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Chapter Directory 270 Blood Awakening
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"Playing chess and chess, Lao Tzu Heavenly Court stayed well, what do you do with me in the lower realm? The younger generation doesn't work hard, it is God's will if Mt. Shǔ is finished." Wujiko was taken aback, said loudly, and Zhang Sanfeng laughed haha. .

     There are 21 kinds of medicinal materials on a medicine cabinet. Guo Huai spent nearly an hour collecting the 18 kinds of medicinal materials in Laojun's gourd. Guo Huai glanced at the top three medicinal materials and bit his steel teeth. Take another step forward.

     "Elder Brother Huai, wait a minute, with your current state, you can't remove the moonlight fruit at all." Yu'er (Jade) whispered when he touched the crescent moonlight fruit on Guo Huai. Lived with Guo Huai.

     "It turns out that the thing is called Moonlight Fruit ah." Zhang Yaochi heard the voice of Yu'er (Jade) and couldn't help sighing. They discovered the difference between the medicine on the medicine cabinet and other medicine cabinets a long time ago. After Zhang Yaochi tried to take the medicine and broke a finger, the medicine cabinet was called the Medicine Tower taboo. No pharmacist was allowed to move the things on it until Guo Huai arrived. Of course, the 21 medicinal materials on the medicine cabinet, They can find only 17 items from the ancient books of Mt. Shǔ, which is why these precious medicinal materials have been preserved until now."Hey, Moonlight Fruit can't conquer it. The other two are more difficult. Forget it, wait until you reach the Bigu level." Guo Huai shook his head slightly and said, taking a few steps back to another medicine cabinet. Before, after a while, the 21 grids on the medicine cabinet, the medicinal materials in each grid were mostly missing.

     "Grandpa!" Zhang Bujing couldn't help shouting to Zhang Yaochi as he watched over a dozen medicine cabinets being looted by Guo Huai.

     "Take it. When it comes to refining medicine, all the pharmacists on the Medicine Tower are a little bit worse than the Guo Huai friends, and I feel that the female doll can also reconcile medicine. The strength is not lower than Guo Huai, Heaven's Way Sect , China is so big, but we Mt. Shǔ are arrogant." Zhang Yaochi shook his head and said.

     "That's it, the remaining medicinal materials should be enough for you, not to mention that you are guarding a Mt. Shǔ, you can go down the mountain to collect the general medicinal materials." Guo Huai smiled and said to Zhang Yaochi.

     "Cough cough, the little friend took so many medicinal materials, I am afraid that it will not be used up in a while." Cheng Dakun said with a light cough.

     "The kid has a medical clinic in Wucheng, and he is about to open a medical clinic in Imperial Capital immediately. These medicinal materials are used to treat diseases and save people. Naturally, the merits of healing and saving people will also be counted as Mt. Shǔ." Guo Huai said with a smile. No one at Mt. Shǔ's doctor said anything."By the way, there is one more thing about these medicines. I need to go to Fire Divine Beast's residence. You can do it too. Don't you know that Fire Divine Beast gave birth?" Guo Huai looked at Zhang Yaochi and asked.

     "You, what are you talking about? Mt. Shǔ God beast gave birth? This, this is impossible." Zhang Yaochi trembled and said with wide eyes. "We know where the Fire Divine Beast lives, but there is nothing important and we won't bother them ah."

     "The situation is not good. Fire Divine Beast should have one child and two children. The two little guys are not in good condition." Guo Huai said softly, "I'm going to see their residence, Yu'er (Jade), you go Divine Martial Hall, wait for me. You'd better not come. You should know the temperament of Fire Divine Beast better than me." After speaking, Guo Huai flew up and sat on a Fire Divine Beast and disappeared into the Medicine Tower medicine. Room.

     "Grandpa, shall we go and have a look?" Zhang Bujing couldn't help but ask.

