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Chapter Directory 238 Can Grudges Really Work?
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Li Feng, I'm sorry for what happened back then, but over the years, your Four Shapes Sect has done a little too much." He Yuanjie said softly, then pulled up Guo Huai who fell on the ground, "Little Huai, thank you very much." , When the grievances between Ghost Medicine Sect and Four Shapes are resolved, let’s have a good chat."

     "Resolve your grievances, I'll go to rest first." After saying that, Guo Huai jumped and landed on the stargazing platform of Ghost Medicine Sect. The mid-level of Opening Light allowed him to faintly see the three. The situation of Qin Fengyu's masterpiece ten miles away made him nodded. Father Qin is really doing his best today. Once the Ghost Medicine Sect problem is resolved, he has to give him some benefits.

     Ghost Medicine Sect counts He Yuanjie with sixty-three people, Four Shapes has nearly a hundred people, but the current situation is that Ghost Medicine Sect is more vigorous, and all the 13 people at the peak of Innate have entered the realm of Opening Light, the original realm of Opening Light. Of the nine people, although no one broke through the Opening Light Stage and entered the Bigu Stage, their current strength has risen to a level, and the hidden illnesses on their bodies disappeared, making them uncomfortable.

     "He Yuanjie, you can't escape Ghost Medicine Sect alone this time." Li Feng said loudly. Although she felt the change of He Yuanjie's breath just now, she didn't believe that more than ninety people in Four Shapes could not win Ghost Medicine Sect. Of more than 60 guys with hidden illnesses."Li Feng, I don't want to hurt you today, you go, I will visit Four Shapes later." He Yuanjie said softly. Sixty years ago, Li Feng and He Yuanjie were a couple, but in the end because of character problems separate. Li Feng later married an elder of the Four Shapes sect and had a child, but her child was stubborn and broke into the forbidden area of Ghost Medicine Sect one day. He Yuanjie was severely injured in the palm of his hand. Later, because of the injury, he could not save it. Come here, so Li Feng is very cruel to He Yuanjie.

     He Yuanjie feels ashamed of Li Feng for so many years, so he can bear the provocation of the Four Shapes sect, but he can't think of it. This time the Four Shapes sect wants to destroy their Ghost Medicine Sect. This is like Guo. Huai said the same, forbearance, I can't bear it.

     "He Yuanjie, there is no need to fake compassion here anymore, it doesn't matter who wins and who loses, it depends on the move." Then, Li Feng's soft sword stabbed He Yuanjie.

     "All Ghost Medicine Sect disciples are instructed, the Four Shapes sect is here today, so you must kill all of them, not leaving one." He Yuanjie said with a sullen face, Li Feng's sword has been pierced in front of him, and he directly stretched out his right hand to grasp He held the soft sword, and then violently pulled Li Feng to his side, and slapped Li Feng on the shoulder.The sixty-two Innate masters of Ghost Medicine Sect listened to He Yuanjie's words, and they boiled all of a sudden. After so many years of tolerance, they can finally vent. Not to mention whether they can win the Four Shapes Zong, but the opportunity to play this time has silenced them for several years, and even more than ten years of blood is boiling again.

     "Kill, for the sake of our Ghost Medicine Sect brothers who have died over the years, kill this group of shreds." Ghost Medicine Sect, a master of Opening Light peak realm, roared and directly confronted two Masters of Opening Light Stage of Four Shapes Sect. The years of forbearance can finally burst out, and the hidden illness of the body has been solved. If the lump in his heart can be solved, Bigu Stage is not a dream for him.

     "Kill, for our dead brother, kill the offspring of the Four Shapes sect."

     The people of Ghost Medicine Sect shouted loudly, basically with one enemy and two, but they did not lose the wind. The disciples of the Four Shapes sect were completely stunned. These people are still the Ghost Medicine Sect disciples who let them bully in the back mountains. What? They are wolves, leopards, and tigers. They are Martial Cultivator masters who can beat them without fighting back.

