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Chapter Directory 278 Ma'am
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

"You are not the Guo Huai, you are not Guo Tian's son, absolutely not." Black Tiger said loudly.

     "I'm the Guo Huai, Tiger Lord. Tell me about that woman and my dead father. I've been tolerating her for a long time. Is it possible that I have to let me kill her. Is this the end? "Guo Huai squinted his eyes and looked at Black Tiger and said, "Brother Lei, drive down the mountain to buy some wine and food. I will have a good chat with Master Tiger. I will give you half an hour. It should be enough."

     Wang Lei looked at Black Tiger. Black Tiger nodded lightly. Wang Lei's car disappeared on the winding road.

     "Guo Tian is a genius. Although it can't compare to Guo Huai Hall Lord of Clinic of No Treatment, but 18 years ago, it was Imperial Capital. In this generation, no one can compare with him. In contrast, the old man Guo Liuyi was also very high-spirited back then, and the Imperial Capital Guo Family is the first family of Imperial Capital." Black Tiger said softly.

     "If you have a father, you should be Guo Tian. Although there is only Guo Tian in the Guo Family generation, it is enough to hold down the other families of Imperial Capital. However, all changes are due to the black market auction." Black Tiger watched Looking into the distance, I remembered the imperial capital black market auction, and because of Guo Tian, the imperial capital black market auction was never held as scheduled."A'Tian, come, let me introduce to you, this is my sister Hei Feng | Black Phoenix, who has just returned from United States, you can get closer and closer in the future." Hēi Qílín pulled Guo Tian and said with a smile.

     "Brother Hei, your sister is my sister. There is nothing to say. If you have anything to do in the Imperial Capital, just call me. I heard that there will be some good things in this auction. Brother Hei will not grab ah from me. "Guo Tian said with a smile.

     "Today's lot is a lot by Mt. Qixia Meng Ruoyun. What is it? Let Ruoyun tell her by herself." The host gave the microphone to a masked woman.

     "Mt. Qixia Meng Ruoyun, when the old man took me to Mt. Qixia, why didn't he notice such a person." Guo Tian muttered while looking at Meng Ruoyun on the stage.

     "Brother Tian, you didn't buy anything today. The auction is over. Let's go out and go around." Hei Feng | Black Phoenix smiled and said to Guo Tian. She had heard of Guo Tian when she was in United States. My brother respected him well. The elders in the family talked about how Guo Tian rebuke Heaven and Earth at Imperial Capital. From the first sight of Guo Tian, Hei Feng | Black Phoenix was convinced that he fell in love with this man. ."Okay, I'll take you to eat some Imperial Capital's delicacies in a moment. If nothing else, I basically know where there is good food in Imperial Capital, haha." Guo Tian said with a smile, with his cleverness, naturally Seeing what Hei Feng | Black Phoenix means, Hēi Clan, Guo Tian doesn't want to have too much involvement with them.

     "The thing I brought today is a root carving of the phoenix tree in the back mountain of Mt. Qixia. Mt. Qixia Qixia Temple needs to be repaired. It must not be hidden from the master." Meng Ruoyun said softly.

     "Beauty, take off the veil, if you can get into the eyes of my brothers, I will help you with the repairs of Qixia Temple." A few second generation ancestors from Imperial Capital said loudly, and several older middle-aged people were helpless. Shook his head.

     "One hundred million, I want this thing. If several people want it, you can increase the price." Guo Tian smiled and stood up and looked at a group of unfocused youths and said with a smile. Several people fell silent for a while, and they could not listen to themselves. As for my parents, if they offend Guo Tian, they really don’t have to get involved in Imperial Capital.

     "Brother Tian laughed, we just talked casually." The leading young man whispered, Meng Ruoyun and Guo Tian on the stage looked at each other, biting their lips and couldn't help saying: "Thank you for your kindness, but 100 million fears It’s not enough, is there a higher bid."Meng Ruoyun's words fell, and all the people in the house were suppressed. Guo Tian paid a astronomical price of 100 million yuan for a handsome root carving. You said that it was not enough. Do you really take the people in the house as a triumph?

     "Brother Tian, this is obviously a mistake, don't ask for things." Hei Feng | Black Phoenix said softly.

     "Billions, billions, this carving is for me, but I want to see who you are from Mt. Qixia. I have been to Mt. Qixia several times, but I don’t remember you as a person." Guo Tian looked at Meng Ruoyun Said.

     "You and Mindful that uncle I happened to go down when he went up the mountain. When the master came, he said that Brother Guo would want this thing. It seems that the master was right again. The thing belongs to Brother Guo Brother Tian. As for my appearance, If your brother wants to see it, just let me go to Mt. Qixia, the master has something to look for you." After Meng Ruoyun finished speaking, he turned and walked towards the entrance of the auction.

     "Brother Hei, let me pack the stuff, and I will call the auction house a lot of money. How can you deduct the handling fee? I'm sorry, I'm leaving." Guo Tian finished. After chasing it, "Sister Hei Feng | Black Phoenix, my brother owes you a meal. When I get back from Mt. Qixia, I will make it up for you."Guo Tian followed Meng Ruoyun back to Mt. Qixia, and it was a year after he left. When Guo Tian returned from Mt. Qixia to Imperial Capital, Guo Tian's temperament completely changed, and Guo Tian, who was very sharp back then, became much more reserved. The more so, the more people at Imperial Capital began to guess about the size of this Guo Family. Many people went to Mt. Qixia, but they didn't know what happened to Guo Tian at that time.

     "Brother Tian, you asked me to have a meal, this meal made my younger sister wait for a year ah." Hei Feng | Black Phoenix knew the news of Guo Tian's return for the first time, and directly called Guo Tian .

     "Today in Mortal World Wonderland, I will treat you and call Brother Hei to come together." Guo Tian promised and was happy, but the meal seemed to be a group of people unhappy.

     "Brother Tian, when I was in United States, I heard people talk about you every day. I will not go back when I return to Imperial Capital this time. I like you, I really like you." In one year, Hei Feng | Black Phoenix was right Guo Tian's feeling became stronger and stronger. This time, taking advantage of the wine, Hei Feng | Black Phoenix pulled Guo Tian and said.

     "Brother Tian, I am late." At this moment, a soft voice rang in the ears of the two of them. A long skirt was in stark contrast with Hei Feng | Black Phoenix's professional outfit.

     "Sister, let me explain to you, this is my girlfriend Meng Ruoyun, and this is sister Hei Feng | Black Phoenix." Guo Tian said softly, thinking that Hei Feng | Black Phoenix would forget himself in one year. I didn't expect this to happen."She was the woman at the auction that day, why, how am I inferior to her, Brother Tian, you said I am inferior to her, can Hēi Clan not be able to enter your eyes?" Hei Feng | Black Phoenix said and cried Up.

     "Sister, I thought of you as my sister from the beginning, Ruoyun is different from you, maybe you will understand later." Guo Tian didn't explain much, and said softly.

     "A'Tian, Xiaofeng drank too much. I'm sorry, I'm a little gaffe. You drink it first, and I will take her back." Hēi Qílín saw what happened just now, and shook his head helplessly. The sister of intensely proud of sth was rejected outright. She lost to a woman who looked pure and pure, and he didn't understand why Guo Tian chose this way.

     There were a lot of people present on that day, but no one spread the rejection of Hei Feng | Black Phoenix, because they all knew that sometimes they had to take care of their mouths. They knew that before Guo Tian and Meng Ruoyun got married, Guo The matter of Tianhe Hei Feng | Black Phoenix has not been mentioned again.
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