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Chapter Directory 244 Roast Beef And Lamb Chicken
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

He Yuanjie sent Guo Huai and several people to the foot of Yin-Yang Mountain. Guo Huai gave three pills to He Yuanjie. An old fox and an old fox looked at each other. Guo Huai walked into the car and Li Yào drove. He drove towards Wucheng like flying, He Yuanjie ran towards Ghost Medicine Sect, the business was finished, and the Four Shapes case should be completely resolved. A few days later, news from Yin-Yang Mountain, Four The entire sect of Shapes was infected with the plague, and no one was spared. The place before the Four Shapes sect was all sealed off ten miles away.

     "The Four Shapes sect is over? How is this possible? Ghost Medicine Sect can't handle the Four Shapes sect. Check, go and check, what happened to the Four Shapes sect." In less than a month, all the Martial Cultivator schools in China basically knew about it, but Mt. Zhou Peng Tianhua touched his beard. Recently, it was rumored that his old brother Qin Fengyu appeared on Yin-Yang Mountain. I don’t know about Four Shapes. Is Zong's matter related to him?

     Of course, Guo Huai didn't know the following things at all. Several people took turns driving. Almost the next morning, the car stopped in front of Clinic of No Treatment. The first person to come out to meet was not the students from Clinic of No Treatment. It's Tongyuan Daoist Guo Tongyuan who is badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire).

     "Boss, you can count as coming back. If you don't come back again, I will look for you." Guo Tongyuan ran to Guo Huai and said loudly."I have been working hard recently, haha, but you have got a lot of benefits." Guo Huai said with a smile, "You have to stay at the Clinic of No Treatment town hall for a while. Yu'er (Jade) and I will go to Mt early tomorrow morning. . Shǔ ."

     "I'll go too, Mt. Shǔ I know, let me go together, boss, I beg you." Guo Tongyuan said softly, "Boss, Mt. Shǔ, but there are some interesting things that others don’t know, Mt. Shǔ I don’t know the old ways, only I know, it will definitely be useful to you."

     "Senior Tongyuan, I hope you didn't lie to me. If there is nothing I want by then, just wait." Guo Huai said with a smile, as he agreed to Tongyuan Daoist's request.

     "Kong Fei, you and Dazhu will find a place to live in a while. This time you two will follow together. Old Qin and Clinic of No Treatment will be handed over to you." Guo Huai said with a smile, "This bottle You take the pill. The path of Martial Cultivator is based on the cultivation of the heart and supplemented by the self-cultivation. However, if you continue to rely on the pill to improve your strength, even if you can finally rise to the Heaven Realm, then it will be nothing more than a mess at Heavenly Court. Which is more important, I think Old Qin should understand."

     Qin Fengyu nodded lightly and took the jade bottle with a hint of feeling. The injury he had dealt with the Four Shapes sect at Yin-Yang Mountain that day was cured by Guo Huai, allowing him to see Guo Huai's capabilities thoroughly. Now I admire this boy who is too young to look at."Little Mo, you, how can you marry Guo Huai ah." Liu Yaoshi pulled He Mo aside and whispered.

     "Shishi, why can't it? Our matchmaker said that he was getting married, so I married." He Mo said with a smile. On the way back, she knew that several good friends of Clinic of No Treatment would ask her like this, especially Liu Yaoshi, Guo Huai told He Mo to answer Liu Yaoshi like this.

     "Yes, but Guo Huai will go to Imperial Capital to marry Sister Lin Shuang next month, you..." Liu Yaoshi didn't know how to say it. Looking at the red face of He Mo, his face was unconscious. It became red.

     "Shishi, you should know more about my family, and you should also know the martial art of the big bad guy. Martial Cultivator differs to some extent from ordinary people. The big bad guy has the ability. He wants to marry a few. If you want to marry He, as long as the bad guy agrees, I have no objection, and Yu'er (Jade) must have no objection." He Mo said as he said, his face flushed.