     Li Feng endured the severe pain and watched the Four Shapes Sect’s proud Martial Cultivator being defeated by the Ghost Medicine Sect people. At this time, she knew that no matter how many people could return to the Four Shapes Sect this time, Four The Shapes collection is over."Big brother, if you don't come again, the Four Shapes sect will really be over." Li Feng shouted at the distance in desperation, Yin Tianjin leaped up, and he who has recovered his seven successful strengths knows this Four Shapes. Zong is in trouble, and the most stubborn Li Feng shouted out such words. He knew what a stupid absolute he had made this time.

     Qiao Renduan and the White Tiger Sect prisoner leaped up at the same time, but they didn't go far before they were stopped by Qin Fengyu, who had also recovered seven or eight success.

     "Qin Fengyu, are you ready to take care of today's affairs? When today's affairs are resolved, we at Four Shapes will go to Mt. Zhou and visit you and Mt. Zhou." Qiao Renduan gritted his teeth and said, Qin Fengyu he he smiled, "Come if you want, but you Four Shapes Sect can escape today's disaster." Then, Qin Fengyu's figure flashed, and the two Bigu going out were not enough for him, the master of Bigu's mid-term. .

     "Sister Si, what's the matter." Yin Tianjin passed through the fighting crowd and saw Li Feng lying on the ground, waiting for He Yuanjie fiercely, and asked softly.

     "Big brother, He Yuanjie's current strength is at least in the mid-Bigu realm. All Martial Cultivators of their Ghost Medicine Sect are different from our intelligence these years. The Four Shapes Sect is over." Li Feng shook his head and said."I don't believe it, I don't believe it." Yin Tianjin yelled, and rushed directly to He Yuanjie. He Yuanjie's eyes showed a slaying heart. Just when Yin Tianjin was about to hit He Yuanjie, He Yuanjie's figure flashed. , Having reached behind Yin Tianjin, he slammed a fist towards Yin Tianjin's head.

     "No!" Li Feng roared not far away, one move, but one move. Yin Tianjin's head was like a ripe watermelon falling to the ground, and He Yuanjie punched it to pieces.

     "Father!" Yin Zui yelled out of the fighting crowd, and then was punched in the heart by a disciple of Opening Light Stage's Ghost Medicine Sect, and fell straight to the ground, and he couldn't die again.

     In fifteen minutes, more than ninety Four Shapes disciples, except for a few disciples who were seriously injured and unable to fight back, all died, and all of them died under the fist of Ghost Medicine Sect's revenge.

     "Li Feng, let's go, I won't kill you, you only know that your precious son was seriously injured back then, do you know that the grandson of my twins was killed by your son?" He Yuanjie said with red eyes, Ghost Several of Medicine Sect's disciples who knew something inside shook their heads helplessly.

     "I don't believe it, ah! ah! ah!" Li Feng yelled, flying away from the cliff of Ghost Medicine Sect.Qiao Renduan and Prisoner Feng were captured by He Yuanjie and Qin Fengyu together. The two of them were considered sturdy and directly shattered the meridians of the whole body. The grievances of Ghost Medicine Sect and Four Shapes Sect were forgotten.

     "Dad, a total of 23 disciples of our Ghost Medicine Sect were killed this time, and seven people were seriously injured in the Four Shapes Sect. Even if they were rescued, they would not be able to break through the Houtian realm." He Mo's old man He Wenshan said softly.

     "Twenty-three Ghost Medicine Sect disciples and the dead Four Shapes disciples are buried in the back mountain together. The seven Four Shapes disciples who are still alive, save them if you can. Yin-Yang Mountain has been sealed for ten years. All the disciples of Ghost Medicine Sect are not allowed to leave Yin-Yang Mountain, except He Mo, and are not allowed to go to the Four Shapes sect to seek revenge. Since then, Ghost Medicine Sect and Four Shapes have all their grievances." He Yuanjie said loudly, and Ghost Medicine Sect disciples one after another. nod.

     "Little Huai, come down, our business is done, we should talk about our business." He Yuanjie looked at Guo Huai on the stargazing platform and looked at everything under the stage with his cheeks in his hands. It is hard for him to imagine. In the fierce battle, the young man in front of him had a calm expression like watching a play. This kid was definitely a talent.

     "Master, the grievance is gone? Is grievance really possible?" Guo Huai narrowed his eyes and waved his hand. The seven seriously injured Four Shapes disciples no longer breathed.
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