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Chapter Directory 236 Rain Coming
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai looked at the surprised expressions of a group of Four Shapes people, satisfied. He was very satisfied with this state, so he took out a big return pill again from his body.

     "What Xiaoye said just now still works." Guo Huai said with a smile. Xuē Dazhu felt the changes in his body and laughed silly. If Grandpa was here, he would be very happy if he knew that he was so good now.

     "Second Uncle, I have been stuck at the peak of Innate for three years." Yin Xun looked at the pill in Guo Huai's hand and said softly, "It's a matter of time to clean up Ghost Medicine Sect. Give them an hour."

     Yin Zui glanced at Guo Huai, and then looked around. Ghost Medicine Sect is a stockade built on three cliffs. As long as the exit is guarded, none of the Ghost Medicine Sect people can escape. For an hour, say no. Long said, short is not short, but you can get a big money back, this transaction is profitable.

     "This predecessor, I think you are already in the switching stage. I know that this pill is useless for you. If you can let the disciples of the Four Shapes sect wait here for an hour, I think if you take this pill, right In the future, breaking through the Opening Light Stage and entering the Bigu Stage will definitely bring great benefits.” Guo Huai said, and he took out a pill, 9-Color Pill, and Yin Zui couldn’t help taking a few puffs with a strong fragrance of medicine. .

     "Boy, what you said is true?" Yin Zui asked softly."Some gadgets, the master of the martial arts has given a lot, I just want to solve my own problem with Ghost Medicine Sect, if the senior agrees, I can give you this thing first." Guo Huai said with a smile, Yin was drunk. Closed eyes.

     "All the disciples of the Four Shapes sect have heard the order, within an hour, they cannot cross this line for half a step, and after an hour, they will besiege Ghost Medicine Sect with all their strength." Yin Zui said loudly, Guo Huai nodded gently, and directly The pill was thrown to Yin Zui, turned around and walked in, Xuē Dazhu followed in with a trace of confusion.

     "Master Huai, what do they do with such a good medicine ah." Dazhu asked in a low voice.

     "Ninety-one people, 18 people in the Opening Light Stage, and all the others are Innate masters. Can we beat it with the two of us?" Guo Huai said with a smile, "It's just two pills, he only needs two pills. It takes half an hour to fix the body's karma problem. Whoever takes the little master's thing at that time can spit it out to the master." Dazhu smiled with a simple thumb in the depths.

     "Brother Huai, they killed my brother and them, we must not let them go ah." Little Yu said softly with red eyes."This matter is your Ghost Medicine Sect matter. By then, your Ghost Medicine Sect will solve it by yourself. Take this pill and where you can go depends on your own good fortune." Guo Huai said and handed it to Little Yu had a Blood Circulation Pill. Little Yu looked at Guo Huai gratefully, and Guo Huai set his sights on the gate of the underground palace.

     "I have already saved so many grievances, and their grievances have disappeared. Isn't this merit being counted on the young master?" Guo Huai thought to himself that Guo Huai, who has no immortal power, can only vaguely feel the nine prefectures. The ghost soldier stood beside the gate of the underworld.

     How did Guo Huai know that the door of this underground palace is not closed, and the power of merit will not come down at all.

     Nearly a hundred people in the Four Shapes Sect outside of Ghost Medicine Sect, according to the agreement just now, no one broke into Ghost Medicine Sect, but they did not allow any disciples of Ghost Medicine Sect to come out of it, and the whole Ghost Medicine Sect inside and outside were panicked. Thirty miles away in the pavilion, Qin Fengyu has been fighting the four masters of the Four Shapes sect for nearly an hour, unable to determine victory or defeat, but under the siege of the four people, Qin Fengyu slowly appeared tired state.

     "Brother Qin, this matter has nothing to do with you or Mt. Zhou. Why do you have to go to the muddy water? If Ghost Medicine Sect promises you something, our Four Shapes Sect can also promise you, what do you want Even if this continues, the four of us will no longer be attacking like this." Yin Tianjin said loudly."Yin Tianjin, listen to what you mean, you haven't tried your best yet, so do your best and let me see what the Four Shapes Sect is capable of." Qin Fengyu said, biting his tongue directly, wanting If you beat me, you have to leave something.

     The four members of the Four Shapes Sect looked at each other and suddenly their momentum surged. Then the four stood in a row, Yin Tianjin stood at the forefront, and the other three transferred their internal energy into Yin Tianjin’s body like a gong, and then took a palm. Qin Fengyu didn't dare to take it carelessly, and the power of his whole body met this palm fiercely.

     With a sound of "Boom!", the huge energy fluctuation turned the long pavilion into powder. Qin Fengyu flew upside down for a hundred meters and squatted on the ground. Inner strength.

     The four sect masters of the Four Shapes Sect were not much better. The four of them also sat cross-legged 100 meters away from Qin Fengyu, but the four of them surrounded the city in a circle, palms facing each other, and quickly recovered their inner body. strength.Guo Huai frowned. The time for the gate of the underworld to open far exceeded his expectations. An hour’s time came right away, but the gate of the underworld did not mean anything to close. He Yuanjie and other Ghost Medicine Sect people blushed. , Guo Huai could clearly feel the changes in their bodies. Because of the existence of the gate of the underground house, several people from Opening Light Stage broke through to Bigu Stage, and Tianwei was directly avoided.

     Thirty miles away from Ghost Medicine Sect, Qin Fengyu's complexion just improved. Li Feng of the Four Shapes Sect over there stood up gently. The other three people were in the same condition as Qin Fengyu, and could not use their internal energy, but Li Feng had recovered. 70%.

     "Qin Fengyu, I won't kill you, you have tried your best with Ghost Medicine Sect. The old lady is going to trouble with Ghost Medicine Sect this time, no one can stop it." After speaking, Li Feng's figure flashed, and the person had disappeared. At the same place, Qin Fengyu shook his head helplessly. Little Huai and Old Qin have done their best, and the rest is up to you.

     The distance of thirty miles is only a few minutes for the masters of Bigu Stage. When Li Feng came to Ghost Medicine Sect, he looked at nearly a hundred Four Shapes disciples with big eyes and small eyes and did not go in at the door, suddenly his face was gloomy. Down.

     "Yin Zui, the old woman and your dad have been outside for so long to fight against the masters of Mt. Zhou, can you not even attack a mountain gate of Ghost Medicine Sect?" Li Feng asked Yin Zui loudly."Aunt Si, look at this. This is called Da Huan Dan. After taking it, Innate can directly enter the opening light stage state in the later stage." Yin Zui said excitedly, "Someone inside is looking for Ghost Medicine Sect trouble, let us wait outside. An hour is coming soon."

     "Pop!" Li Feng raised his hand and slapped him, "Because of such a pill, you actually gave Ghost Medicine Sect an hour's time. If the Four Shapes Sect cannot win Ghost Medicine Sect this time, you are a sinner. Everyone follows the order and joins me in the Ghost Medicine Sect, leaving no one behind."

     With that said, Yin Zui seemed to have reacted too, yes, if he wanted a pill, catching that young man would be troublesome if it delayed the major event of Ghost Medicine Sect. The more Yin Zui thought about it, the cooler his heart became, and he leaped up and rushed to the front.

     "An hour has not arrived, I don't know what it means for seniors to rush in directly?" Guo Huai squinted his eyes and asked the big-headed Yin Zui loudly.

     "Boy, I don't know what grievances you have with Ghost Medicine Sect. If you don't want to die, get out of it. It's Lao Tzu's face to you as a kid. Otherwise, you will end up with Ghost Medicine Sect." Yin Zui shouted.
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