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Chapter Directory 243 Dizzy Without Drinking
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

There are more and more people. The busiest person in Ghost Medicine Sect is not Guo Huai, but the cook of Ghost Medicine Sect. Originally, He Yuanjie started taking everything into account and thought it was enough to get 18 tables of dishes, but look at this one now. Posture, no one hundred and eighty tables is definitely not enough.

     "He Yang, what are you guys doing? Hurry up and get out of here, where to stay cool, no, you can't stay there yet, quickly change your clothes and go to the cafeteria to help, you go to this place, are you still ready to drink wedding wine? "He Wenshan was busy sweating profusely, and suddenly saw a few younger uncles of He Family sitting in the seats talking and laughing, and suddenly he was out of breath.

     "Uncle, you can just go busy, don't worry about us, we will serve ourselves when we eat, and we don't need other brothers to trouble." He Yang didn't understand what He Wenshan meant, and said with a smile. When people looked at He Wenshan who was already angry, he knew what it meant and stood up.

     "Hunboy, do you think that you have made a lot of progress recently and want to sign ah with me." He Wenshan said loudly, and then slapped He Yang on the head. At this time, He Yang knew what was going on and fled. The same ran towards the cafeteria. Before the other people laughed, He Wenshan slapped him again.The wedding of Guo Huai and He Mo in Ghost Medicine Sect this time is considered to be the most lively event in Ghost Medicine Sect in the past 100 years. He Wenshan was drunk for three days. If it weren’t for He Yuanjie’s later ban on alcohol, I don’t know that these people have to drink. What is it like, where did the wine come from? Of course it is not Guo Huai's fine wines. These wines were brought to Yin-Yang Mountain by a truck from Jia Yuan, a rich businessman.

     "Fourth old, we are gone, we can't watch you show affection anymore, my younger brother and sister said, when we have time, take us to your teacher's gate to play, there are many beautiful women, then you can't talk nonsense." Jia Yuan is drunk. Said to Guo Huai, Guo Huai smiled and nodded, go to our teacher's gate, go chant, as long as you can fly to Heaven Realm, then you will definitely let Yu'er (Jade) find you a little fairy.

     Guo Huai has naturally not been idle these days. He has obtained so many medicinal materials from Ghost Medicine Sect's medicine room and has a new furnace. The success rate of alchemy is much higher. The pill he obtained in three days is higher than the previous one. Of course, Guo Huai also gave He Mo a gift of the Lord of the Week. The yang poison in He Mo's body has been completely fixed. Now He Mo is also in the peak state of Innate. Of course, Guo Huai has also benefited a lot, Nine Yang Profound Body, although he didn't restore his immortal power, he still stabilized his Opening Light mid-term state.

     "Bad guy, the guests are gone, when shall we return to Wucheng ah." He Mo asked softly, lying in Guo Huai's arms."Isn't it great now? I hope to stay on this Yin-Yang Mountain for the rest of my life, and live the life of this mandarin duck and not the immortal." Guo Huai said with a smile, his hands began to become dishonest again.

     "It sounds good. I have caused so many romantic debts. Don't you still want to hide in Yin-Yang Mountain? Please be honest and get up quickly. Yu'er (Jade) saw it yesterday." He Mo flushed slightly. Said, Guo Huai didn't care so much. After a while, the most primitive passion was once again staged in a large courtyard of Ghost Medicine Sect.

     "Wenshan, what do you think ah." He Wenhai asked with a smile looking at his brother.

     "Ocean, how is my son-in-law?" He Wenshan said with squinting eyes. Recently, he has been out of the limelight. Guo Huai is also fine with his old husband. As long as he has a good medicine, he will never forget He Wenshan. Now Although He Wenshan is not the master of the sect, the people of Ghost Medicine Sect now have a little more respect for this half-old man with poor medical skills. Who made him the old man of Guo Huai?

     "Wen Shan, what your son-in-law didn’t say, I am envy, jealous and hate now. Whoever let your younger siblings give birth to me are sons. If I have a girl like He Mo and find a man like this to marry, that’s really The ancestors accumulate virtue ah." He Wenhai said with a trace of envy."He he, after all these days, I hope Little Mo can give Guo Huai a boy and a half girl. This kid is too bothered. If they can't have a child, I'm afraid Little Mo will suffer in the future." He Wenshan said softly. .

     The black line on He Wenhai's face, this is what a father can say no, this old man is really crazy.

     "Elder Brother Huai, it’s late, are you not ready to get up?" Just as the passion between Guo Huai and He Mo just ended, Yu'er (Jade) appeared in front of them again with a smirk, and He Mo led With a trace of shyness covering his head, Guo Huai was so generous, he just wanted to see, and got up with his upper body.

     "Bad guy, hurry up and pack things. Yesterday I fortune-telling, we have to go to Mt. Shǔ." Yu'er (Jade) said to Guo Huai. Guo Huai was taken aback. He hadn’t been fortune-telling recently, but now. Mt. Shǔ, it takes at least a month to go back and forth, he is afraid of delaying the wedding with Lin Shuang.

     "Anyway, I told you what to do. You should have a bottom line in your heart." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile, "There are not many things recently. If you wait until the Third Crown Prince is born, you will think about going to Mt. Shǔ may not have a chance."

     Guo Huai was taken aback, looked at a serious Yu'er (Jade), and nodded lightly. Although the Third Crown Prince's lower realm has nothing to do with him, everything is connected. Yu'er (Jade) mentioned the Third Crown Prince. It seems that there are some things that cannot be separated from me."This stinky girl, it seems that she is really passionate about the bastard of Telepath True Monarch. My Yu'er (Jade) from Moon Palace can't come back." Chang'e looked at everything in Mortal World through the Returning Light Mirror. , I couldn’t help laughing, not far away Wu Gang and Yang Jian, who were fighting fiercely, stopped at the same time. What is the nerve of this elder sister? The two looked at each other, and they had left Moon Palace, thirty-three days away. In the ancient times, I don’t know which one of the big players left behind in a martial contest.

     "Virtue!" Chang'e pouted and said loudly, looking at Wu Gang and Yang Jian who were thirty-three days away. Of course, Guo Huai does not know what happened to Heaven Realm.

     Guo Huai finally appeared in front of everyone in the evening. He first told He Yuanjie of his itinerary. He Yuanjie nodded thoughtfully, and then a bunch of people began to drink with Guo Huai. Guo Huai is refuse nobody, anyone thinks. I don't understand how much wine can be put in Guo Huai's belly.

     "Little Huai, let's take one. You can't sorry our Little Mo. If you do a blind job, the old man will not spare you." After speaking, He Wenshan raised his head and drained the cup in one gulp. .

     "Don't forgive me, I want to see what the father-in-law has." Guo Huai said with a smirk, and laughed again in a room."Grandpa, we are going back, you must take care of your health. If you come to Wucheng, tell me in advance." He Mo said softly to He Yuanjie with a trace of dismay.

     "We will definitely go to the Little Huai Imperial Capital wedding, and you will take care of yourself. Ghost Medicine Sect can have today, Little Mo, you one's contributions cannot go unnoticed ah." He Yuanjie said with a smile, but then felt something was wrong. , Guo Huai Imperial Capital was married, that was his grandson-in-law, what was his enthusiasm for following him, thinking about it, He Yuanjie slapped his head fiercely, and he was dizzy without drinking.
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