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Chapter Directory 262 Return Of The Magic Soul (4)
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

The thunder is rolling. Although it hasn't fallen yet, Guo Huai already feels that it is certainly not as simple as Three Wraths Heavenly Thunder. Guo Huai is a little nervous, but looking at the Yǔn'er in the Formation Eye, Guo Huai's heart The stone was put down, and Yǔn'er was in his current state, and there was no problem in resisting the six angry thunders.

     "I rely on, Nine Wraths Heavenly Thunder, it is an Evil Spirit return body, attracting Nine Wraths Heavenly Thunder, Heaven Lord blind ah." Guo Huai's heart just calmed down, but he did not expect that Evil Spirit and Yǔn'er were completely combined. In an instant, the sky thunder pressed over, not what Nine Wraths Heavenly Thunder attracted by Chen Qingyuan's soaring Heaven Realm back then.

     Guo Huai didn't dare to leave, because once he left, the Array Formation around him would be messed up, but if he didn't leave, the lingering power of Nine Wraths Heavenly Thunder could blast him without leaving any scum.

     "Elder Brother Huai, leave Yǔn'er quickly, this Nine Wraths Heavenly Thunder is not something you can resist now." Yu'er (Jade) shouted at the moment when the sky thunder arrived, although he had never experienced it. Nine Wraths Heavenly Thunder, but after tens of thousands of years with Chang'e, have you never seen a pig run without eating pork? Back then, countless Golden Core Stage masters fate under the thunder. With Guo Huai now a Xiaoxiao Opening Light Stage, the thunder’s lingering prestige can indeed blast him with nothing left.Guo Huai gritted his steel teeth and took out a pair of Mountains and Rivers Chart from the old gentleman's gourd. With his current strength, he can only exert the power of 10% of the mountain and rivers, and the biggest advantage is that he can fall in the sky. When he entered the Saji map, he didn't know if he could survive.

     "Elder Brother Huai, quickly enter the picture of the mountains and rivers, you are a big fool." Yu'er (Jade) shouted loudly, preparing to bite the tip of his tongue and use the Great Witch secret method to save Guo Huai. The sound came into my ears.

     "Sister, the master will be fine, I will take this Nine Wraths Heavenly Thunder." Yǔn'er who opened his eyes suddenly, Evil Spirit entered the body, Yu'er (Jade) couldn't see Yǔn'er clearly. .

     When the two talked, the sky thunder fell, Guo Huai closed his eyes and died, while Yǔn'er waved his hand, a terrifying force directly confronted the sky thunder, Yu'er (Jade) stared wide. He closed his eyes and said, "This, this is the power of merit, how can there be so much, this is too inconceivable, who exactly is Yǔn'er ah."

     "Amitabha Buddha, if I don't kill my uncle, how can my uncle die for me. I have already resisted the sky thunder, so don't embarrass the true monarch." Yǔn'er stopped in the air, looking up at Heavens Above, softly Said, the second wave of Nine Wraths Heavenly Thunder that had arrived, disappeared directly into the sky."The deity of Yǔn'er is the Benevolence Buddha. It is no wonder that after 10,000 years of reincarnation, Elder Brother Huai has made a lot of money." Yu'er (Jade) looked at Yǔn' falling in midair. Er, with a hint of excitement, said that this time it was interesting to come to Mortal World. Benevolence Buddha, a model of ten thousand Buddhas, even followed Guo Huai after reincarnating. The more I thought about it, the more interesting it became.

     "Resisting down, Nine Wraths Heavenly Thunder can still do it like this." Guo Huai looked at the fallen Yǔn'er, flying to catch Yǔn'er, and slowly combed Yǔn'er's body, but was comatose. What's wrong, finally relieved.

     "Elder Brother Huai, do you know who Yǔn'er's previous life was?" Yu'er (Jade) asked Guo Huai while smiling.

     "I don’t know, I’ve been ascended to Heaven Realm for tens of thousands of years. In addition to Heavenly Court, which has a million celestial position, there are also ten thousand Buddhas in the Western Pure Land of Bliss. I directly defeated Nine Wraths Heavenly Thunder, which is amazing." Guo Huai sighed."Benevolence Buddha, do you know? The most gifted Buddha in the Buddha world where Burning Lamp Buddha sat down." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile, Guo Huai's eyes widened, how ignorant he is, the name of Benevolence Buddha He still knew that the road to heaven was three hundred years old, that is, the road to the west that Jin Chanzi took back then. The Heavenly Court gods eliminated the karma's merits. Benevolence Buddha has walked for three hundred years. How many merits have been gained? Everyone knows, but it is rumored that Benevolence Buddha was killed by the Demon King in the Ten Thousand Years of Buddha and Demon War, and he unexpectedly reincarnated in Mortal World.

