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Chapter Directory 194 Four Dragons Out
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Brother, brother, I just called Li Yào and told you to call him back, as if something happened to Wucheng." Niu Meng followed Xia Feiyan in and said loudly, then Yu Guang glanced at Xia Wudi and stopped talking.

     "There is no call signal here. What phone did you use to call me?" Guo Huai asked softly.

     "Use this." As he said, Xia Feiyan handed Guo Huai a big brother-like satellite phone. Guo Huai took the call, everyone's phone number was in his mind, and he directly dialed Li Yào's phone. .

     "Brother Yao, I am Guo Huai." The call was connected, Guo Huai did not complain to Li Yào, Wucheng had an accident, either his grandparents or his daughter-in-law. If these people dare to move, they will really touch Guo Huai. The scales of a tyrannosaurus.

     "Fourth, where are you now, is it convenient to say?" Li Yào asked cautiously.

     "I'm in Tyrannosaurus, just tell me something." Guo Huai's voice became deeper and deeper. After only a few days after he came out, someone dared to come to Wucheng to find his own trouble. It seemed to be a big trouble.

     "Violent Dragon Group? Don't cause trouble there." Li Yào couldn't help but said.

     "Brother Yao, stop the ink, what happened to Wucheng?" Guo Huai asked.

     "I asked Little Lingmo to tell you that she and I are in the hospital." Li Yào said softly."Elder Brother Huai, cough cough, Gu Family, what is Gu Shang? He hurt me and took away teacher Lin Shuang and sister Lingling. If you want someone, go to Gu Family and ask him." Nangong Lingmo said softly, Guo Huai could hear that Lingmo suffered internal injuries and the injuries were serious.

     "Gu Family, you guys heard it. Gu Family took the initiative to find me. I didn't want to kill anyone, haha." Guo Huai smirked, "Little Lingmo, Yu'er (Jade) is by your side, let Yu'er (Jade) Answer the phone."

     "Husband, what's the matter, my little daughter-in-law was taken away and distressed. It's not that Yu'er (Jade) didn't want to help. I really don't know. When Little Lingmo came back to report the letter, the person was already taken away, God Uncle Yang Uncle is still sulking." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile on the phone, worried? What are you worried about for the gods in Mortal World?

     "Good Yu'er (Jade), you take Weiwei, Little Xi, Ye Zi, and Yōuyōu to the hospital first, and I will talk about it after I have settled the Imperial Capital." Guo Huai said softly.

     "Brother, we are already at Clinic of No Treatment, don't worry about us, Uncle Zhou has asked Dazhu to pick up grandparents." Little Xi's voice came over, Guo Huai nodded gently, the poison in Dragon King's body It has been ruled out, the Gu Family matter should be resolved.

     "Little friend, did Gu Family take care of your family?" Xia Wudi asked softly."I caught my two daughters-in-law and things have become more interesting. The most annoying thing for me is that others threaten me, especially threatening me with my woman, which makes me very shameless." Guo Huai squinted and said, Dragon King and the people around him stared. Innate was late, but the breath on his body made the opening Light Stage and Bigu Stage uncomfortable.

     "Little friend, I know you can solve this problem, but I think since you were in Violent Dragon Group, something happened at home, if Violent Dragon Group doesn't do anything to compensate, let my Xia Wudi face What's the matter, you want to clean up Gu Family at Imperial Capital. We don't take any action. We will help you watch the spot and cheer for you." Xia Wudi said softly, and several people behind him looked surprised.

     Ten years ago, 30 people from the Violent Dragon Group appeared in Imperial Capital. That day was the order of the No. 1 Officer himself. Eighty-three people were arrested and thousands of people who resisted the law were killed. At that time, people knew In the east of Imperial Capital, there is a group of people like Violent Dragon Group. Today, Dragon King ordered to help Guo Huai township, Imperial Capital is not destined to be peaceful.

     "Well, today I will see the capabilities of Violent Dragon Group." Guo Huai said loudly."Xing Tian heard the order, summoned all Qinglong | Azure Dragon members, ten minutes later, gathered in the martial arts field; Xia Feiyan heard the order, summoned all the red dragon members, and gathered in the martial arts field ten minutes later; Gu Yun heard the order, summoned all blue dragon members, ten minutes Assemble in the martial arts field; Jiang Ao listened to the order and summoned all the members of the black dragon. Ten minutes later, the martial arts team assembled. Today, the four dragons came out to raise my tyrannosaur power." Xia Wudi said loudly.

     If Xing Tian, Xia Feiyan, and Gu Yun are three to help the town, it’s fine, and if Jiang Ao goes with them, things will not be as simple as everyone thought.

     "Thanks Dragon King." Although Guo Huai doesn't know what the formation of the four dragons is, it can be seen from the expressions of everyone that the four dragons are coming together, absolutely awesome.

     Ten minutes later, Xing Tian, Xia Feiyan, Gu Yun, and Jiang Ao each stood behind 36 people, but each of them had a badge on their neckline. Except for the color, the shape was exactly the same. The 148 people made Guo Huai feel a little depressed.

     "Hello kids, ah." Dragon King was sitting in a wheelchair, pushed in front of 148 people, and said softly, seven simple words, like a drop of water dripping into hot oil, Exploded.

     "Dragon King! Dragon King! Dragon King!" The neat voice seemed to be made by a giant, and all the soldiers were beaming. The Dragon King, the soul of Tyrannosaurus, came back.Dragon King just raised his right hand lightly, and the 148 people fell silent, and the whole Wucheng was deadly silent.

     "I haven't seen you in some days. I'm still alive, and you are still alive. That's good." Xia Wudi said with a smile, "I hand you over to this boy because he saved my life. I will let you Follow his orders, can you do it?"

     Guo Huai was taken aback by Xia Wudi's words, isn't it a town place? This is a big game, but the one hundred and forty-eight people in front of me are already at the pinnacle of Houtian. If you can follow yourself, then you will not walk sideways anymore.

     "Invincible, I don't agree." Jiang Ao stood up and said softly after hearing Xia Wudi's words. The other soldiers were expressionless, but it can be seen that they mean the same as Jiang Ao.

     "Brother Ao, I haven't seen each other for three years, don't I think that the Dragon King can't count it?" Xia Wudi was not angry, and said with a smile.

     "I, including everyone standing here, belong to the Violent Dragon Group and only obey the Dragon King. We can help him solve all his problems, but we are not in his control and will not listen to him." Jiang Ao said softly Said."Master, just go to the town. If you let these people follow me, I can't bring it. I will embarrass me and my brothers." Guo Huai said softly, "Take a good rest today, leave tomorrow morning, and I will give you dinner today. Everyone arranges, it’s the reward for my brothers to come to me in this muddy water. All Houtian masters I will get you Innate at night, and all Innate masters will go directly to the first level.

     Guo Huai's words fell, and everyone present was shocked. No one took food or anything seriously. All Houtians directly broke through, and all Innates went directly to the first level. Do you think you are a god?
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