asking carefully, but I didn't expect that the old man turned out to be a master of Innate's later stage.

     "Old guy, there is no reason for you to talk about the matter of Brother Yang. He is looking for death. Boom! Boom!" A big man shot the old man three times.

     "It seems that I am better at avoiding bullets." The old man said with a smile, taking the first bullet, and the remaining two were caught in his hands.

     "I really didn't find out. It turns out that today on this plane is a hidden dragon, crouching tiger ah." Lu Xieyang's expression is even more ugly. Looking at the old man, the hand that Innate showed just now, if he prepared in advance, maybe It can be done, but the old man's gun was shot suddenly, and the old man who didn't expect it still caught two bullets."He he, young man, let's just forget it, I just saw that there are a lot of parachutes on the plane, anyway, you are looking for excitement, so why don't you just jump down."

     "Old man, you can follow the bullets shot by one person. I don't want a dozen guns to undying you." A young man behind Lu Xieyang said with a gloomy face.

     "Fourteen people, seniors, you deal with ten and leave the other four to me, how about." Guo Huai stopped Xuē Duo's blood at this time, and both children wrapped up, standing up and talking.

     "My little friend, you mean to bully the old man in this way. There are seven for one person. When you get off the plane, the old man invites you to drink, how about." The old man said with a smile.

     "Ten of you, four of me, waiting to get off the plane, I will help you handle your little apprentice, how about it?" Guo Huai said with a smile.

     The old man smiled and nodded. He and Guo Huai both looked at Lu Xieyang at the same time. Lu Xieyang's face changed completely at this time. Fourteen of them are Innate masters. They are already in the late stage of Innate, but it is good to meet Interpol. , Or the police force of any other country, can retreat completely. I didn’t expect that this time I encountered a stubborn stubble. If the old man is a master, Lu Xieyang believes, but it is hard for him to believe that Guo Huai is also a master. Still a master who can be one enemy four."Two of us, we put a time bomb on the plane. If you two want to deal with us, just do it directly. There are so many people on the plane to be buried, and you two masters. Lu Xieyang, I think this is worth it, haha "Perversion is perversion, Guo Huai couldn't help but think.

     "There is one under the dining car, two toilets, one in the driver's cab, and one under my seat just now, Brother Yang, in fact, we had a good bet just now. How can you say nothing if you didn't think about it." Such an Innate master's cooperation, Guo Huai's confidence came up.

     "Lao San, go and remove all the bombs and prepare for parachuting." Lu Xieyang said loudly, regardless of whether Guo Huai and the old man would take action. Guo Huai and the old man smiled at each other. This solution is the best. Killing is simple, but once these desperadoes go crazy, they are afraid that other people on the plane will also be implicated.

     "Two, the green hills will not change, the green water will flow long. When I have a chance, I will return the two of them to me today." Lu Xieyang looked at Guo Huai and the old man and said loudly.

     "Mt. Shù seven ghosts’ apprentices, those old guys of Mt. Shù are still alive, you bring them a sentence saying that I met Daoist Bu Er on the plane, saying that I have time to go back to Mt. Shù to meet the next few , Haha." The old man said with a smile.

     "You are Mt. Shǔ Daoist Bu Er? The kid admits it." After speaking, Lu Xieyang flew off the plane."Killing people in front of me, and all left alive, tell me I'm too shameless." The old man looked at the parachute floating in the air, a stone-like object was thrown down, and seven of the fourteen parachutes were instantly stained. Became red.
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