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Chapter Directory 246 Always Do Alley For Bad Things
    Chinese Name: 飲庈眳毞穸稃珈  Author: 嬝硌湮忴(Ji迅 zh走 d角sh迂, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"How do you know so much?" Wang Long calmly told Guo Huai about what happened seven days ago. Guo Huai asked, looking at this young man who was about his age.

     "Because the three female students who died were classmates in our class." Wang Long said softly, as if trying to hide something.

     "Because the three female students are classmates in your class, because one of the three is your girlfriend, because you were there that day, right?" Yu'er (Jade) looked at Wang Long and asked softly. Wang Long raised his head and looked at the beautiful and insulting girl in front of him. He did not admit or deny it.

     "Since there are your beloved ones and you are at the scene again, why not sue them." Xu言 Dazhu asked loudly.

     "Brother, keep your voice down." Wang Long got up and covered Xu言 Dazhu's mouth, and said softly, "Sue them? How to sue? Everyone who sang together at KTV that day had a backstage, Xiang Yu didn't say anything, but There are the sons of the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the nephew of the president of the court, and the son of the director of the Public Security Bureau. All of them are the second generation ancestors of Yunxi County.

     "What about you? Whose second generation ancestor are you?" Guo Huai asked with a smile after taking a mouthful of the meat skewers.

     "Me? I'm not the second generation ancestor, I am a dog under the second generation ancestor with good academic performance." Wang Long stared at Guo Huai and said. "Yes, I am a dog, I killed them.""We are just a few passersby in this small county. It's useless for you to tell us about this. Let's go, don't disturb us eating." Guo Huai glanced at Wang Long and said softly, Xu言 Dazhu wanted to say something. Kong Fei stopped.

     "Do you really care?" Wang Long asked again.

     "Why should I manage? There are so many unclear things in the world, not to mention whether I can manage it. If I manage them all, I don't have such a lot of energy." Guo Huai said softly.

     "You take care of it. From the first time I saw you, I knew this matter. Everyone in Yunxi County can take care of it, and no one can take care of it in Yumo City. But you can take care of it. Said the strongest." Wang Long said loudly, and the people on the surrounding tables all looked at this place.

     "You watch too much, I can't take care of this." Guo Huai finished speaking, and once again issued the eviction order. At this time, seven or eight young people dressed in young and Dangerous at a dining table not far away came over here. .

     "I know I deserve to die too, but I hope you can help Little Yun and the others get justice." What else did Wang Long want to say, seven or eight young people have gathered around, and the red-haired young man who took the lead among the seven people hugged. Lived Wang Long."Brother Long, I haven't seen you for a few days. What are you talking about?" The red-haired young man said with a smile, "Let*s go and sit down with us. It."

     "Isn't Brother Yu going abroad?" Wang Long was stunned and asked in a low voice, "Brother Gu走, I have something to do, let's go now."

     "Go? Where do you go? Let's talk to some guys about Yunxi County's bad things the other day? Don't worry!" The young man named Brother Gu走 slapped Wang Long on the head. .

     "Brother Hai, don't move the food at this table. We will come back and eat later. Let us heat it up. Let's go out." Brother Gu走 said loudly to Peng Dahai who was grilling skewers. He replied, he didn't dare to offend these people unless he didn't want to do it at the barbecue restaurant.

     "Brother Gu走, what are you taking me for?" Several young men took Wang Long and walked towards a dark alley.

     "What are you doing? I'm not going, I have something to do, let me go." Wang Long shouted loudly, but he was no student than a few young people in society, and disappeared into the dark alley after a while.

     "Brother Huai, don't care?" Xu言 Dazhu asked softly while looking at the alley just now."Don't use your inner strength, Kong Fei, let's go over and take a look with Dazhu." Guo Huai said with a smile. He picked up a handful of cold meat skewers and walked to Peng Dahai's side without talking. .

     "Little brother, do you really want to take care of this?" Peng Dahai couldn't help but asked softly.

