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Chapter Directory 200 Ancient House's Cards
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

After Guo Huai and his party came out from May 31, the news reached Gu Zhenlei's ears. Gu Zhenlei heard Guo Huai and they were at Gu Family in about half an hour, and slowly stood up. Leaving Gu Shang standing by his side, everyone else was waiting in the yard.

     "Old man, you are so calm, have you figured it out?" Gu Shang asked with a smile as everyone walked out.

     "Boy, it's not because of you. You caused the trouble. You caught that kid's daughter-in-law, otherwise he won't come to trouble with Gu Family. In fact, the best solution is to give you to Guo Huai, Gu Family is nothing.” Gu Zhenlei said loudly.

     "Is it okay if you hand me over? Old man, you sent four people to catch the kid. Now four people can't even find the body. Do you think you can solve the problem by handing me over? You can hand me over, Gu Family Where is this green hat on his head? Haha!" Gu Shang said with a big smile.

     "Boy, shut me up! That Lin family girl and Guo Huai are damned, you boy, don't mess with me anymore, after this matter, you go to the East China Sea to retreat, then I will tell you Grandpa Ku and let him watch You." Gu Zhenlei said loudly.

     "There are more than a hundred Violent Dragon Group members, old man, let's hurry up and shout." Gu Shang said indifferently.Gu Zhenlei closed his eyes, an extra gossip plate appeared in his hand, and then bit the tip of his tongue, a trace of blood entered his mouth, his eyes opened sharply, Gu Zhenlei shouted: "Space channel, open."

     The golden light of the gossip plate on the ground was greatly revealed, and then, more and more people were in the hall, and for almost a minute, the gossip plate no longer had any breath.

     "Cough cough cough!" Gu Zhenlei coughed a few times, and finally vomited out a mouthful of blood.

     "Old man, what day is this today? Call us all, you are not afraid that this space gossip will suck you up." A red-haired boy with a red flame on his palm, smiling at Gu Zhenlei Said.

     "Little Monkey Boy, can't you stop for a while?" Gu Zhenlei said with a pale face, "I haven't seen you in three years, the progress is not small, the flame in your hand has grown so big ah."

     "Old man, stop talking, take a break and take this thing." A big guy with a height of two meters handed a three-color pill to Gu Zhenlei, and Gu Zhenlei put it directly in his mouth, his face turned instantly. Restore a lot.

     "Old man, please tell me something. Calling us is not simply trying to retell the old." A young man with an upper body smiled and said."Brother Hurt, I haven't seen you for three years. Let's go out to make gestures and let the old man talk to them first." A young man of the same age as Gu Shang said with a smile, "Let you try my Space Fury. You." The young man said, pulling up Gu Shang and walking out. Several people who are going to watch the excitement are also going out together.

     "Heijin, Huǒ Tu, North Star, don't be poor, and call you to have something to do today." Gu Shang said softly, his eyes falling on Gu Zhenlei.

     Standing in the middle of the hall, Gu Zhenlei looked at these 108 people, the oldest being no more than 30, and the youngest, no more than fifteen or sixteen, and nodded gently.

     "Gu Family is in trouble." Gu Zhenlei's first sentence was only five words. There were no one to speak anymore, all of them focused on Gu Zhenlei.

     "Little guys, I found you from all over China. I remember that many of you were crying when they first met me. Now they are all older kids." Gu Zhenlei said with a smile. "Gu Family is in trouble. I think of you. I want you to help me and help Gu Family tide over the difficulties. Do you think that my old man is very useless now."

     "Old man, you have a lot of nonsense. Whoever is looking for Gu Family's troubles, just say, we help you solve it, you don't need to be sensational here." A young man said with a smile."Old man, you saved our lives. If you have any difficulties, just say that the person who can move our father in China hasn't been born yet." The red-haired boy said loudly.

     "Grandpa, who the hell is it? The person who can tell you that Gu Family is in trouble is there in Huaxia, right? What is it that makes you, the leader of the special ability group of China, be like a big enemy." A girl in her twenties. Asked softly.

     "Gu Shang, you all know, Gu Lie, you've all heard of it. Neither of my grandsons are good birds. The old man admits that, but they are no good birds anymore. The punishment for them is also my Gu Family’s business. Now someone puts a big green hat on Gu Lie. These people are going to Gu Family to ask Gu Shang's troubles. Where do I put my old face." Gu Zhenlei said loudly.

     "Father, I thought it was a major event. Is the person coming from the special ability or the Martial Cultivator? We will leave as many as they come. We will leave the matter to us this time. Some people will only be in pain, so they won't have trouble again." A young man in his thirties said loudly, and the others nodded.

     "Violent Dragon Group, there are more than 100 people here this time, it's hard to deal with." Gu Zhenlei said softly.

     "It turns out that it is the pile of blind soldiers on the mountain, but they are Martial Cultivators who believe oneself infallible. Let us leave this to us." said a young young man who was not tall."It turns out to be Martial Cultivator, then leave them all in Gu Family!" Lei Zhen, the tallest guy among the 108 people said loudly, with a ruthless look in his eyes.

     "Violent Dragon Group is not easy. I don't want any of you to have an accident. Try not to conflict with them. I only want the guy named Guo Huai. He must die." Gu Zhenlei said loudly.

     "If this is the case, it would be easier to handle it, the old man just waited, aren't they coming soon? Let's solve them now." The triplets brothers Zhou Qingshan, Zhou Qingyun, Zhou Qinghai are the boss of the three After speaking, they glanced at several other people, and several people nodded gently.

     "We will meet them." After Zhou Qinghai said, Gu Zhenlei nodded, and eight people disappeared in the house.

     "I thought it was something big, old man, wait for the sea and them, eight space masters, it's not difficult to deal with a few soldiers." Lei Zhen said with a smile.

     "Brother Zhen, if more than a hundred people are Innate masters, Dahai may not be able to deal with them. Let's be prepared. If Dahai doesn't deal with these people, we will have a hand." A man in a long robe said with a smile. Zhuge Qian's special ability is 15 times the gravitational field within 50 meters, which is not a problem for ordinary Innate mid-term masters."It's better not to solve them. I haven't fought with anyone in three years. My hands are itchy." Huǒ Tu said with a smile, and many people agreed with him.

     "Old man, what are you doing with your stern face? We are hungry. Let us fight with them and get some food." A big guy said with a smile. The people in the room laughed. At that time, Gu Zhenlei's complexion finally improved. What about Violent Dragon Group and Violent Dragon Group? Let the people at Imperial Capital know today, and let the people at Huaxia know that our special ability group is the real backing of Huaxia.
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