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Chapter Directory 253 The Dust Settles
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

At the end of the first video, Xiang Xiongshan's face was ashamed. He later learned that his son had killed three female students, and then began to compensate the three female students’ families, and both kindness and strength, but he did not see this video. He has only one feeling now, he deserves to die, everyone involved in this matter deserves to die.

     "Secretary Xiang, are you in tears? Are you conscious? It's rare that you can still have such a pure land in your heart, but let's look at your essence." Guo Huai finished, and the second video was released, one by one. At that time, the case of Yunxi County was turned over. Yunxi Living Hades, Xiang Xiongshan, not just in name only, but also in reality.

     "To kill these dog officials, you must kill them." The crowd shouted loudly.

     The others who stood on the stage with Xiang Xiongshan began to look at Brother Xiang Jia, the Hades of Yunxi County, with a disdainful look. It’s really extraordinary. Fortunately, I stood in the right position. Otherwise, maybe it’s like some people. He was tied with a stone and sank into the moat.

     "Chief Gao, I'll leave this to you. The sentence can be up to three years." In a small box, although it is dark, the two sides of the conversation can be seen, the president of the court Gao Hongjun, and the director of the tax bureau Li Dongsheng , And a few businessmen."Chief Li rest assured, the maximum sentence is three years, but it can be guaranteed to come out in one year, don't worry." A few people touched their glasses, and more than 10,000 bottles of foreign wine had already been drunk.

     "I know what this is. Three years ago, Huasheng Wood Industry went bankrupt. You still know that they declared bankruptcy. This man is the owner of Huasheng Wood Industry. He raised funds in our county at that time and made more than 200 million yuan. We were bankrupt, and all our hard-earned money was not returned. Later, the boss of Huasheng Wood was sentenced and nothing was left.” A middle-aged man said loudly, and everyone around him recognized who they were. It was the cooperation of the government and businessmen that severely slaughtered the people of Yunxi County.

     "Clean up here, reporters, reporters are great, toast, not eat, drink, fine wine, give money, what do you want to do ah." The director and deputy directors of the Environmental Protection Agency were on the top floor of the KTV. A reporter from Imperial Capital. Later, it seemed that the reporter had a relationship with the young lady in KTV and was killed by the young lady’s boyfriend without giving money. What a bloody plot.

     "Chief Zhang, meaning. My child graduated this year, and I will need Chief Zhang's help in the future." Li Wanfa, the CEO of Yunxi County Wanfa Company, handed a heavy brown paper bag to Chief Zhang of the County Land Bureau."Old Li, I have seen your son's interview results. The fourth place is still a problem. Let's go back and study it." Chief Zhang walked out of the box with a kraft paper bag, Li Wanfa looked smug.

     "Haha, it's really ridiculous. Back then, I was the first in the written test and my interview performance was perfect. I lost to the son of such a man. Can you only fight for father?" A young man with a briefcase shook Shaking his head to receive.

     "Liu Shangze, right, Master Guo told you not to leave. Something will find you." When Liu Shangze was about to turn and leave, he was called by a soldier and said to him with a smile. Liu Shangze was taken aback, but he was still old. Honestly, he followed the soldier into a tent that hadn't been set up a long time ago.

     Next, nearly a hundred pieces of video material were played. Most of the addresses are in the summer passion KTV, various violations of rules and disciplines, crimes and crimes. Yunxi County is strictly banned, and those who surrender themselves are treated with leniency. , The one who ran away? How could you run away? More than 10,000 soldiers came from the Northwest Military Region. Do you think they are vegetarian?"Master Guo, thank you for your contribution to our Yunxi County. In front of the iron evidence, they have to recruit if they don't." The head of Yunxi County Gao Qingyun looked at Guo Huai and said, comfortable. Today, not only the people of Yunxi County are comfortable, he The county magistrate was also very comfortable. The Xiangjia people were taken down, and most of the people standing with Xiangjia were also taken down. His good days are finally coming.

     "Brother, this is Gao Qingyun, the head of our Yunxi County." Ma Jie started contacting Gao Qingyun yesterday and felt that Gao Qingyun was OK. Although he was a little careful, he didn't seem to be a treacherous person.

     "It turned out to be the Magistrate Gao, Yu'er (Jade), come here and get to know the Magistrate Xia." Guo Huai said with a smile, and Yu'er (Jade) walked over quickly.

     Gao Qingshan glanced at Yu'er (Jade), and was immediately attracted by Yu'er (Jade)'s beauty. I am afraid that only Heavens Above has such a look.

     "Gao County Chief, take a look, there are so many corrupt officials in Yunxi County, are you a good official?" Yu'er (Jade) asked with a smile, a faint purple light appeared in his eyes, and then, Gao Qingshan was stunned.

     "Master Guo, give me the microphone, I have something to say." No matter whether Guo Huai agrees or not, Gao Qingshan grabbed the microphone and stood on stage."My name is Gao Qingshan, I am guilty." As he said, Gao Qingshan knelt directly on the makeshift platform in the square. "I am guilty. When I first came to Yunxi County, I got a waiter in the guest house. I don’t need any more money. I destroyed a lot of reports when I was working at the Yunxi County Commission for Discipline Inspection. Otherwise, Yunxi County’s problems would have been exposed long ago. As the officials become more involved, my ambitions become greater. I need Money, I need power, and I also need women. Of course, with the first two, the last one will be easier."

     Gao Qingshan told stories about the viciousness he committed recently, one by one, and the people in the square opened their eyes. This is the only pure land left in Yunxi County in their hearts, but they did not expect it to be so dirty.

     In the end, the Xiang family brothers, their two "good" sons, the Gao family father and son, and the government officials of Yunxi County who were killed were all executed. The above considerations were very thoughtful, and they were afraid of any problems in Yunxi County. The head of the county and the secretary of the county party committee were transferred directly to the county for a period of time.

     Guo Huai glanced at the county party secretary and county head of Yunxi County. They were soaked with sweat. Guo Huai shook his head helplessly, hoping to kill one to warn a hundred.All the people who were shot were taken away by the special brigade of the Northwest Military Region. Ma Jie watched these people gritted their teeth and walked from a rural child into the army step by step. Unexpectedly, the people’s parents were like this, Ma Jie and Guo. Huai said goodbye, and personally escorted everyone to the execution ground.

     Guo Huai looked at the people in the square who refused to leave for a long time, and stood on the stage again.

     "Today is a day worth celebrating in Yunxi County. I hope everyone can cheer up. The future of Yunxi County will be bright. It is the first time for Guo Huai to come to Yunxi County and the second time. I hope that next time When I go to Yunxi County, I can see everyone happy." Guo Huai said loudly, "I hope everyone will leave in an orderly manner. After 6 o'clock this evening, the speech of Secretary Jiang of Lin County will be broadcast live on TV. I think Secretary Jiang will do a good job in Yunxi County."

     At this time, the people on the square once again remembered that it was the young people on this screen that brought Yunxi County a new tomorrow. Suddenly a strong wordless and uncommunicative power of virtue entered Guo Huai's body, but Guo Huai There is another thing that I worry about, how to deal with Xiao Yunyun's grievances. If the grievances persist, things will be difficult to handle when the prefecture sends black and white impermanence.
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