     "Do you want me to take care of it or do you not want me to take care of it?" Guo Huai said with a smile, "If I take care of it, is it waived before this meal, haha."

     "Little brother, let*s tell you that one of the three girls is a child of one of my distant relatives, Qi Family. Little Yun*s child has been smart since he was young. There is no one among our relatives who says she is good. The animal is harmed. This is the sky without eyes." Peng Dahai shook his head and said.

     "The sky has no eyes? Haha, yes, there are indeed some people blind as a bat (figuratively) above, but since the arrangement is arranged for me to meet, I can't say that he has no eyes." Guo Huai said softly, "This meal is for you Yes, leave it to me for a few students, haha.§ After saying that, Guo Huai picked up the skewers that had been grilled again and walked to the position, smiling and sharing half of them with an excited Yu'er (Jade).

     "Brother Gu走, what do you want to do?" Wang Long asked tremblingly in a corner blocked by seven people."Didn't you just say that it was very happy? What are you doing? Little Yu said, after thinking about it, there is another disturbing factor, that is, you, you know too much." Brother Gu走 said, there was an extra one in his hand. Steel tubes with the thickness of a child's arm.

     "Brother Fei, where did your mobile phone come from? The video can be recorded so clearly in such a dark place." Xu言 Dazhu and Kong Fei also walked into the alley. Xu言 Dazhu held a cell phone to the group in the corner The man said with a smile.

     "Zhuzi, when I return to Imperial Capital this time, I will get you one. This item is a limited edition, and anyone who has this phone in China can count it." Kong Fei said with a smile. He is true, and it is provided by Violent Dragon Group. The mobile phone is a mobile phone specially developed and developed by the China Military Industry Institute. Although it does not look very good, it is powerful enough to make people staggering.

     "Then I would like to thank Brother Fei in advance." Xu言 Dazhu said with a smile, "You said that if a few of them kill this Wang Long and we post the video to the Internet, do they still hope to escape the law? "

     Kong Fei hasn*t answered yet. Seven young people walked towards Xu言 Dazhu and Kong Fei. Brother Gu走*s steel pipe hit the wall of the alley. Pieces of the wall fell down, and the other six took them from them. A variety of weapons came out."You two are going to be nostalgic? Let me tell you this. If you just pass by Yunxi County, why should you go? It's to give your brother some face. If you are sent by the boss, go and report to the Lord. When I arrive, Master Xiang won't treat a few people badly." Brother Gu走 said, squinting.

     "Master Xiang? It's such a big master, but our Master Huai said, we have to take this person away, so it is convenient." Xu言 Dazhu said with a smile.

     Before Xu言 Dazhu's words fell, Brother Gu走 winked, and the six people rushed towards the two Kong Fei.

     "Bang Bang Bang!" The baseball bat and the steel pipe fell on Xu言 Dazhu and Kong Fei without any fancy. Three minutes later, the six gangsters felt their hands numb, and they couldn't help but retreat.

     "Weak and weak, it's too weak, are you just like you?" Kong Fei stood up with a smile, hit the dust on his body, looked at the seven people and said with a smile, Xu言 Dazhu agreed very much. nod.

     "Two people, the mountains don't turn, don't force us." Brother Gu走 shouted as they watched.

     "According to psychological analysis, you say so loudly that you are scared. Another point is that you seem to have a hole card. According to normal guesses, you should have a decent weapon." Kong Fei said with a smile, Xu言 Dazhu again Nodded with a smile."Go to death, you two are looking for death. I tell you, if you dare to manage Yunxi County's affairs, you are looking for death." Then Brother Gu走 had a May Fourth pistol in his hand and pointed directly at Xu言 Dazhu and Kong Fei." Let*s kill the two of you first. We will clean up the three of you. The lady is so watery, we won*t waste it, go to death!§

     "In all these years, what I hate most is that someone pointed a gun at me." Kong Fei's face sank, and the moment Brother Gu走 pulled the trigger, the May Fourth pistol had changed its owner.
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