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Chapter Directory 283 Need For Wife
    Chinese Name: 都市之天庭谪仙  Author: 九指大叔(Jiǔ zhǐ dàshū, Uncle Nine Fingers)
    Original: Unknown | Translation:

Who is Guo Huai, Telepath True Monarch, not to mention how he was in the Heavenly Court, he had contact with all kinds of people in Mortal World, and the master of Thieves' Gate back then did the same to Chen Qingyuan You are polite. These little tricks can't enter Guo Huai's eyes at all.

     Guo Huai's gesture is simpler. The thumb is down and the ring finger is stretched out. It means that, from the beginning to the end of the nine gates of China, I can’t catch my eyes. No matter whether the gesture is true or false, Kong Jiu is always affected by this gesture. A cold sweat was frightened.

     "Master Huai, the kid under his team broke the rules. It's me who is not a master. If you want to punish me, please punish me." Kong Jiu lowered his head and said softly. Several Thieves' Gate juniors were startled. When did the master sigh in such a low voice.

     "Old Ninth, is it a bitter trick? I know some of the rules of Thieves' Gate. Otherwise, I won't bring the mouse back. You keep a line for work, but you didn't keep a line. If you follow the door rules, not to mention their fingers can keep it. A few, you are the master of three knives and six holes, right?" Guo Huai said, squinting.

     Kong Jiu's head is lower and deeper. At first, Guo Huai was definitely swindling himself, but now he believes that Guo Huai's gestures are not random gestures."This is a good thing. If Huaxia Jiumen is really capable, don't toss in Huaxia. Although there is no foreign enemy at present, the pockets of those foreigners seem to be more bulging than those of the Chinese." Guo Huai walked to Kong Jiu and said with a smile. When I returned to my seat, there was an extra piece of Gu Yu | Ancient Jade in his hand.

     "Jiu Ye, your jade was touched by him." Shi Qian whispered, Kong Jiumeng's eyes widened. Gu Yu | Ancient Jade has been with him for almost fifty years, let's not say that the heart and jade are connected. , But it can't be said that someone can't detect it by touching it from the body.

     "Master Huai just used an empty hand left by the ancestor?" Kong Jiu couldn't help asking.

     "This jade belongs to me. You take it away. My Clinic of No Treatment is about to open. I don’t care about other places in Imperial Capital. You can’t move the patients of my Clinic of No Treatment. And what I just said, if it’s true If you are short of yellow and white things, it is not bad to go to the nearby island country to toss. If you can bring back something that the young master likes, maybe you can exchange something you want from the young master, Xiaoxiao, see off!" Guo Huai After speaking, without waiting for Kong Jiu and the others to say anything, they went straight out.

     "Mouse, what do you think? Go away." Shi Qian watched several people go out, but the mouse was still a little bit dissatisfied in Clinic of No Treatment and said loudly."Master Shi, you don't know. I had a meal here yesterday. It was more delicious than what you brought from the state banquet last time. Compared with the food I ate yesterday, your food is simply pig food." Thinking about it, I couldn't help feeling the jerky in my pocket that I didn't want to eat yesterday, and said softly.

     "Fuck! Boy, we are still worried about your suffering because of Jiuye. We were still eating ah here." Shi Qian couldn't help but slapped the mouse on his head, "I brought you pig food. , In the future you will find a way to get some food."

     "Shi Qian, tomorrow we will gather all the people from the Imperial Capital Thieves' Gate and have a meeting. There will be no hunting near the Imperial Capital Clinic of No Treatment, and Wucheng, you can send them a letter, usually Clinic of No Treatment If you don’t hunt, then you can take a few people to Japan and go hunting.” Kong Jiu said softly after getting in the car, and he was touched by Gu Yu | Ancient Jade, the old thief king. I really feel a little uncomfortable.

     "Elder Brother Huai, where did this jade come from? Not bad." Yu'er (Jade) saw Guo Huai come out, and at a glance he saw Gu Yu | Ancient Jade in Guo Huai's hand, and asked with a smile, " People are let go, for a piece of jade?"

