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    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"If you are not from Jade Pond Sect, who are you, dare to call us Mt. Shǔ by the name of Master Nose Promise." Zhang Bujing asked, squinting.

     "If you guessed right, you should be the Sect Master of Sword Sect. There is indeed something wrong with our private entry into the Divine Martial Hall, so let’s take these pills as we apologize to Mt. Shǔ. When my brother’s injury recovers, we will Just leave, it will not affect your dual martial contest. In addition, my brother was injured to keep your Limitless Peak, you Mt. Shǔ should also say thank you to us." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Boy, do you think we will believe you if you take a small broken bottle? Do you think our Mt. Shǔ faction is so easy to deceive?" Fei Tianyang roared and jumped directly to Guo Huai to kill.

     "If I have the ability, I will suppress my strength like Xiaoye. If I lose, Mt. Shǔ will send my brother's injury to you. I will get out." Guo Huai took Fei Tianyang's punch and shouted loudly. Tao.

     "Good boy, good strength, Xiaoxiao is already in the opening light stage state, no wonder it is so rampant, today I will educate you on behalf of your elders." Fei Tianyang said, really suppressing his strength in the middle of Opening Light stage. Step towards Guo Huai."Wujizi, this time I will point you to the Mt. Shǔ sect on your behalf. If Lao Tzu is lucky enough to return to Heaven Realm, I will ask you for this favor sooner or later." Guo Huai smiled and thought to himself.

     "Boy, no matter what school or school you are, you will have to pay the price for this private intrusion into our Mt. Shǔ." Fei Tianyang looked at Guo Huai who looked indifferent, and became even more angry.

     "The Sect Master of Sword Sect, don't be idle, let's come together and save a moment of trouble." Guo Huai glanced at Zhang Bujing and said with a smile. This angered Sect Master of Sect Master who had a bad temper. Up.

     "Boy, if you are looking for death, I will fulfill you. The old man will not take advantage of you. I will suppress my strength like you. If Lao Fei can't beat you, I will clean up you again." Zhang Bujing said loudly.

     "Zhang Bujing, if I can't beat him, then you can't beat him either. What you said was shameless." Fei Tianyang said, striding towards Guo Huai.

     "The Mt. Shǔ faction is mainly about swords. Let's make swords." Guo Huai said loudly. He also had an extra long sword in his hand, which looked average.

     "Just don't you accompany the old man to use the sword." Fei Tianyang said as he rushed towards Guo Huai, Fei Tianyang felt a little surprised. He suppressed the realm at the mid-Opening Light realm, and his own coercion could not even take over Guo Huai. Any cheap."The highest level of Mt. Shǔ swordsmanship is the return of ten thousand swords to the sect. With your current strength, you can return to the sect with a hundred swords at most, and you are the sword of the clan system of sword and the clan system of Qi. Zong, but it can only exert 70% of the strength, let me teach you what is a hundred swords to return to the ancestry." Guo Huai said, the long sword in his hand that looks really bad seems to be in the air. Ran indiscriminately, even Zhang Bujing who was not far away could not see any doorway, but Fei Tianyang who rushed over was shocked.

     "This, this is Mt. Shǔ Qi Sect's true energy control sword power, can it be used in this way?" Fei Tianyang's eyes widened, and he couldn't help pulling out the long sword behind him. Just now he boasted that he didn't use a sword. Pulling out the long sword, I feel that this person has been lost, but no matter how ashamed, it is still important to his life.

     "Old Fei, I don't know how much your swordsmanship has improved in the past few years, but your bragging ability and face have improved a lot. Just now, you said bluntly that you don't need a sword. Now there is a sneak attack with a sword, which is really shameless. "Zhang Bujing watched Fei Tianyang pull out the long sword, and shouted.

     "Zhang Bujing, come and help me quickly, this kid is very strange, I am not his opponent." Fei Tianyang was trapped in Guo Huai's sword aura and shouted in desperation."From now on, you Qi Sect people will still not say that you are from Mt. Shǔ. It's too shameful." Zhang Bujing finished speaking, drew his sword and rushed towards Guo Huai, although he said he looked down on Fei Tianyang a little bit, but Fei just now Tianyang's expression doesn't seem to be pretending, it seems that this kid has some ways.

