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Chapter Directory 184 Gala Dinner At The Auction
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Chen Longdong's words fell, and the entire auction house's hall fell silent. Liu Yan looked at Chen Longdong with a smile. He knew, respected, and Liu Yan had absolute respect for this man who was about the same age as her father.

     "3 billion for the third time, congratulations to Mr. Chen Longdong for taking the third Blood Circulation Pill. In addition, Mr. Clinic of No Treatment Hall Lord Guo Huai asked me to tell Uncle Chen that Clinic of No Treatment awaits Uncle Chen's visit after a month "Liu Yan said with a smile. When Guo Huai shouted 3 billion in Chen Longdong, mind reading fell on Chen Longdong's body, making Guo Huai have a surprise. The man in front of him was really good, almost perfect in business. Experience, this person can be a friend.

     "Tell the little friend Clinic of No Treatment Guo Huai, Chen Longdong will definitely visit Wucheng in a month." Chen Longdong said with a smile.

     "All the items of Clinic of No Treatment have been photographed. Thank you for your support to Clinic of No Treatment and Huaxia Auctions. Let’s start the auction of other items today. Friends who have not photographed anything just now should hurry up." Liu Yan said with a smile, today is a milestone in her auction career, a milestone that cannot be surpassed by the China Auction, or any auction.The next auction has also increased the price by nearly 20% compared to the previous auction. Many people were very upset during the auction process just now. Isn’t it just money? We also have it. Whoever spends money won’t spend it. Seeing that the same thing is discharged again and again. The highest price made Mo Beifeng laugh.

     "Uncle Lei, I have found it. That Guo Huai now lives in Yun Mt. Hua Village and has a close relationship with Xuanyuan Family." A middle-aged man walked up to Gu Zhenlei and said, Gu Zhenlei frowned. No wonder Xuanyuan Xiongfeng There are some abnormalities. It turns out that I have already established a relationship with Guo Huai of the Clinic of No Treatment. This is a bit troublesome. This Guo Huai cannot stay ah.

     One hour after the auction ended, all the buyers who took the pictures sent the money to the auction house's account by transfer, and then the auction house deducted the handling fee and then transferred the money to the seller. The small team under Mo Beifeng was very efficient. Gao, the meal has just started here, and Li Mohan has printed out the report of the auction.

     "Xiaohan, have dinner first, and after dinner, let's talk about this auction." Mo Beifeng was very happy, Guo Huai was also very happy, and the people who bought the items were very happy. In short, this auction was a success.

     "Hall Lord Guo, I just asked the people from our Wucheng office to go to Clinic of No Treatment. The registration of Clinic of No Treatment has been scheduled for seven months. Can you show me in advance." Feng Zheng held it. The wine glass walked to Guo Huai and said with a smile."President Feng, you are in good health, but pay attention to sex recently. You don't need to register for minor problems like you. You can go directly to the Clinic of No Treatment. The students in the hospital will prescribe you a few pills and it will be done." Guo Huai smiled. Said.

     "Okay, thank Hall Lord Guo, I will fly directly to Wucheng tomorrow." Feng Zheng said with a awkward smile. Guo Huai was very accurate. Recently, I had an appointment with a few Russian businessmen for business matters. When you enter a village , Follow the local customs and went to Russia to play today, but Guo Huai didn't expect to see it at a glance.

     "Little Brother Huai, I just talked to Yōuyōu on the phone. Since I came to Imperial Capital, I will take you around to play, thank you very much." Shi Yuqian walked to Guo Huai and said with a smile.

     "Sister Shi is polite. I will contact you again when my Imperial Capital business is finished. The toxins in your body have been eliminated. I will prescribe you another Chinese medicine for you in a while. I will give you a few more injections when the time comes. You will no longer worry about your body in the future." Guo Huai said with a smile, Shi Yuqian smiled like a flower, almost agreeing to each other, but Guo Huai did not agree, and his daughter-in-law (of a woman) lovely as a flower, just smiling like a flower, can't enter Guo Huai's eyes.During the luncheon for almost two hours, almost everyone came to greet Guo Huai, of course, including Gu Family and grandson. Gu Lie didn’t show anything, but Gu Zhenlei shook hands with Guo Huai. In an instant, Guo Huai's eyes narrowed, and he couldn't find a reason to trouble you. I didn't expect you to find a way for me.

