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Chapter Directory 167 Xuanyuan's Gamble
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Sister Liu Yan, you have a place to live in Imperial Capital. If not, just live in Yun Mt. Hua Village. I'll talk to the old man in a moment. There is no problem." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Everyone is gone, so I don't dare to take advantage of me. Just now, my wife and wife, I think you yelled quite smoothly." Liu Yan said with a blush.

     "He he, if my sister agrees, then I will accept my sister, and then I will take my sister to drink spicy food, haha." Guo Huai said with a smile, "The auction will trouble my sister, and wait for the matter to end. I will give my sister something good, and I will surely satisfy you."

     "I have a place to live in Imperial Capital, so I won't live in Yun Mt. Hua Village. Don't worry, I will call you if I have anything to do." Liu Yan whispered, watching Guo Huai staring straight at him. Run away like a flee.

     "He he, this is feminine, I like it." Guo Huai smiled and looked at the breakfast table full of Xuanyuan Family. He ate it with a sense of taste. You can eat the delicious ones, and the ones that are not delicious. I can eat, think about these things when I was an ascetic monk, I couldn’t even dream of these things.

     "Brother, I really took you, I took it thoroughly, there are so many delicious things on my body, I can still swallow these things." Xuanyuan Wei said softly."It's been a day since I came to Imperial Capital. It's time to go out and do some business. I will ask the old man how to get to the Bao Long Group. I will meet them." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Little Huai, Little Huai." Guo Huai just finished speaking, Xuanyuan Xiongfeng returned to the living room again, followed by many people.

     "Dad, uncle, third uncle, fourth uncle, and nine uncle, why are you here too?" Xuanyuan Wei looked at the people behind Xuanyuan Xiongfeng and asked in a low voice, "Aren't you here to eat?"

     "Fuck! Eat, eat, you will know what to eat." Xuanyuan Hua looked at Xuanyuan and said loudly. Xuanyuan Wei hurriedly backed up. Although his dad didn't mess around with Xuanyuan Family very much, he dealt with him. Called a ruthless ah.

     "Father, don't you know what's going on with such a big battle today?" Guo Huai looked at Xuanyuan Xiongfeng. They had already guessed half of their intentions and asked with a smile.

     "There are no outsiders here, and we Xuanyuan Family don’t treat you Little Huai as an outsider. You are the lifesaver of A Duo and those two children, and a friend of our Xuanyuan Family. If possible, old man, I brazenly hope you can be mine. Grandson-in-law or grandson-in-law." Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said with a smile, and the faces of Mei'er and Xuanyuan Qianqian were flushed.

     Guo Huai smiled and nodded looking at Xuanyuan Xiongfeng, motioning him to continue."To be honest, I admired you very much at first because of your personality. The old man likes it. When you said that you have something to do with Gu Family, I have a little beat the return drum. The strength of Gu Family makes me have to choose neutral. I I can tell you how to do it, but I can’t explain it to help you, but the Blood Circulation Pill you talked about today, I am tempted, I think Xuanyuan Family will unite with you unreservedly. Do you say that the old man I am very powerful?" Xuanyuan Xiongfeng laughed Said.

     "PāPāPā!" Guo Huai listened and clapped, "Master, I originally thought you were just a little old man who likes to drink and eat meat, but now I find that the head of your family is fully deserving, without any reservations, your character, I like it, I like it very much, haha, just like your granddaughter and your granddaughter, I like it very much, haha." Guo Huai said with a smile, and the two girls' faces turned red.

     "Since the old man is so upright, then I won't go around. Blood Circulation Pill, I have a lot, and even said I can have as much as I want." Guo Huai said with a smile, seemingly simple words, let Xuanyuan Xiongfeng and The few people behind him were completely shocked. This kid must be a disciple of the hermit sect, or a core disciple, otherwise it would be impossible to allocate so many resources.It is said that being old and undying is a thief, Xuanyuan Xiongfeng is a thief, and Telepath True Monarch does not know how many years he has lived. Compared with a thief, who can be his opponent in Mortal World? In a few simple words, Xuanyuan Family is thorough He is tied to Guo Huai, but Guo Huai still wants to come by himself when dealing with Gu Family. After all, in the days of Mortal World, there are some things you can do to feel the joy of doing it yourself.

     "The third child, today you accompany Little Huai to the military area. I will contact Qingtian soon and he will take you to Bao Long Group." Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said with a smile, "The second child, Little Huai's wife is Huaxia Auctions People who walk, you can help you get things done at the auction house, Old Ninth, be optimistic about Gu Family, report any movement in time, don’t beat the grass to scare the snake, fourth, your guys go to Wucheng, protect and pay attention Brother."

     Guo Huai smiled and looked at Xuanyuan Xiongfeng. It was amazing, but he couldn't do it so well. "Master, how many Houtian peak Martial Cultivators are there in Xuanyuan Family, and how many are in the Innate period?" Guo Huai asked with a smile. .

     "Houtian has thirteen members, Innate nine in the early stage, three in the middle stage, and one in the late stage." Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said softly. This is the biggest secret of Xuanyuan Family and the foundation for Xuanyuan Family to become one of the three Imperial Capital families."Today, Heavens Above, you must gather all the Martial Cultivators of Xuanyuan Family to find a hidden place and leave the rest to me." Guo Huai said with a smile, and walked straight back to Hu Mei'er's courtyard. , Where I slept yesterday.

     "Mortal World's first battle, you can't meet with unexpected failure. Now you are not undying. If someone is really tricked, this little life will really be over." Guo Huai sat cross-legged in the bedroom, beside him Nine jade seeds were placed, and a nine-child ecstasy array was laid out in the yard.

     "Father, did you really expose all the power of Xuanyuan Family to him? Do you really believe him?" Xuanyuan Hua asked softly.

     "Imperial Capital’s three major families, Gu Family, Nangong Family, Xuanyuan Family, but what the Xuanyuan Family is now, I think you all know very well, if Gu Family and Nangong Family are allowed to develop, Xuanyuan Family will not be far from the day of destruction , I don’t want the entire Xuanyuan Family to be over when I am the head of the family. I’m gonna bet this time.” Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said softly, “In addition, I think this Guo Huai is credible, as his name is, bad, but with such a bad guy On the contrary, those good people who can't hide under the sun are much more comfortable.""I believe in Dad!" Xuanyuan Du, the nine sons of Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said softly, "That kid feels pretty good to me. If you have seen the previous information we collected from him, you will know why Dad believes in this kid. "

     "Since Old Ninth said the same, then we have nothing to say, let go and follow this kid to toss once, toss the Imperial Capital sky and the earth turning upside down, regardless of whether it is Gu Family or Nangong Family, revive I am Xuanyuan Family, Xiongfeng." Xuanyuan, who has not spoken all the time, was not surprised, Xuanyuan Xiongfeng’s eldest son said loudly.

     "No surprise, follow me to find Little Huai with all the Martial Cultivators of Xuanyuan Family. I am really looking forward to what this kid is going to do now. I feel that Xuanyuan Family is really going to rise again." Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said with a smile. For forty years, after the disappearance of the Martial Cultivator master of Xuanyuan Family in the later period of Opening Light, Gu Family and Nangong Family secretly stumbled on Xuanyuan Family, but the strong respected, Xuanyuan Family could only smash teeth into the belly Yan, but now Xuanyuan Family’s opportunity has come.
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