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Chapter Directory 254 Save The Wronged Soul
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Elder Brother Huai, I did a good job just now." Yu'er (Jade) looked at Guo Huai and said in a low voice. Just now Gao Qingshan convicted all his previous crimes. Yu'er (Jade) indeed one's contributions cannot go unnoticed .

     "It must be, who is my daughter-in-law? You are the result of today's affairs." Guo Huai smiled and said, "Yu'er (Jade), send the Buddha to the west, look at the soul of Heavens Above. There is no way. I remember that Great Witch had a lot of ways to engage in fraudulent activities to deceive ghost soldiers."

     Yu'er (Jade) frowned when he heard Guo Huai's words. When he followed Chang'e sister, he did a lot of such things. In order to save some descendants of Great Witch, he often followed the ghost soldiers of the underworld Playing hide-and-seek games, but when I followed my sister, most of the things were done by my sister. What is the strength of my sister? The power of the ten 3rd Heavenly Layer is to go to the underworld in person, and Lord Yan dare not say anything.

     "It's not easy?" Guo Huai looked at Yu'er (Jade) and asked softly. If there is no other way but to give up, he also knows that if the wronged soul is not well controlled, if there is any trouble in the future because of the wronged soul , Are all my own problems.

     "My mana is only a little bit left, but now there are many ghost soldiers of the Great Witch generation. I will find a way to be a stand-in doll. I can't say whether I can avoid the ghost soldiers." Yu'er (Jade) said softly, Guo Huai nodded gently, "Safety first, you must be careful."Yu'er (Jade) nodded and took the Lao Jun Hulu that Guo Huai handed into the tent. Guo Huai wanted to follow but was rejected by Yu'er (Jade). The substitute doll Guo Huai also heard of It can only be done by one person.

     There were fewer and fewer people on the square. The stagnant water in Yunxi County seemed to have been silent for a long time. Everyone entered a large rock, and it boiled all at once. Basically all the hotels and restaurants were full. The entire Yunxi County was like a holiday.

     Yu'er (Jade) was busy in the tent for almost half an hour, and walked out pale, Guo Huai hurried over, and a stand-in doll similar to the mid-air appeared in Yu'er (Jade)'s hands.

     "Yu'er (Jade) is so stupid, if you need the blood of Great Witch, there are Kong Fei and Dazhu, why do you put your own blood ah." Guo Huai said with a trace of distress.

     "The wronged soul is a woman. You can't deceive the ghost soldier with the blood of the two of them." Yu'er (Jade) said softly, "Elder Brother Huai, in a moment you will arrange the Array Formation to attract the ghost soldier first. I will sacrifice With a stand-in doll, you will suck that soul into the gourd for the first time, hope she can cooperate, if she does not cooperate, you can only let the ghost soldier take him away, her grievance is no longer enough to deter the ghost soldier. "

     Guo Huai nodded lightly, Yu'er (Jade) said about Array Formation. He knew that true and false Yin-Yang formations can make ghost soldiers short-lived and difficult to distinguish between true and false. They only have three breaths.After another half an hour, Guo Huai placed nine pieces of jade the size of a child’s fist in a place of Extreme Yin on the square, and then called Kong Fei Xuē Dazhu, and did not put the blood of the two, just used The blood in the two of them drew a few symbols on the ground, and an elusive breath appeared over the nine jade stones.

     "Where are you two to stay cool, don't watch it. If you miss a major event, you won’t be able to heal your little master." Guo Huai drove the two away. Xiao Yunyun's soul suddenly became nervous, and the two Opening Light Stage guys couldn't stop it at all.

     After doing everything in front of him, Guo Huai raised his head and glanced at Little Yun's grievance who was wandering in mid-air. She might have been wronged for it. Her grievance was not so great anymore. After all, those who deserve to be punished were punished accordingly, but Thinking that she was only seventeen years old and the great time had just begun. She was not reconciled. How could she be reconciled? At this time, she looked at the square and happened to see Guo Huai looking at herself.

     "Girl, my husband and I don’t want to look at you like this, the soul flies away and scatters, the soul flies away and scatters for a while, I feel like I’m in my husband’s gourd, if you don’t believe us, then forget it, chance we Only for you this time." Yu'er (Jade) heard a Divine Sense, and Little Yun was stunned in mid-air, and then nodded towards Yu'er (Jade).At twelve o'clock, when the power of the sun was at its peak, Yu'er (Jade) Guo Huai looked at each other, Yu'er (Jade) violently threw the avatar doll into the air, and two ghost soldiers arrived at twelve o'clock. For an instant, I was already severely suppressed by the power of the sun. At this time, I suddenly felt the breath of wronged soul on the avatar doll, not saying anything further, directly took the avatar doll with the ecstasy cord, and Little Yun's wronged soul flew towards Guo. Huai, entered Laojun's gourd without hesitation.

     The two ghost soldiers glanced at the substitute doll in their hands. They felt that there was something wrong, but they could not tell why. However, since they have taken the wronged souls, they are ready to return to the underworld. Before leaving, their eyes fell on Guo. Huai and Yu'er (Jade) couldn’t help taking a few steps faster. When they arrived in Mortal World, some ghost soldiers told them not to offend the Martial Cultivator of Mortal World. Just think of Zhang Sanfeng, the living god of Ming Dynasty. I know, the two ghost soldiers were scared into cold sweat by the breath of Guo Huai's body.

     Yu'er (Jade) and Guo Huai watched the two ghost soldiers fleeing, and exhaled slowly. Not to mention that this double doll deceived the Lord Yan, it could not even be fooled, but since it has been saved Little Yun’s grievances, if the netherworld really sends someone to ask for it, then ride a donkey to read the script, just take a look, Mortal World's seal to Heavenly Court and the netherworld is not small, and it doesn't hurt to fight."This dead girl, I really dared to toss, she used a stand-in doll to fool the ghost soldiers." Above the Moon Palace, Fairy Maiden Chang'e licked her fingers and whispered while eating honey bear paws. It was just a simple action. Wu Gang, who was gnawing at a bone 100 meters away, almost had a nosebleed, and Fairy Maiden Chang'e burst into laughter.

     "Yu'er (Jade), it only took a while. Your complexion has recovered well." Guo Huai said jokingly while looking at Yu'er (Jade).

     "Elder Brother Huai, this time Yu'er (Jade) would like to thank you. I did not expect that the merits of a grievance soul would be more than that of so many people in the square. What's wrong, I regret not having oneself It's done, haha." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile, Guo Huai also laughed, not to mention whether he can save the wronged soul, isn't Yu'er (Jade) getting the same merit as himself? They are now Mortal World couples.

     "The soul was saved, but if you want to resurrect it, you can see if the girl has such an opportunity." Guo Huai said softly, Yu'er (Jade)'s eyes widened, and Guo Huai wanted to reincarnated Little Yun's soul. in sb else's body, fortunately, this guy has been rushed to the lower realm, otherwise I don’t know what he will make in Heavenly Court.

     However, Guo Huai's words have made Little Yun in the gourd stunned. If he can really be reincarnated in sb else's body, then he can really come alive again. That would be great.
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