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Chapter Directory 276 Guo Bad Didn't Die
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

The voice was not loud, but the youth on the opposite side was stunned. He couldn't think that Guo Huai would appear in front of him at this time. He didn't know how Guo Huai recognized him, but now Black Tiger's heart Cold.

     "My friend, are you talking to me again?" Black Tiger looked around pretendingly, then looked at Guo Huai and asked with a smile.

     "Jiegu and Ersha are afraid of the same Chen, and when you come across the corner, you will see Yu, ugly meet Yinchen see Si, Xu people see Yin, Chen see Si, Xu see Hai, before Shen, see Your face should be Weifengshen, this face is against the lone star of the evil god, it's not good." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "The little brother still looks at his face? But I don't have time today. This is my business card. You can contact me next week." Black Tiger said, taking out a gilded business card from his body.

     "Chu Yuntian, haha, what a good name, Lord Tiger, these methods of your Murder Gate are useless to me, now follow me, I promise not to kill to the last one, if you don’t follow me, then I will be slow Slowly find Murder Gate, don't keep one." Guo Huai squinted and said, Black Tiger's business card is poisonous, but how could this trick deceive an old world like Guo Huai.

     "Are you really Guo Huai?" Black Tiger shook his head helplessly, got up and stood up, looking at Guo Huai who was smiling and asked softly."Let’s go, I’m not used to this coffee, I’ll take you to a good place." Guo Huai said with a smile, and the two walked directly to an Aston Martin, the Black Tiger opened the door, and Guo Huai sat and drove In the seat, Black Tiger sat in the co-pilot.

     "If you have any questions, you can ask now." Guo Huai looked at Black Tiger and said with a smile.

     Black Tiger took off the mask on his face. A face nearly forty years old appeared in front of Guo Huai. He was surprised how Guo Huai saw his true face through this human skin mask. Imperial Capital thirty years ago A phoenix master showed him his face, and basically the same as Guo Huai said, his face is indeed the face of the lone star of Tiansha.

     "Do I have any flaws? Where did you know my name? And my human skin mask, how do you see my face." Black Tiger asked softly.

     "Isn’t my car accident a year ago planned by Murder Gate? There is no secret can be kept forever in the world. I didn’t go to you back then. It doesn’t mean I don’t know who wanted to kill me. It doesn’t mean I will always Bear it." Guo Huai said with a smile, "You have no flaws, but I will follow you when you come down from the mountain. How could I find the wrong person? As for your face, the human mask is left over from my play. There’s something, do you think it’s ah." After Guo Huai said, Black Tiger was startled when he raised his head, Guo Huai in front of him looked like a different person."You, how did you do it, is your face also a mask?" Black Tiger couldn't help but look at a face exactly the same as his own.

     "Some inferior things can't be taken on the stage, let's go to Xiangyunfeng to chat." Guo Huai said with a smile, "I will make a call first.

     "Brother Fei, you drove to find a few people to pick up the students from Clinic of No Treatment. I was delayed on the way." Guo Huai dialed Xuanyuan Tengfei's phone. Just hung up here, the phone rang again. The caller It is Jia Yuan.

     "Fourth, where are you now? It's okay, right?" Jia Yuan asked with a hint of nervousness.

     "What can I do? My medical clinic will be opened soon. Tell Brother Yao and Brother Sheng that when the medical clinic is opened, it is not necessary to come. If you don't come, the brother will not have to do it." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Fourth old, you are fine. Did you lend your Bugatti to someone? You'd better call and ask, the car is scrapped." Jia Yuan said softly.

     "I see, second brother, I still have something to do. Let's talk when you come to Imperial Capital." Guo Huai finished speaking and hung up the phone."Hey hey hey!" Jia Yuan yelled several times, only to hear the beeping sound over there, "No, I have to tell Brother Yao, this kid won't be in Imperial Capital. What happened? Okay.” Jia Yuan’s call doesn’t matter. The entire Imperial Capital became nervous again. The incident of Guo Huai’s Bugatti was quickly spread in Imperial Capital. Guo Huai’s call kept thinking about it, and then Guo Huai directly Turn off the phone.

     "Sister Yu'er (Jade), Guo Huai is okay." He Mo received a call from his grandfather and felt very nervous. He couldn't make the call to Guo Huai. He could only call Gu Family and then contact Yu. 'er (Jade).

     "What can he do? It's okay. You tell Wucheng that Guo Huai is okay. It's irritating. Isn't it just that the phone was turned off without power? It's okay." Yu'er (Jade) holds a stick in his hand. The crystal clear radish, took a bite and said loudly, although she didn't know what happened to Guo Huai, but Guo Huai's breath did not change at all, so what can happen ah.

     "Hei Feng | Black Phoenix, didn't you just contact Thieves' Gate, what's the matter? That kid died?" Hēi Qílín called Hei Feng | Black Phoenix and asked loudly.

     "Yes, he is dead, and Guo Tian's son is also dead, haha, Black Tiger didn't disappoint me this time, haha." Hei Feng | Black Phoenix exclaimed, "You don't want to shoot, I don't force you, now he is still Dead, haha.""Hei Feng | Black Phoenix, you got into a big disaster, go, go quickly, go to United States, go right away, you take my private jet, don't wait." Hēi Qílín shouted.

     "This is like my real brother. Don't worry. If there is any trouble, I won't hurt you." Hei Feng | Black Phoenix said softly, "Brother, am I really not as good as that woman? Guo Tian will leave me."

     "Hei Feng | Black Phoenix, go to United States first. Anyway, you are the best in my eyes." Hēi Qílín finished speaking and hung up the phone.

     "His son is dead, and I don't have the meaning of staying in China. Guo Tian, everything is retribution. You treated me like that back then. This is retribution for you." Hei Feng | Black Phoenix finished speaking and disappeared. The courtyard.

     "Brother Yao, there is no need to contact the Violent Dragon Group. The fourth child is fine, I just talked to him on the phone." Jia Yuan found a gloomy Li Yào in Li Yào's villa and said softly, even Jia Yuan didn't even know it. Li Yào found out the real culprit of Guo Huai's car accident through some special channels and told Guo Huai that Guo Huai did not let Li Yào come forward to avenge him. As a result, there is another car accident. How could Li Yào not hate it.

     "What? What did you say? The fourth child is okay? Are you sure it is the fourth child who answered the call?" Li Yào widened his eyes, looking at Jia Yuan and asked, the phone under his hand was ringing again."Li Yào, what did you say? Guo Huai is fine, who is the person next to you?" questioned loudly on the phone.

     "Brother Xing, Guo Huai is okay, but the phone is turned off. Let's talk about everything when Guo Huai comes back. Now head-on with that organization will have a great impact on Imperial Capital and even the entire China." Li Yào called Xing Tian He said in a soft voice, Violent Dragon Group knew that Guo Huai was okay, and everything was okay to discuss. It was this call from Li Yào that calmed the entire Imperial Capital.
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