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Chapter Directory 274 Rules Of Theft
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Guo Huai walked out of it with Yu'er (Jade) and was cheered up by the people in front of him. The Violent Dragon Group and a few people from May 31 each held a few pieces of wood left over from yesterday’s furniture. Looking at Guo Huai proudly.

     "Brothers, what do you mean?" Guo Huai asked with a smile. Yu'er (Jade) is already laughing. Niu Meng's high-end casual clothes have been bulged by wood, with small slaps on the palm. The wood was all over.

     "Brother, younger sister, don't laugh, these things are good things, Purple Gold Sandalwood, you should have heard of it. It's a shame to throw this thing away." Niu Meng said blushing.

     "Brother Meng, you can take these things if you want, but do you have to help me get the furniture in the house first? Our Clinic of No Treatment students can't do it," Guo Huai said with a smile, Niu Meng After looking at the fierce men of Violent Dragon Group, he nodded gently, put the sandalwood blocks on his body neatly, and specially called Jia Xiaoxiao to his side.

     "Little sister, I don't think you can do the hard work of moving furniture, so you can help me watch these things. When my brother is done, my brother will take you to a luxury street and get you a donkey bag. That's the LV Yes." Niu Meng said with a smile, Jia Xiaoxiao nodded gently, the big guy in front of him is very interesting.Several other people also found the students of Clinic of No Treatment and looked at the Purple Gold Sandalwood they occupied, which made Guo Huai and Yu'er (Jade) laugh.

     "Little guy, don't run around, you are so excited." Several people in 531 moved the furniture, and the little Fire Divine Beast began to jump up and down on the furniture, as if no one would move.

     "Husband, this little beast is very knowledgeable. This ancient beast is more sensitive to good things than ordinary people." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile. Guo Huai nodded slightly, suddenly thinking of something, with a bad face. laugh.

     "Hush!" Guo Huai whistled, the little Fire Divine Beast was stunned, and ran to Guo Huai's side flying, looking expectantly at Guo Huai.

     "This is for you to eat." Guo Huai took out three pills from his body and placed them on the table, looking at the Fire Divine Beast with a smile.

     The little guy looked at the three pill that looked the same on the table, walked over and smelled it, and finally happily stuffed the one with the strongest aura into his mouth, looking at Guo Huai with satisfaction.

     "Elder Brother Huai, how, is this little guy more sensitive to aura than the average person?" Yu'er (Jade) asked with a smile."I'm running out of Jade Core. After this time, I will take the little guy out and find some good Jade Core, haha." Guo Huai said with a smile, "The perception of good things is indeed very strong, but it is still stupid. A little bit, if it were Lao Tzu, I would take all these three pills in one go."

     The little guy seemed to understand Guo Huai's words, his eyes widened, the recent pill has not been swallowed, his expression is even more funny, the few people who have not moved the furniture laughed again.

     It was about twelve o’clock, and a few people wanted Guo Huai to get some food. Guo Huai didn’t have such a great effort, so he took a group of people to a hotel not far from the hospital, and 30 people made three tables. , But before the meal was finished, the whole hall was full of people. Xuanyuan Tengfei brought a group of Xuanyuan Family disciples to the hotel and opened a table next to Guo Huai. The people from the other families worked hard for a while. The entire hotel is rounded up.

     "Brother, I knew that you came back yesterday, and my father urged me to come over again and again. I will take this meal today. You have to give me this opportunity." Xuanyuan Tengfei said with a smile, "You really have to go to my house if you make time Look, you drank the wine you gave your sister-in-law, and recently the little guy in your stomach is not honest again."

     Little Nezha, almost forgot him, it seems that I have to go to Xuanyuan Family recently, Guo Huai thought to himself."After my Clinic of No Treatment opens, I will go to Xuanyuan Family to show my sister-in-law. My brother has been busy recently. See if Xuanyuan Family is idle and okay. Some little guys with eyesight can come to Clinic of No Treatment to help. "Guo Huai said with a smile, and Xuanyuan Tengfei quickly responded, "Brother, I'm fine lately, I'll come here to help you."

     Guo Huai smiled and nodded, and then a group of Imperial Capital's second generation ancestors and third generation ancestors surrounded Guo Huai and declared that they would come to Clinic of No Treatment to help. The hotel owner's eyes widened. It turns out that this young boy is today. The Lord ah.