     "Just let you go together, Xiaoye doesn't have to be so troublesome." Guo Huai said, not taking care of Fei Tianyang who was trapped in the sword aura, smiling as he watched Zhang Bujing, who was rushing over with one sword.

     "The clan system of Mt. Shǔ sword is fast, like other martial arts in the world, only fast is not broken. Huaxia uses swords. Except for Zhang Sanfeng's Taiji sword, it is fast. Originally Mt. Shǔ Swordsmanship should be the best of swordsmanship, but if you separate your sword spirits, you will never be able to reach the peak of swordsmanship. See clearly, Xiaoye only gives you this one chance." Guo Huai smiled, one sword and one sword. Zhang Bujing is right.

     The competition between the two was just a moment. Guo Huai and Zhang Bujing landed at the same time. Guo Huai smiled, but Zhang Bujing was soaked in sweat.

     Others couldn’t see it, but Zhang Bujing could feel it. At the moment when the two of them touched, Guo Huai’s long sword in his hand was tapped 18 times on him in a precise manner, and at the same time he made 18 thin holes. Of course, if you don't look carefully, you won't find that the robe of good fabric on his body has many small holes and cracks.However, Zhang Bujing has benefited a lot from the fight this time. If he can fully understand the meaning of Guo Huai's sword just now, he can at least improve his swordsmanship by 30%.

     "Thanks, thank you little friend." Zhang Bujing turned around and looked at Guo Huai with a smile on his face. He opened his mouth and said these words. Although his voice is very small, the onlookers Mt. Shǔ elder. But he heard clearly.

     At this time Fei Tianyang also escaped from Guo Huai’s sword gas formation. He was more embarrassed than Zhang Bujing. There were two blood marks on his face that were drawn by sword gas, but now he has no temper at all. If it were not for the strength of the Bigu realm, he might be seriously injured in that sword qi formation. The sword qi formation just now had greatly improved his understanding of the patriarchal qi.

     "Little friend, thank you very much. I have offended you just now. Lao Fei apologizes to you." Fei Tianyang is more direct than Zhang Bujing and respects the strong. In the same realm, he really can't defeat Guo Huai, and the strength of Guo Huai shows He was shocked.

     "Thank you, you don't need to take these pills. When my brother recovers, we will leave immediately." Guo Huai smiled and threw a jade bottle to Fei Tianyang. As for how he and Zhang Bujing divided, Guo Huai didn't care.

     Fei Tianyang took the jade bottle with a grateful look, Zhang Bujing hurriedly leaned over, Yu'er (Jade) looked at the expressions of the two old guys and couldn't help but smile."Old Fei, this thing is for Mt. Shǔ, but it is not for Qi Sect. You can't swallow it alone." Zhang Bujing couldn't help but said.

     "Zhang Bujing, the old man is not like you, but you group of swordsmen, how can you understand the mystery of pill ah." Fei Tianyang looked at Zhang Bujing with a disdainful face and said. , The technique of alchemy was indeed passed on to Qi Sect.

     "Cough cough, if I don't understand what's wrong, I can ask ah if I don't understand." Zhang Bujing said angrily, "Little friend, I don't know what is the effect of this medicine?"

     "It's not very useful. Innate will save some trouble when entering the Opening Light realm in the later stage. You can take one first. Although it has little effect on Bigu realm, it has some effect." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Old Fei, give me one soon. I want to try the effect." Zhang Bujing said loudly after listening to Guo Huai's words. Fei Tianyang poured out two and gave Zhang Bujing one, and both of them took it at the same time.

     "Sect Master, are you all right." After a while, the expressions on their faces suddenly enriched, and several elders couldn't help asking.

     "The rewards of the dual martial contest are going to be changed." Zhang Bujing and Fei Tianyang looked at each other and said at the same time.
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