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Chapter Directory 199 Tranquility Before The Storm
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Of course you didn't offend our Gu Family, but your man offended Gu Family, so I invited you to Gu Family, Miss Sun has any questions?" Gu Shang squinted at Sun Lingling and said.

     "This brother, I'm just a third-year student in Wucheng Middle School. There is no man, are you making a mistake." Sun Lingling said softly.

     "Isn't the man who broke your body your man? Miss Sun, I advise you not to play tricks. I have already contacted your old man. He will come in a while, and then we will wait for you together. A man comes to save you, haha." Gu Shang laughed and said, "Elder Brother Hao, I forgot to tell you. Just now you asked who is the father of the child in the sister-in-law, who is the man of Miss Sun Family, haha, that’s the Clinic Hall Lord of No Treatment, Guo Huai who has recently made a splash at Imperial Capital, brother, are you satisfied with the answer? Haha."

     Gu Lie's face became more ugly, Gu Shang laughed louder, but Gu Zhenlei had nothing to do with his grandson. The rest of the Gu Family did not dare to gasp for fear that they would annoy Gu Lie and Lin who are in a fit of anger. Shuang touched his stomach lightly, not caring about anyone's eyes. Sun Lingling shook his head helplessly, hoping that Guo Huai would have foresight and never come to Gu Family to save them."Oh my God, it's from the Violent Dragon Group. Why are so many people coming to May 31." In the morning, some soldiers who were training on the playground saw Guo Huai walking down the Dragon Mountain with a group of soldiers behind him and said loudly.

     "What are you doing in a daze? Go and tell the chief." A border guard squad leader said loudly, and rushed to Guo Huai to salute.

     "Kong Desheng, squad leader on the side of Wusan, please wait, please wait." Kong Desheng said loudly. With a wave of Guo Huai's hand, all the people in Violent Dragon Group stopped.

     "Squad leader Kong, the Violent Dragon Group needs to pass from the May 31st Army to give way." Jiang Ao said loudly. Kong Desheng looked at the man in front of him, feeling a lot of pressure in his heart, but he still did not give way .

     "Squad leader Kong, take a look at this." Guo Huai smiled and pulled Kong Desheng aside, and took out a sign from his body with the word "flamboyant or bold cursive calligraphy" written on it.

     "Salute!" Kong Desheng straightened his waist fiercely, saluted again, and gave way.

     "Dragon King gold medal, little brother, Dragon King gave you this thing?" Jiang Ao said in surprise. The words Dragon King gold medal made Xing Tian, Gu Yun and Xia Feiyan stare at the same time."I didn't want it, but Dragon King said that this thing works well in the army. I will try it." Guo Huai said with a smile. How many people have black lines on their faces. That's great. No. 1 Officer has to give three points after seeing the Dragon King gold medal.

     "The squad leader, the leader ordered the release, what they need, the May 31st Army fully cooperate." Then the soldier who reported the letter ran back and whispered.

     "Just now, do you know what I saw? The Dragon King gold medal is the legendary thing that the platoon leader told us when we enlisted in the army." Kong Desheng said proudly.

     "Four trucks, one for each group, Mengzi, let's drive your big Jeep." Guo Huai said with a smile, and the five trucks rushed out of the May 31st Army and headed towards Imperial Capital. .

     "No weapons? Just borrowed four military trucks?" Chen Dingjun said to himself, "Yes, the Violent Dragon Group is the same with or without weapons, a group of perverts, all of them are weapons. Imperial Capital is going to change ah. "

     "Chief, this IOU was left to you by the kid who followed Niu Meng that day." The correspondent handed a note to Chen Dingjun."Master, borrow four trucks from you and come back to promote you four kings of soldiers. This deal is a good deal for you. Please prepare people first. ——Guo Huai." The words greet the eye with strength and strength, Chen Dingjun endures I couldn't help but tremble all over, and I was promoted by four soldiers, and the 51st Army could secure the first place in the next military region competition.

     "Zheng Jun, inform several division commanders and come to me right away." Chen Dingjun said loudly, and the entire May 31st Army became busy.

     "Boss, the news from May 31, Violent Dragon Group is going to move Gu Family." At the highest level of the Imperial Capital government building, a middle-aged man with a Chinese character face closed his eyes, and a middle-aged man in a suit and glasses whispered. . The entire Guozi face is the oldest of Imperial Capital, Li Dafu, the secretary of the municipal party committee.

     "Xiao Kai, sit down." Li Dafu opened his eyes and smiled at his secretary Wang Ku and said, "Tell me your opinion."

     "Boss, this matter is very complicated, I can't tell you." Wang Ku said with a smile.

     "Talk about it." Li Dafu said with a smile."Four trucks and more than a hundred people. If the information is true, Gu Family will be in big trouble this time." Wang Ku said softly. "The uproar of Gu Family assassination of Clinic of No Treatment Guo Huai was reported a few days ago. It should be the fuse of the Violent Dragon Group this time, because Niu Meng and Guo Huai from the Niu Family went to May 31 and then to the Violent Dragon Group. As for why the Violent Dragon Group was willing to help him, the May 31 side did not clear."

     "Notify the Xia Pang Bureau and some of them, let them go to the office for a meeting, and tell Mayor Liu Fengtian that he will take care of this matter." Li Dafu finished speaking, closing his eyes again.

     In almost half an hour, the whole city party building began to lively. Liu Fengtian looked at Li Dafu, and eight or nine people stood behind him.

     "Dafu, four trucks will arrive at Gu Family in an hour. I can't handle this. I still ask my brother to show me the road." The first sentence Liu Fengtian said, the eight municipal committee members behind him stared, Liu Fengtian It's soft.

     "Fengtian, we have been together for so many years. I have been responsible for party building and you are responsible for other things. You have to figure out how to do this. I have already told you about it. Violent Dragon Group wants to move Gu Family. Gu Family involves Imperial Capital. In many industries in China, if anything happens, Imperial Capital will be messed up, and we won’t be able to explain it at that time.” Li Dafu took a sip of tea and said with a smile."The several questions you told me a few days ago, I think the feasibility is very high, Dafu brother, I think we need a meeting to deal with." Liu Fengtian said with a smile, a little helpless.

     "Haha, brother, let them take care of the Gu Family's affairs by themselves. Gu Zhenlei, the leader of the Huaxia special ability group, is not easy to provoke. When the time comes, both sides will not be guilty of the end." Li Dafu said with a smile. "That's what the head means."

     Liu Fengtian nodded gently. No matter what the outcome of the final battle between Gu Family and Violent Dragon Group was, Liu Fengtian was defeated in this battle between him and Li Dafu.

     "Tell the people at home, today I will stay at home honestly. No one can go out. Whoever goes out of this door will not be in our house in the future." Nangong Mou'ce said softly, when he learned When the four 5th and 31st Army trucks drove towards Gu Family, he began to worry. Gu Family is in big trouble this time, and I hope it will not affect the Nangong family.

     PS: Today’s Mother’s Day, I wish all mothers happiness and health.
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