     "People are let go, Gu Yu | Ancient Jade is touched by skill, Yu'er (Jade) likes it and give it to Yu'er (Jade)." Guo Huai smiled and handed Gu Yu | Ancient Jade to it. Yu'er (Jade)."The shape is not good, I will make a wish in a while." Yu'er (Jade) is not welcome, reaching out to take Gu Yu | Ancient Jade, and putting it on his body casually, "Houtian Clinic of No Treatment is opened, next you What else do you want to do ah. "

     "Last time I said, I have to get some Jade Core. Without Jade Core, there is no way to set up. Many things are troublesome." Guo Huai said with a smile, "Yu'er (Jade), do you feel it?" There has been something wrong recently. I feel like I am not at peace in Mortal World anymore."

     "You are talking about the Third Crown Prince's lower realm. Let's just leave it alone. If there is any major event, it is the Jade Emperor's business. What does it have to do with us?" Yu'er (Jade) said softly, " I can only accompany you in the lower realm for a hundred years. After a hundred years, my sister will find a way to bring me back to Moon Palace. What will you do then ah."

     "A hundred years from now? After you go back in a hundred years, I will be drunk and lying on the beauty's knees every day. That's the beginning of a good life, haha." Guo Huai's voice hasn't finished yet, Yu'er (Jade)'s little hand is already pinched Guo Huai cried out in pain on Guo Huai's soft waist.All aspects of the decoration of the Clinic of No Treatment have been completed, and the opening time has been set. As for the guests on the opening day, Guo Huai didn’t care much. There will be some people coming from Dragon Mountain, and the May 31st Army will definitely come. Several big families of Imperial Capital will definitely come, and Wucheng will definitely come with many people. Guo Huai asked Gu Yu | Ancient Jade to come, and the reception at that time is estimated to be in the Gu Family.

     "Little Huai, what is tossing about our Gu Family? Without you, how can there be Gu Family ah." Gu Yu | Ancient Jade said with a smile, "You can rest assured, Gu Family Mansion can receive thousands of people, but it's nothing. Big problem."

     "Yu'er (Jade), after the opening, we have to recruit some people, thinking about it, and practicing in Mortal World, we have to rely on this merit. I don't want Yu'er (Jade) wife to re I was still in Mortal World when I returned to Heaven Realm." Guo Huai said with a smile.

     "Huh, this is a human word." Yu'er (Jade) said with a blushing face, "Are you planning to go to Wucheng University to recruit people?"

     "I won't go to Wucheng University anymore. The talented and beautiful ones from the Western Medical College of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been recruited to the Clinic of No Treatment, and it doesn't make sense to go now." Guo Huai looked at the three at the gate of Clinic of No Treatment The big character said with a smile, and did not notice that Yu'er (Jade)'s expression had changed at all."Asshole, it sounds good, you made a lot of merit and returned to Heaven Realm with me. After a long time, you want to find a beautiful woman in another place, big bad guy, you big bad guy, let's see how I clean up you today." Yu'er (Jade) With that said, there was an extra dagger in his hand, and Guo Huai only then realized that he had said something wrong.

     "My wife is forgiving, I mean recruiting Chinese medicine students, not looking for beautiful women, you put the dagger away, the sword has no eyes, don't hurt yourself ah." Guo Huai shouted, a group of Clinic of No Treatment students came out , Looking at Guo Huai's embarrassed look, several people laughed heartlessly.

     "Huh, Guo Huai, listen well, I will do it this time. You can just wait for Clinic of No Treatment. Are there few beauties in Clinic of No Treatment? He Mo won, and there is Elder. Sister Shuang and Elder Sister Yaoshi? What else do you want to do ah. "Yu'er (Jade) said loudly, and the faces of Leng Shuang and Liu Yaoshi turned red.

     "Sister Yu'er (Jade), what are you talking nonsense." When the two girls heard Yu'er (Jade), they turned around and ran into the hospital.

     "My big wife doesn't have any complaints. You are still shy. Hey, Heavenly Court like me is probably rare." Yu'er (Jade) said with a smile.
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