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Chapter Directory 233 Karma
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Several people who saw the reputation laughed, He Wenshan is also a talent.

     "Smelly boy, I didn't see it, I have some ability, but it's not a big deal to take a bone. When the Four Shapes case is resolved, I will consider the matter between you and Little Mo." He Wenshan whispered.

     "You think, what are you thinking about? You don't count the Ghost Medicine Sect thing." He Yuanjie looked at his son and said. The strength of the boy in front of him has completely convinced him. If he can really marry He Mo, It's also a good choice to become the son-in-law of Ghost Medicine Sect.

     "Father, in front of outsiders, you give me a little bit of face. You don't know if Four Shapes Sect is asking for trouble this time. It's not because the young master of Four Shapes Sect is attracted to Little Mo." He Wenshan whispered.

     "What's the matter? They dare not come to grab it. Are you a dad still planning to use your daughter as a bargaining chip to the Four Shapes Sect?" He Yuanjie said loudly.

     He Wenshan stopped talking. Guo Huai had a better impression of the old man. This old man is not bad, much better than his handsome wife Lin family.

     "Father, how do you say you are also a master of Bigu Stage, is there anyone in the Four Shapes sect who is older than you?" Guo Huai asked with a smile when everyone was silent."Little Huai, you are in Wucheng. You may not know us well. Perhaps the world’s Opening Light Stage is already a strong one. Bigu Stage is basically difficult to see. But in fact, there are so many Martial Cultivators in China. Bigu Stage is in this deep mountain. Among them, there are almost eight or nine people without double digits. The four Sect Masters in the Four Shapes Sect are all Bigu Stage, and they are not inferior to the old man. The four of them together are afraid that Brother Qin will not be able to match." He Yuanjie carried Said helplessly.

     Guo Huai also heard the meaning of the words, this Four Shapes sect is not weak, even with Mr. Qin, it is difficult to deal with them.

     "Master, Ghost Medicine Sect focuses on medicine, supplemented by martial arts, but the karma that has been deposited over the millennia has a great influence on you, why don't you let the boy get the pulse of the old man?" Guo Huai said with a smile, and He Yuanjie's eyes widened. , Guo Huai's ability to utter the word karma is far beyond He Yuanjie's understanding.

     "A kid who doesn't have the same hair, what can I do with the pulse?" He Wenshan whispered, He Yuanjie slapped his hand, "Go out, I really doubt that Little Mo could have someone like you who doesn't have a long memory. Dad ah. "He Yuanjie hate iron for not becoming steel said."What are you going out to do, let me see what this kid is famous for. Uncle Qin, I'm sitting here, you brought the man, right? Who is this kid?" He Wenshan asked in a low voice, and Qin Fengyu didn't answer. , Just quietly watch Guo Huai give He Yuanjie pulse.

     For half an hour, He Yuanjie did not make any more stubble this time. Guo Huai was expressionless, gently retracted his fingers, and looked carefully, his back was soaked.

     "Little Huai, you take a rest first." Others can't feel it, but He Yuanjie does feel that Guo Huai's three fingers are on his own pulse, every time he lifts and falls, there is a trace of inner energy entering him. In the body, then slowly returning from the veins, this kind of pulse manipulation technique is not recorded in the ancient books of Ghost Medicine Sect.

     "Fun with mystery, the old man is really confused." He Wenshan said softly. He Yuanjie was an internal force in the air, hitting his son directly, making He Wenshan's eyes widened. Just now, he was full of internal energy, old man. It seems to be much better than before.

     The medicinal power of the pill that Guo Huai took to He Yuanjie just now has been fully absorbed. Although the hidden illness has not been healed, his strength has improved by at least 30%. I believed in the young man's medical skills even more."Master, I feel uncomfortable with Karma. If you can reach the pinnacle of Bigu, you and Old Qin will have no problem with the four mid-Bigu masters." Guo Huai said, squinting, and Qin Fengyu stood up all at once. When he got up, he understood what Guo Huai meant. This kid actually wanted He Yuanjie to be promoted to two levels in a row. This is not the realm of Innate. Bigu Stage was promoted to two levels in a row. How could this be possible.

     "Little Huai, if I can really reach the peak of Bigu Stage, I can pack the four old Four Shapes products by myself without Brother Qin." He Yuanjie stood up and said, don't know why, he actually felt that Guo Huai could really make him Reach the pinnacle of Bigu.

     "How many masters are in the Ghost Medicine Sect Opening Light realm? And how many masters are at the peak of Innate? I need to know the exact numbers." Guo Huai asked softly, He Wenshan couldn't help holding He Yuanjie, these things are Ghost The top secret of Medicine Sect, if you really tell this kid, there will be problems with Ghost Medicine Sect in the future.

     "You can enter my Ghost Medicine Sect room. There are no outsiders. I tell you it's okay." He Yuanjie waved his hand and said softly. He knows the situation of Ghost Medicine Sect better than anyone else. The Four Shapes case cannot be resolved, Ghost. Medicine Sect will end sooner or later."Ghost Medicine Sect has fifty-three disciples of the Innate realm, including 13 disciples at the peak of Innate, nine disciples at the top of Opening Light Stage, and three of them at the top of Opening Light Stage. This is the last support of Ghost Medicine Sect." He Yuanjie said softly.

     "Master, I will call everyone in the future, I will help you solve the problem of karma-ridden, and what level you can break through depends on your good fortune. Other Ghost Medicine Sect disciples affected by karma can also be Come on, just like Little Mo's face or those who are physically disabled, come together." Guo Huai said softly.

     "Little Huai, the last question, let alone whether you can handle these things about Ghost Medicine Sect, why are you helping us Ghost Medicine Sect like this?" He Yuanjie clenched his fists and asked softly.

     "With great rejoicing, don’t lose your sense, Ghost Medicine Sect is fortunate to have you as the master of Ghost Medicine Sect. As for why I help you Ghost Medicine Sect, because I’m happy, if this answer is not satisfied, you will take it as my Mo is interesting, as a dowry gift to marry He Mo.” After Guo Huai said, He Mo's face turned red. For the Hall Lord, who was two years younger than herself, she felt indescribable. Listen When Guo Huai said this, she felt like a deer."Haha, Little Huai, but whatever the result, I will betroth Little Mo to you. Interesting. For so many years, you are the most interesting person I have ever seen." He Yuanjie laughed and said, "Wenshan, let me know, in the future Everyone came to me to gather here. Ghost Medicine Sect is now closing the village and fortifying it three miles away. Anyone who breaks the village without permission will be killed.

     "Brother Qin, if there are some bad guys, I will trouble you." He Yuanjie looked at Qin Fengyu and said with a smile.

     Qin Fengyu nodded lightly. Since I have followed Guo Huai to this Ghost Medicine Sect, if there is anything, I will naturally come to help, which is the favor of Guo Huai.

     Guo Huai walked around in Ghost Medicine Sect. The 108 top-quality jade stones in his hand were placed in a specific place and were supervised by someone. After tossing these, he returned to the hall of Ghost Medicine Sect. The hall was already standing. It’s full, everyone looks at Guo Huai’s expression have nothing in common with each other, but when He Yuanjie tells them Guo Huai wants to solve the things they have been stuck with Karma for so many years, everyone’s expressions are the same ,Do not believe.
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