     "Fire Divine Beast did not notify us of the birth. It seems that we don’t want us to know about it. Let’s leave it alone. There should be nothing wrong. You guys will take the girlfriend of friend Guo Huai back to Divine Martial Hall first. What can I do? Someone will let you know." Zhang Yaochi said thoughtfully. "Also, if the order continues, everything that happened in Medicine Tower today is the top secret of Mt. Shǔ, and no one should disclose it."Yu'er (Jade) smiled slightly, and regardless of other people, the Array Formation of Medicine Tower was of no use to her, and she didn’t want to stay here, so she went straight out, Mt. Shǔ, two Sect Masters and a group of elders also Followed out.

     Foluota is no stranger to Guo Huai. The two Fire Divine Beasts chose a good place to absorb the power of the sun. Guo Huai just arrived, and he obviously felt that the surrounding temperature had risen more than ten degrees.

     "It's no wonder that you two dare to give birth. Did you think that the power of the sun can provide you with sufficient energy, but you underestimate the backlash of the power of the sun." Guo Huai said softly, looking at Fire Divine In a corner of Beast's residence.

     The two were blood-red, about thirty centimeters in size, but their breath was weak. When two Fire Divine Beasts walked up to them, the two little guys moved slowly, and one of them even opened his eyes and looked not far away. Guo Huai moved a step towards his mother with a little caution.

     "Trouble." Guo Huai walked slowly to the side of the two little Fire Divine Beasts, reached out his hand to touch them, there was no heat in his body, Guo Huai heart Ninja couldn't help saying."This Fire Divine Beast is considered to be an ancient monster. It shouldn't have appeared in Mortal World. This is the trouble that Wuji has caused." Guo Huai said in a low voice, regardless of whether the two big guys could understand their own words. The two have the blood of your ancestors in them. You should know who I am, or guess where I come from. I will help you, but whether you can keep your children depends on the meaning of Heaven Lord."

     The two Fire Divine Beast looked at each other, nodded lightly, and their eyes fell on the two little guys again.

     "Mt. Shǔ won most of these medicinal materials for you to use." Guo Huai pondered for a while, several plans appeared in his mind, but no matter how to help the two little guys, Mt. Shǔ wins. Those things that came have to be spent a lot, but after thinking about it, maybe everything was done by Wujizi back then.

     Guo Huai took out the medicinal materials one by one from his body, and the two Fire Divine Beasts stayed aside honestly, while the two little guys watched Guo Huai fiddling with the medicinal materials with strange expressions."You have to awaken the power of blood in your body before you can say how to make you live better." Guo Huai looked at the two little guys and said softly. For almost an hour, a bunch of medicinal materials were thrown into Guo. In the small medicine cauldron that Huai carried with him, the entire Fire Divine Beast residence was filled with the fragrance of medicine. The two little guys had big eyes. The fragrance of medicine seemed to be fatal to them.


     "Honestly, I just refine medicine for you, what anxious?" Guo Huai stared at the little Fire Divine Beast.

     After almost an hour, Guo Huai retracted the Samadhi True Fire under the medicine cauldron, and then gently opened the medicine cauldron. Two pills appeared at the bottom of the medicine cauldron. The strong medicinal fragrance made both Fire Divine Beasts unable to bear it. Stood up.

     "Well, Xiaoye's strength is not bad, looking at the entire Mortal World, the only person who can make this pill is Xiaoye." Guo Huai's face paled, but he was in a good mood after taking this first step."Two little guys, whether you can awaken your blood, it depends on your own good fortune, the little master is doing your best." Guo Huai threw two pills to two little Fire Divine Beasts, the two little guys seemed to find delicious Similarly, he directly pounced on the pill. After a while, the two pill had entered the belly of the two Fire Divine Beast.

     Guo Huai sat cross-legged. Although the power of the sun cannot be compared with the energy of the moonlight, it is better than the aura outside. Just now, alchemy has given him a lot of backlash. Of course, the harvest is not small.


     Two large Fire Divine Beasts, one slightly smaller, and the other is the same as at the beginning, without the slightest change. The one that made the sound of the fire was the smallest Fire Divine Beast.

     "The blood awakening failed!"
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