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Chapter Directory 173 Niu Meng Eating Deflated
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Boy, come out for me. I will clean up you before going to see the north wind. If there is something about the north wind, then you don't have to live in this world." As he said, Niu Meng slammed Guo Huai and Guo. Huai got up and flew out.

     "It turns out to be a practicing family. It's a bit interesting, so I don't have to say that Niu Meng is bullying people." With that, Niu Meng put on an eight-pole collapse.

     "Big guy, hurry up, Brother Mo wakes up soon, I can't beat you up." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "It's very good at talking, so let's take it." Then, Niu Meng attacked Guo Huai. Experts would know if there was any. Niu Meng's strength was good. No wonder Li Yào told Guo Huai that he was almost It was flat when fighting in the military area.

     However, Niu Meng's opponent is Guo Huai. Although his body is much worse, how can Niu Meng compare with Telepath True Monarch, an old monster who has lived for years.

     "It's not bad, the next game is stable enough, the strength is enough, but the skill is still lacking." Almost Niu Meng attacked more than a dozen strokes, Guo Huai didn't take much effort to resolve them one by one, and said with a smile."This kid is weird. He obviously hit him every time, but it didn't cause him any substantial harm. Grandma's, now I have encountered a hard stubble." Niu Meng thought to himself, with the slightest effort. Without pulling down, he attacked Guo Huai in a precise manner one by one.

     "Tired, let me teach you what Baji collapse is, hey, Xiao Yuntian's disciple, I have helped him teach his apprentices." Guo Huai said, and the same move went towards Niu Meng.

     "Not good." It was just a move. It seemed to have no power, but when Niu Meng hit Niu Meng, Niu Meng suddenly felt a strong pressure and couldn't help shouting.

     "Big guy, do you understand?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

     "Come again." Niu Meng thoughtfully, then said, this time he has not dared to attack Guo Huai, just put on a defensive posture.

     "The essence of the eight-pole collapse is in the last word, collapse like a landslide, collapse like a tsunami, collapse like a strong tiger, look good." As he said, Guo Huai's feet moved slowly, and Niu Meng looked at Guo without blinking. Huai, then, a powerful force knocked Niu Meng away."Cough cough cough, who are you? Your Octopus Cough is more powerful than my master, and the old cow has taken it." Niu Meng gasped, and Guo Huai's just now made him feel a little bit of death. Dangerous, if it weren't for Guo Huai's last hit on him to take back 70% of his strength, he would be seriously injured by undying. Niu Meng couldn't afford to provoke him, so he would be completely convinced.

     "Haha, Brother Niu, I have offended a lot, but you can't blame me. You did it first." Guo Huai said with a smile. Guo Huai had a good impression of the upright man in front of him.

     "Do you know me? What about North Wind?" Niu Meng asked softly.

     "My eldest brother is Li Yào. I told me about you before. When it comes to Imperial Capital coming to find Brother Niu, Brother Niu will arrange several beauties for me. This beauty didn’t look at him and was almost beaten by Brother Niu. , Will you have to compensate me later ah." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Are you the younger brother of Wucheng Vile Tetrad Li Yào? You are Jia Yuan, no, Jia Yuan is a fat man, I know, Wang Sheng is not possible, that boy I saw a meeting a few days ago, Guo Huai? , Li Yào said, his fourth child is a fur-head boy. Apart from eating, drinking, gambling, and gambling, he doesn't know how to shit, do you recognize the new brother again?" Niu Meng whispered."Brother Niu, did Li Yào really say that? Then it seems that I will have a good chat with Brother Yao when I go back." Guo Huai said with a smile, "Brother Niu, get to know me, I am Guo Huai."

     "You are Guo Huai? Boy, my brother is a primary school student, don’t lie to me." Niu Meng said in disbelief. The Wucheng fourth child Li Yào said was completely different. This temperament, this look , By this means, grandma’s, how could it be a five-dangerous teenager who eats, drinks, prostitutes and smokes.

     "Little Brother Huai, Little Brother Huai, I broke through, I really broke through. What do you think you want? I want my office, and I will move all my things away and free it for you. The upper layer is all for you.” Just when Niu Meng was chatting with Guo Huai, Mo Beifeng woke up from meditation. In the early days of Innate, Mo Beifeng broke through the Houtian realm under the action of the medicine given by Guo Huai and became an Innate master. .

     What is the difference between Houtian and Innate? If nothing else, if there are no accidents, a master Houtian can live to one hundred and fifty years old, and a master Innate can live two hundred years old, a full fifty years of life.

     "Beifeng, are you okay? Brother is scared to death. This kid said he is Li Yào's fourth brother? Is it true?" Niu Meng asked softly."It's indeed Li Yào's fourth brother, Mengzi, let's practice and see if my brother can beat you now." Mo Beifeng said with a smile. He had fought with Niu Meng several times before. In Niu Meng's words, keep on fighting Despite continual setbacks, the spirit is commendable, but using the words of other people in the circle, it is a bit uglier, Beifeng, are you cheap, you can't beat others, you still get in.

     "He he, Brother Beifeng, to be honest, I was beaten just now and I am not in a good mood. If you want to practice with me, let's try." Then, Niu Meng stood up and waited for Mo Beifeng to attack.

     "Mengzi, since my brother let me do this, I will attack." As he said, Mo Beifeng Eight Trigrams Palm slashed out. At that moment, Niu Meng's eyes widened. Damn, why is Lao Mo so powerful? Ruined.

     "Boom!" Mo Beifeng didn't have the strength of Guo Huai, and he was able to send and receive freely. With a palm of 80% of his internal energy, Niu Meng flew over and squatted on the ground.

     "Cough cough, Lao Mo, when have you been in the damn Innate state, grandma's, gone, bad luck today." Niu Meng flushed and prepared to leave.

     "Mengzi, I can assure you that if you leave this time, you will regret it 100% after three days. Don't blame your brother when I didn't tell you." Mo Beifeng said with a smile."He he, I can't leave today. Is it because you have received something good at this auction? I recently read your promotional color pages. Did you really get a medicine like the Wucheng auction?" Niu Meng narrowed his eyes and said.

     "Haha, Mengzi, it really is the big heart of Imperial Capital, haha." Mo Beifeng said with a smile, "Come in, Brother Tian really has something good today."

     "The smell of wine, north wind, I don’t want anything else, wine, I remembered it, your promotional color page says that there are 30 catties of good wine, brother, I don’t want more, let’s take ten catties, and then you will shoot I’ll give you the price.” Niu Meng just walked into the house and smelled the aroma of Mo Beifeng after drinking, and said loudly.

     "This wine can give you a sip. China Auction House says that 30 catties is 30 catties. If we give it to you directly before the auction, our auction house's reputation will be over. If we really want to make peace, we will go to the auction. If you want to drink more comfortably, there are no hundreds of millions, so don't go." Mo Beifeng said with a smile.

     "All businessmen are evil, really all businessmen are evil, just this little wine, dare you say a few hundred million, I can use up to 10 million dollars, Beifeng, it's boring for you to cheat me like this." Niu Meng said softly."Whatever you say, but there is another way. This wine is given by Little Brother Huai. Brother should still have it. You can buy some privately." Mo Beifeng said with a smile, "But how do you count the money? Let’s discuss it.” Mo Beifeng knows that Guo Huai is going to take advantage of this auction to make some connections with Imperial Capital. His brother has a good character in every aspect. Be a good friend and give you some help.
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