     "No wonder it's a perfect life, wait until Yǔn'er wakes up. I heard something under the mountain just now. Dazhu and Kong Fei are fine." Guo Huai asked softly.

     "I don't know, I heard a lot of movement under the mountain, so let your younger brother Tongyuan go down and watch, there has been no movement for a long time, I guess the matter has been resolved." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile.

     "Boss, if Yǔn'er's affairs are settled, come down quickly. Kong Fei uses the essence of Great Witch. Now his breath is weak, I can't figure it out." Guo Tongyuan shouted loudly when the two were talking.

     Guo Huai and Yu'er (Jade) looked at each other, and they flew down Limitless Peak with Yǔn'er in a coma."Big badass brother, you taught Kong Fei the secret method of stimulating the blood of the Great Witch." Yu'er (Jade) also has the blood of Great Witch in his body. Before he came to Kong Fei, he felt the air fill up. The breath of this Great Witch must be the use of the Great Witch secret method. This secret method can quickly improve one's strength, and the sequelae is not small, like Kong Fei is now, undying is already a blessing.

     Guo Huai didn't say much, handing Yǔn'er to Daoist Bu Er, then took out an emerald green pill from his body and stuffed it into Kong Fei's mouth, and then used nine silver needles to protect Kong Fei's heart The pulse, a trace of distressed color rushed to my heart, the world is not benevolent, but Kong Fei is his own person, these days he has been watching Kong Fei as a disciple, how can he not feel distressed.

     "This is Mt. Shǔ, I'm going to Divine Martial Hall. The Taoist Wu Ji left a lot of good things back then, allowing Kong Fei to quickly recover from his injuries." Guo Huai said calmly, Daoist Bu Er's eyes widened.

     "Boy, you are not from Mt. Shǔ. You can't go to Divine Martial Hall. Mt. Shǔ elders like me are not qualified to enter Divine Martial Hall." Daoist Bu Er said softly, "Zhang Bujing and Fei Tianyang Personally, I have a bad temper. Although I don’t know how strong you are now, if the two of them fight with all their strength, you and I will have no chance of winning. Besides, there is an Array Formation outside Divine Martial Hall. I don’t know where to enter.""You are waiting for me at Limitless Peak, I take Kong Fei up, and the Array Formation outside Divine Martial Hall is trivial to me." Guo Huai said softly. Back then, he had a very good relationship with Mt. Shǔ Wuji. Ascended to Heaven Realm step by step, and later Wuji also ascended to Heaven Realm, now the true monarch of Heavenly Court, his mansion was also very close to the mansion of Telepath True Monarch.

     "Elder Brother Huai, I'll be with you, I'll have some kind of help then." Yu'er (Jade) said softly, Guo Huai nodded gently, Daoist Bu Er wanted to say something, his eyes were already opened The Yǔn'er stopped, Guo Huai looked at Yǔn'er with a slight smile, and pulled up Yu'er (Jade) to leap towards the cliff side of Limitless Peak. Xuē Dazhu's eyes widened, but Yu'er ( Jade) and Guo Huai floated in mid-air, walking upward step by step.

     "Yǔn'er, how do you feel about your body." Daoist Bu Er watched Guo Huai take Yu'er (Jade) and walked away with Kong Fei step by step, and then disappeared into the void. He couldn't help but asked his apprentice looking at him Tao.

     "Evil Spirit returns, I feel full of power, and I am now in the realm of Opening Light Stage." Yǔn'er said with a smile."Cough cough, what did you say? You are now in the Opening Light Stage realm?" Daoist Bu Er was held down by Yǔn'er and lived for so many years. I have never seen a mortal directly practice Opening Light Stage. Not to mention the Opening Light Stage, except for a kid who was struck by lightning and entered Innate from the Houtian period, nothing like this happened again, but today it happened to my apprentice, and he jumped several levels at once.
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