     "Guo Huai, if you have the opportunity to come to our Gu Family to sit down, you should know the Huaxia special ability group, maybe we have something to cooperate with." Gu Zhenlei said with a smile.

     "I will definitely visit the old man if I have time in the near future." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Hongmen Banquet, interesting, I want to see how you plan to clean up me, haha." Guo Huai said to himself as he looked at the back of Gu Zhenlei leaving.

     "Guo Huai, I'm Nangong Mou'ce, Nangong Lingmo's grandfather. I just talked to Little Lingmo on the phone. I know that you have a good relationship. If you have time, you can come and sit at home." Nangong Mou'ce said with a smile."It turns out to be the Patriarch of the Nangong Family. Your Nangong Family is really interesting. I know Lingmo. She told me about you. Next year's special ability martial arts meeting is not your grandfather of Lingmo who asked Lingmo to participate. It doesn’t matter whether it’s life or death, right, haha. I’ll go to your Nangong Family when I have time. Nangong Qian should be considered half my mother-in-law, but my wife doesn’t admit it. I don’t dare to recognize this mother-in-law. "Guo Huai smiled. Said, Nangong Mou'ce flushed, turned and left.

     "Little Huai, these two old guys came here and didn't bother you." Seeing Gu Zhenlei and Nangong Mou'ce walking away, Xuanyuan Xiongfeng walked over and asked in a low voice.

     "Nothing, I can handle my business. Xuanyuan Family don't want to be too sharp these days, wait until I finish packing Gu Family and Nangong Family." Guo Huai's words showed a trace of ruthlessness, Xuanyuan Xiongfeng nodded gently, "Little Huai If there is a need for Xuanyuan Family to come forward, although we are allies now, we will be allies forever.

     "Haha, old man, we are now allies. After some time, the kid will become your grandson-in-law and grandson-in-law, and then you will be able to bully the younger." Guo Huai said with a smile, and Xuanyuan Xiongfeng also had a big deal. laugh it out."Brother, brother, here is the card for you. Brother and I have been tossing at the auction house for so long, and you haven't made as much money this time." Mo Beifeng said, and handed a black bank card to Guo Huai .

     "Haha, I have earned so much. Thank you Brother Mo. I call all the staff of the auction house tonight for dinner. Let’s go to Earthly Paradise for dinner. I treat guests. In addition, according to the regulations, I have to give the auction house a red envelope, one person. One million, I'll take care of my wife's share, haha." Guo Huai smiled and said, Mo Beifeng was also welcome, and said that all the staff of China Auction House thanked the rich man, and the two walked out of the restaurant together .

     "Big villain, you are generous, now the whole auction house is talking about the big boss Guo Huai." Back to Liu Yan's office in the Imperial Capital Building, Liu Yan watched Guo Huai come in and said with a smile.

     "What's wrong, is your wife jealous?" Guo Huai smiled, and threw the black card directly to Liu Yan. "There should be seven or eight billion in it. We should leave it to my wife for financial management. I have already Tell Brother Mo, you have been fired and will become my personal possession from now on."

     "You really let me take care of this money? You are not afraid that your daughters-in-law will be jealous." Liu Yan did not expect that Guo Huai would be able to give this black card to herself so directly. Guo Huai's performance has completely exceeded her belief. ."It's okay if you don't be jealous at that time. When I finish this time, I will take you to see Yu'er (Jade) Big Wife. Haha, Mortal World is really good." After that, Guo Huai pulled Liu Yan up and said The door was directly locked, and then an isolated Array Formation was placed. The two began their original passion again.
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