     With plenty of food and wine, Xing Tian got the promise from Guo Huai, and the Clinic of No Treatment problem was basically resolved. Several people hurriedly returned to the violent Dragon Mountain and returned to their lives. 531 Niu Meng and several people also went back to the old men. Yes, but there are not too many people from Clinic of No Treatment. Xuanyuan Tengfei led a group of impeccable young masters from Imperial Capital to help like the grandson of Clinic of No Treatment.

     After tossing for an afternoon, the Clinic of No Treatment was cleaned up and down. These second generation ancestors and third generation ancestors who followed Xuanyuan Tengfei can be regarded as really contributing. These people who have never worked at home have thoroughly experienced the work today. "Pleasure"."Brothers don't leave, Tian Brother takes care of the food today." Guo Huai smiled as he watched a group of people lean unsteadily from side to side in the yard. Xuanyuan Tengfei called a group of people, and their eyes widened sharply. , The layout of Clinic of No Treatment made them shine. I can't believe that they can have such an effect after working for so long.

     "Old Qi, this ground was dragged by the two of us, you look at it, it's really clean, haha." A young man of twenty-five and sixty said with a smile. In fact, what he wanted to express was the mood of the furniture, but he couldn't express it.

     Guo Huai smiled and nodded, not letting these people help. It took less than half an hour to fill the restaurant table with delicious food, and of course wine, meat and wine, which directly attracted a group of people. In the room, a group of people looked at the table full of food and laughed silly.

     "Brother Tengfei, is this wine really from the last auction? Now I can't drink it if I have money. I didn't expect I would drink it, he he." A young man smiled and said to Xuanyuan Tengfei.

     "Look at what you are good about. You can mix with Brother Huai. You don't have to ask about eating and drinking." Xuanyuan Tengfei said with a smile, and couldn't help picking up a piece of dried meat and putting it in his mouth, which aroused everyone's dissatisfaction."Boss, we are at the Imperial Capital Airport. See if you can come and pick us up." The Imperial Capital Clinic of No Treatment opened three days later. Guo Huai felt that the ten people he brought were not enough, so he called He Mo to send it. Five students, I was busy today, but I forgot about them.

     "Su Tu, let's take a taxi for the five of you. I have something to do on my side and I haven't finished it yet." Guo Huai said with a smile on the phone.

     "I said, big brother, you give me the phone, I really have to go home." Su Tu did not speak over there, Guo Huai heard a strange voice.

     "My fellow, I will tell my boss one more minute and return the phone to you immediately." Su Tu said with a trace of apology, "Boss, all the valuable things from the five of us were stolen, and now we can't get a taxi. , The phone is borrowed from a fellow villager, so why not come to pick us up after you are finished.” After speaking, Su Tu hung up and Guo Huai was stunned.

     "Boss, I heard Su Tu's voice just now, what's the matter? Or let me go and see." Chen Jiadi, sitting on the left of Guo Huai, said softly.

     "You and Qiankun will go there together, drive a car to the Imperial Capital Airport, and pick them up first." Guo Huai said softly, his medical clinic is about to open. It seems that the opening this time will not be as you thought. smoothly."Brother, what's the matter? Do I need my brother to come forward." Xuanyuan Tengfei asked with a smile after seeing some signs.

     "It's nothing. A few Wucheng students came to Imperial Capital. The money was stolen. Let's eat first and wait for them to come." Guo Huai said with a smile, but he was very upset in his heart.

     Back then, the ancestor of Thieves' Gate did not dare to break the ground on his head without his hands. Now that there are people at Thieves' Gate asking for trouble, Guo Huai feels very upset. According to common sense, even if someone wants to steal a few students, it is impossible to steal all five of them clean. Something has to be reserved for them. This is the rule left by Thieves' Gate back then, called keeping one hand. In the future, if something happens, I will save myself a hand. I didn't expect these people to be so amazing this time. It seems that they are coming for themselves.

     "Brother, someone will come to pick them up soon, shall we continue or leave a line for them to let them go back?" The "hometown" of Su Tu just now was facing a whole body in a corner not far from the five of Su Tu. Up and down, the middle-aged man in a suit asked softly.

     "Go on, Hei Feng | Black Phoenix has issued such a high price, we have to break the rules this time."
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