     "Little Mo, what are you talking nonsense." Liu Yaoshi ran away like an escape. He Mo looked at his close friend, probably guessed what Liu Yaoshi was thinking, and couldn't help but laugh.Guo Huai returned to Clinic of No Treatment. Clinic of No Treatment became lively again. They all knew that He Mo and Guo Huai were married. Several girls started chatting with He Mo. Chen Jiadi and several others also joked about Guo Huai. Tongyuan Daoist did a lot of effort in the past few days when he walked in Guo Huai, and there were few intractable diseases waiting to be treated outside.

     "Brother Yao, you have to use your big Jeep tomorrow." After lunch, Guo Huai smiled to Li Yào and said, "You and the second and third brothers will wait for me to come back. I will give you some good things."

     "Fourth old, let's take a plane and drive to Mt. Shǔ. You dare to imagine, take a plane and land directly at the scenic airport. I have a friend over there and I will let him pick you up." Li Yào said with a smile .

     "Aircraft? Forget it. I have a shadow on that thing. I drove for three days. Dazhu Kong Fei and I took turns, one person a day." Guo Huai said with a smile, thinking about what happened last time. Zhanxian left a shadow.

     "Haha, fourth, you still want to do what happened on the plane last time. It was an accident. I can’t get you a military helicopter and go straight to it. By the way, brother, you seem to be the commander now. Haha, what a big officer. "Jia Yuan said with a smile, and several other people also laughed.However, no matter what several people said, Guo Huai still let Li Yào keep his big Jeep. Early the next morning, Guo Huai, Yu'er (Jade), Tongyuan Daoist, Xuē Dazhu, and Kong Fei moved towards Mt. Shǔ go ahead.

     "Boss, Dazhu and Kong Fei, do you have to give me one? My hands are itchy recently, and I will practice hand skills as an apprentice." Tongyuan Daoist said with a smile. Xuē Dazhu knew the origin of the child in front of him and didn't say anything. However, Kong Fei let Guo Tongyuan calm down. This kid has a good tone.

     "Senior Tongyuan, I want to accept apprentices and find them by myself. Don't move my people, or make gestures with Yu'er (Jade). If you can beat my Big Wife, I can consider letting one of them follow You learn something." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     Tongyuan Daoist looked at Yu'er (Jade) sitting in the front row, thinking about the strength that Yu'er (Jade) showed these days, shook his head severely, but let it go, although I don’t know Yu'er (Jade) Why is he in the lower realm? I don't know who Yu'er (Jade) was in Heavenly Court, but such a person is still less subtle.

     "Haha, Big Wife, what have you done to them, why are they afraid of you." Guo Huai said with a smile."Elder Brother Huai, I haven't done anything to them. If you want to learn from each other, I can accompany you." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile, Guo Huai was sweating fiercely, "Forget it, let's They are three good couples, no domestic violence." The three of them laughed as they looked at Guo Huai who was crippled.

     Guo Huai drove for about eight hours. The car got off the highway and drove into a small county town, and then he was in front of a hotel with a decent exterior decoration.

     "Boss, I'm hungry, do you want to eat first?" Guo Tongyuan said with a smile, Dazhu and Kong Fei nodded quickly, Guo Huai touched his stomach, yes, I drove for eight hours. I was really hungry. The five of them didn't have any luggage, so they parked the car, drove four rooms, and then walked towards a small barbecue stall not far away.

     "Bad guy, go to eat in another place, this place is disgusting." Yu'er (Jade) whispered before a few people sat down.

     "Disgusting? Not disgusting, the food here smells good." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "It's not disgusting, what do you think are grilled, beef, mutton, chicken, chicken, you want to eat it, I'll go somewhere else to eat." Yu'er (Jade) whispered."Sister Yu'er (Jade), you are too fierce. The grilled meat is beef, lamb, chicken wings, chicken offal. You read it vertically, but you read it horizontally." Xuē Dazhu whispered, Yu'er (Jade)'s face The brush became red, Guo Huai and Tongyuan Daoist laughed haha, Kong Fei and Xuē Dazhu laughed after holding back for a while.
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