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Chapter Directory 282 Robbery
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

There are a lot of people at Clinic of No Treatment. The killing of Guo Huai came from Hēi Clan, which directly made the atmosphere of several large families in Imperial Capital suddenly tense, such as Nangong Family, Xuanyuan Family, and Wusanyi. They came to Clinic of No Treatment one after another. The Clinic of No Treatment was very lively. Although Yu'er (Jade) told everyone that Guo Huai was okay, no one left.

     "My Clinic of No Treatment hasn't opened yet. I don't know what happened to the seniors who came here?" Guo Huai smiled and looked at a group of old men.

     "Boy, it's okay, if you don't come back, this Imperial Capital will be a mess." Xuanyuan Xiongfeng said loudly.

     "Let the old men worry about it, the kid has nothing to do, are you going to eat here or go back?" Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Boy, it's all here. Are you embarrassed to let us go directly? Get us some delicious food. We can't have less wine. We must have a meal with you today." Niu Meng's grandfather Niu Zhenshan said loudly.

     Guo Huai smiled slightly at the crowd. He took out some ingredients from his body and gave it to Dazhu. His phone rang. Guo Huai saw that it was his grandfather's phone and walked out of the house."Little Huai, I haven't called home for some days. There is nothing wrong." Guo Liuyi asked softly. From the moment Guo Huai's car accident, Guo Liuyi should be the first to know, because Guo Huai was outside. Guo Liuyi knows his whereabouts. Although he moved from Imperial Capital to Wucheng in the past, the foundation of a family like Guo Family can be understood by ordinary people.

     "Grandpa, I have said, those people let you withdraw, am I okay? If something really happens, those people can't help me." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "It's fine, I'll take care of Hēi Clan's affairs. You can manage your medical clinic well and don't care about other things. Such things won't happen again." Guo Liuyi finished speaking and hung up the phone directly.

     After a long time, Guo Huai realized that his cheap grandfather was not a good crop. All the officers above the colonel level of the Eighth Military Region of China jointly asked Hēi Clan to give a statement. The old man, who hadn't been asking about world affairs for more than ten years, finally promised that he would never take action against anyone in Guo Family, and he gave up.

     "Pay attention, if someone dares to take action against Guo Tian's son, no matter who it is, the military will take action directly, and there is no need to say hello to Number One." Several elders said to Guo Liuyi when they left Wucheng."Back then, A'Tian's things I have given Hei Qingwu face, I didn't kill them to the last one. If they dare to fight Little Huai again, don't blame my subordinates for being ruthless." Guo Liuyi sent the last batch away. Man, he walked straight into the Guo Family mansion, whistling in his mouth, and he felt very comfortable.

     Guo Huai watched all the videos on the way to the airport by Guo Liuyi several times. The moment the car had a tire, Guo Huai jumped up from the sunroof of the car without any haste, landed firmly on the roadside, watching his car crash On the mountain, it seemed to be a flying sword at his feet, and he directly caught up with the Black Tiger. Of course, this was discovered by Guo Liuyi who adjusted the video playback speed to one tenth of a frame per second. He couldn't think of it, his grandson. It's so powerful.

     "I want to kill my precious grandson in the future, I am afraid it will be difficult, but if anyone goes to trouble him, the old man doesn't mind letting Huaxia come to an extermination tragedy." Guo Liuyi said softly.

     A group of people were eating hot at the Imperial Capital Clinic of No Treatment. Several students were really hungry. Guo Huai prepared two ingredients before mixing everyone's stomachs. Several old men did not leave that day and lived directly. After Gu Family, several students were also arranged to live in Gu Family. Before Clinic of No Treatment opened, the staff was all counted.Early the next morning, a few elderly people did not come to Clinic of No Treatment. Several people ate early in Gu Family and went there. But at this time, an elderly man came outside Clinic of No Treatment. , Followed by a middle-aged man and two teenagers.

     "Old gentleman, our medical clinic has not opened yet, don't you know what's going on with the old gentleman?" The door of Clinic of No Treatment was knocked open. Jia Xiaoxiao got up early and asked with a smile.

     "Little trouble girl gave the old man's greeting card to Hall Lord of Clinic of No Treatment, the old man interrupted." The old man handed something wrapped in red silk to Jia Xiaoxiao. Jia Xiaoxiao hesitated for a while, and accepted it. , The door was open, but a few people did not come in, just staying outside the door, Jia Xiaoxiao ran inside to look for Guo Huai.

     "Boss Huai, someone is looking for you outside, are you still sleeping with sister Yu'er (Jade) ah." Jia Xiaoxiao's voice not only yelled out Guo who was really sleeping with her arm around Yu'er (Jade) Huai, also shouted some other people living in Clinic of No Treatment.

     "Xiaoxiao, what are you calling, who is here in the morning." Yu'er (Jade) pushed Guo Huai outside the house with a flushed face, Guo Huai looked at Jia Xiaoxiao with a trace of anger and asked."It was given by someone from outside. You said it was a greeting card. You are really right. What time is it, and I still can't get up. A few guys were so drunk yesterday that I got up by myself. I asked for money." Jia Xiaoxiao said loudly, Xuanyuan Tengfei came out of the house and laughed.

     "Little Brother Huai, who is looking for you in the morning?" Xuanyuan Tengfei asked with a smile.

     "Bring out the kid yesterday. The senior of Thieves' Gate is here to lead the people, Xiaoxiao, let them in, I'll wait for them in the living room." Guo Huai said with a smile, Jia Xiaoxiao waved his fist or ran to the door A few people were invited in.

     A few people walked to the living room. Guo Huai had already boiled the water. The small stove burned some leftovers from the furniture last time. Guo Huai also accidentally discovered that it is better to make tea with Purple Gold Sandalwood boiling water, holding himself. Comfort is the principle of comfort. Guo Huai started to use Purple Gold Sandalwood to boil water to make tea.

     "Little Brother Huai, I brought the people." As the people at Thieves' Gate entered the living room, Xuanyuan Tengfei brought the boy nicknamed Mouse into the house. Guo Huai directly drove Xuanyuan Tengfei out and told Xuanyuan Tengfei was quite upset.

     "Jiu Ye, yesterday, your old man passed the line." Guo Huai had already read the greeting note in his hand and knew that the old man who came was called Kong Yuan, because there were only nine fingers, the people on the road called him Jiu Ye."The little friend calls me Old Ninth. I don't know who the little friend learns from, but we are from the Chinese Nine Schools." Kong Jiu stood up and shook his fist to Guo Huai, waiting for Guo Huai to reply.

     "What about the person in the nine gates? What if it is not the person in the nine gates." Guo Huai said, thumb down and ring finger stretched out. Kong Jiu saw Guo Huai's gesture and almost slumped on the ground.

     The gesture that Kong Jiu made just now is a gesture passed down by Thieves' Gate from the generation of Miao Shou Kong. It means his own generation and inheritance. If Guo Huai can understand it, at least it has some connection with Thieves' Gate. Easy to solve.
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